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*PurpleMidnight* July 23rd, 2011 06:59 AM

Zoey's Birth story
On Friday 8th July I had a fall and because I hadnt felt Zoey move for over an hour afterwards (even after trying to get her to by eating and prodding at her) I called the hospital and went in (at 3.15pm).

I was hooked up to the fetal monitor and they got her heartrate straight away which was strong and perfect, much to my relief! While hooked up, the monitors were showing that I was having contractions even though I couldnt feel them, all I could feel was my stomach muscles were hard when I touched my stomach. I had figured they were Braxton Hicks as I had been having them for a couple weeks and there was no pain or discomfort with them, the only reason I knew they were happening is when I would touch my stomach and it was rock hard.

After a few hours of monitoring, I was told they were going to keep me in to watch me due to my "contractions". At 10.30pm I was given an internal exam as my contractions were hitting 140 even though I had no pain or dicomfort. To my amazement I was at 4cm dilated!! Again I was told they were going to keep me in.
After MANY more hours, they checked me again and nothing had changed, so at 3am I was sent to the ward and my husband Sam was sent home. I finally got to sleep and just minutes later was awoken by the midwife putting my bedroom light on full. :rolleyes: She did my 'ob's" told me to be aware of movement from baby and left again. I again FINALLY got to sleep to be awoken 1.5hours later (at 7am Saturday 9th)

The doctor came in at 10am and told me that they would induce me because they were going to soon anyway due to 2 previous shoulder dystocias.
Thinking they were going to get onto it soon, I rang Sam (dh) telling him to head back in as they were going to induce me.

I waited ALL day for when they told me at 4pm that they were waiting for a bed in L&D to be free for me. At 4.45pm they took me down to L&D, and then they gave us dinner.

At 5.50pm they broke my waters hoping that would kick start labour as I was already 4cm and "contracting". I was told to walk around and be active to try and help. After 2 hours (7.50pm) I wasnt contracting, so they put an IV in to start med's to make me contract. After walking around for another 5 hours (12.50am, Sunday 10 July) and going to the toilet numerous times I felt pressure like a could push (but not the uncontrollable urge) so I tried. After 10mins the miwife checks me and I was only at 5cm which made me feel so disheartened.

I was told to breathe through the contractions, but by this stage the pain was very intense and I became vocal through each contraction. her heartrate started dropping during contractions from this point
At 1.55am I went to the toilet yet again, on the way back I felt very faint and raced to the bed where I proceeded to passout and Sam caught me. From there I started shaking uncontrollably and decided to push again.

I started calling/pleading, "please get this baby out of me" lol. The midwife checked me again and I was only at 7cm. I pushed while she was checking me and she told me I had just pushed to 8cm. from there I just kept pushing trying to speed up the dilating.
After only 3 pushes when I was at 10cm, she started crowning, both the midwife and Sam kept saying to stop pushing and just breathing. Then I was told to start pushing again.
After 1 more push, her head was born. Then I started to try and push her shoulders out, BUT they wouldnt come!!
The midwife told me to bring my legs back as far as I could and to push again. I did as she said, but I still couldnt birth her shoulders. The midwife got sam to press the "assist" button. Another midwife came in a they kept turning and twisting me into different positions telling me to push. The midwife then started tugging on her head. Sam said he was worried with how hard she was tugging puling on her head. She then put her fingers/hand in my to pull her out

FINALLY at 2.17am Miss Zoey Suzanne Judith Snyder was officially born (sunday july 10) weighing 7lb 3oz, at 20 inches long! (at 38w 3d)

She was placed onto me and waited for her cord to stop pulsing for Sam to cut it :) 5 mins later we started to breastfeed :wub:

A long and tiring birth, but totally worth it :) Im SOOO pleased I managed my 4th (and final) pain med free birth and 1st (and last) induced labour/birth pain med free :)

and here are some pics

monitoring after they broke my waters

just born

getting ready to go home Sunday afternoon

waiting for discharge papers so we can leave (look very tired as only had 2.5hours sleep in the previous 56hours)

at home with big brothers

at home the next day

Quantum_Leap July 23rd, 2011 08:59 AM

Re: Zoey's Birth story
Congratulations! What an amazing story. I'm amazed that you had shoulder dystocia three times, how scary! Did they have you try to turn on all fours?

FallenFromHeaven July 23rd, 2011 10:54 AM

Re: Zoey's Birth story

Jasmine. July 24th, 2011 05:19 PM

Re: Zoey's Birth story
Congrats!!! Amazing birth story! Zoey is sooo precious!

justjaQ January 20th, 2012 02:47 AM

Re: Zoey's Birth story
aw, how cute is she? congratulations!

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