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RobinX02 October 12th, 2011 10:17 PM

Blaine's Birth Story
We went into the hospital at 7:30 am (yeah, late, of course) Soon as we were admited, they got me changed into the lovely hospital gown and hooked up the monitors. They had the IV, antibiotics for GBS and the potocin all started by 8:30 am. The monitor said I was contracting between 2-5 minutes apart, but they were not strong at all. At that time I was 2 cm dilated, 50% effaced, very soft but baby was still up high. Logan and I did a lot of walking up and down the hall, trying to get Baby B to drop. I even tried sitting ont he big ball.. Wasnt working though. OB decided to break my water. I cant remember when she did, how far dilated or the time.. But she did it. Also we had problems with my IV. It was leaking fluids and the nurse had to fix it, which in turn made my vein collapse. I ended up being poked 3 more times before she was able to find a vein that handled the IV tube. Ouch!

Finally at 1:30 pm, I was 4 cm dilated and contractions were getting stronger. I was hoping it wouldnt be much longer. I was also scared to get the epidural to soon and have it stall my labor out. So I kept putting it off as much as I could. Nurse checked me again at 3:15 and I was between 4-5 cm dilated. It wasnt long after that that I asked for the epidural. The contractions were much stronger and I was to 5 cm, I felt it was an ok time to get the epi. The process of getting the epidural was horrific this time around. The anesthesiologist has me slumped over, was rubbing on my sides and then feeling my back for the correct place to insert the needle.. He finally found the spot, cleaned and prepped my back and gave me the numbing shots. What followed hurt so bad. Logan says he put the needle in and then pulled it out a little and was like trying to make it go into a different spot. Basically digging around in my spine for the correct spot to put the epi tube. He ended up pulling the whole thing out and starting over in a different spot. There isnt much that makes me cry.. I handle pain VERY well but getting the epidural was more then I could handle.. I fought back the tears the best I could. FIANLLY he was done and it was in. Once it was in and the drip started, it was heaven!

I think I finally got to fall asleep at some point, but it wasnt for very long. Around 6:00 pm, I told my nurse that I was for sure feeling pressure in my butt and it wasnt going away. She asked if I wanted her to check me. She did and I was still only 7-8 cm. Progress!! Some time closer to 7:00 I told her the pressure was getting way more. She asked if I wanted her to get my Ob and I told her it was probably a good idea. Of course it took my Ob a while to get to my room. (seemed like forever) By they time she got there I had lost the pressure feeling. She waited around and in only a few minutes it was time to push. I'd say that we started pushing at about 7:15, 3 contractions later and Blaine was born.

He was born at 7:24 pm a healthy 8 lb 3 oz, 21 inches long. He is VERY mellow and hardly cries. I also didnt tare or have to be cut or anything! Oh and I felt WAY WAY more this time around. They must have turned my epi off sooner or something because the pressure was more then pressure. I didnt have that "burning ring of fire" everyone always talks about, but man oh man I felt loads more with this little guy! I could actually feel his head coming out, then his shoulders and body. I do not remember feeling any of that with the other two. It was a great experience.

Add this to another super easy birth to my 3-0 record! Woot!


It seems like Im missing details. I dont feel like I documented his delivery as well as I did with the other two (through texts/fb/or on the message boards)

ETA: Our night in the hospital was good! I didnt get much sleep but it didnt really bother me. I was very happy to be with my little one. The hospital bed was terribly uncomfortable though. He is very mellow and quiet and also sleeps great so far. Oh and we are breast feeding. Im in tons of pain from engorgement and since he sleeps a lot, I have to wake him to eat. So far, everything is going great!

ashj_1218 October 13th, 2011 07:19 AM

Re: Blaine's Birth Story
Awww! I was waiting to hear about his arrival. So glad it was easy for you and that he is a good baby :) Congrats, he is a cutie.

laurenmarie October 13th, 2011 11:21 AM

Re: Blaine's Birth Story
congrats! Sounds like it was a great delivery.

carisma October 17th, 2011 11:10 AM

Re: Blaine's Birth Story
Im so glad it was an easy delivery for you. Though I'm sorry about the pain with the epidural, I've never had any pain with that, so I can't imagine.

justjaQ January 9th, 2012 06:37 PM

Re: Blaine's Birth Story
congratulations, he's adorable!

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