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Aidan~N~Haileys Mama December 15th, 2011 01:22 PM

Hailey Evelyn's Arrival
I'm finally getting around to writing Hailey's birth story!!

I was suppose to go in Thanksgiving evening to be induced but they had to reschedule it since a csection with medical reasons was coming in that evening now. So I went in Friday Nov 25 at 4:30pm to be induced. Thought I was going to be induced with cervidal like I was with Aidan, but the midwife mentioned a different method, a cook catheter, which is 2 balloon type things inserted inside, one goes inside the cervix and the other stays on the outside and it applies pressure and helps your dilate. That was inserted around 6pm. I was 1cm and about 60-70% effaced. I sent Steven to go get me subway since I was starving, but while he was gone, Haileys heart rate dropped really low twice and than a few more times after he came back and I was told I couldn't eat just incase I needed a csection because of her heart rate. I was having painless contractions that they were picking up on the monitor but they weren't very consistant. I had to pee at 10:30pm, and as I was peeing the bulb thing fell out, which it's suppose to do once your cervix reaches 4-5cms :) and she checked me after that and I was a good 5cms with no contraction and about a 4 with a contraction. I tried to sleep but I was starving so they got me some jello and than I took an ambien about 12am to help me try and sleep. I slept for a few hours and got up, I was too excited. About 530am she checked me again and I was still at 5cms and Hailey was really high and the nurse couldn't tell if it was her head she was feeling since she was so high, so she called for an ultrasound. The ultrasound tech comes in checks my belly and tells me baby is now breech, which she wasn't at the past 3 drs appts she was head down. I was upset. The midwife comes in around 6am and tells me that I now need to have a csection since I'm already progressing and baby is now breech. I started bawling, that was my fear, having a csection.

They left and came back with all the things they needed, scrubs for Steven to wear, and everything, they wheeled me into the OR and I'm still bawling as they are getting me all set up. Steven comes in sits next to my head and tells me everything is going to be alright. They gave me the spinal and some pain medicine and I stopped crying. They started the csection and Hailey was born at 6:43pm (only 40 minutes after being told I was having a csection). She was having a hard time breathing/crying she let out a cry and than stopped. She weighed 7lbs 7oz and 20in...Her apgars were 5, 8 and 9. While she was getting checked out wiped down Steven took some cute pictures of her. Than they wrapped her up and handed her to Steven, and a nurse came over and took the first picture of us together.

About 8:30am I was wheeled back into the labor room to settle down. At that point things seemed a little fuzzy, I think I slept some and held Hailey, I don't remember much at that point. I wasn't taken to the recovery room for a few hours because there wasn't any room over there. Aidan came to visit his sister but didn't stay too long.

It wasn't the birth I was expecting but she was perfect, healthy and absolutely beautiful!!

A few mins after being born

justjaQ January 6th, 2012 09:06 PM

Re: Hailey Evelyn's Arrival
she's adorable! congratulations!

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