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Dixana July 24th, 2012 07:26 PM

Birth story :) (long!)
Posting this, finally, one year later to the day!
It's long and detailed because I wrote it down for Katelyn :) I'm also writing her a letter each year on her birthday to give to her when she has her first baby :heart:

July 14th 2011-
I had my last OB appointment and it was TERRIBLE. They had NOTHING on file about my VBAC and she didn't even check to see if I had dilated any more. She was late for a c-section so she kind of rushed through my appointment and it was just bad.
I put up a HUGE stink when I was sent up to OB to sign paperwork, refused to sign any of the surgical paperwork and they got everything situated in my file. My section was still scheduled for July 25th. I was supposed to be at the hospital at 5 am. I was SICK over it.
This paragraph could be a lot longer, but it's all fuzzy and I don't remember much other than being REALLY angry at the time.

July 23rd 2011-
I woke up shortly after 2am Saturday morning. I had had a pretty strong contraction. At the time I was just disgusted and annoyed because I'd been having contractions at night (along with yucky cramps) for weeks. So I assumed it was nothing.
I got up to pee since I was awake anyway, got a drink, then had another contraction just as I was laying back down. They felt different, but I was afraid to get my hopes up. They were 10 minutes apart and had I known how long that would last I would have tried harder to go back to sleep. Instead I tossed and turned and was in and out of bed the rest of the night.
I seriously think whoever said "sleep between contractions" never tried.

The day was a normal day really. We made/had breakfast, puttered around the farm, picked beans in the garden. But back hurt (so I thought anyway) from helping my SIL do barn chores the day before. I was desperate to make myself go into labor so I got 50# bags of lime out of the shed and brought them to the barn for her.
I tried to ignore my contractions through out the day. Made biscuits and gravy for breakfast, went and visited some friends, stopped at a yard/plant sale. The lady there gave me a few plants free and we got some fresh veggies.
We got home sometime in the afternoon. Dale took a nap, the kids played outside, and I dug out the car seat and bassinet to wash (talk about waiting til the last minute right?)
My contractions were STILL 8-10 minutes apart and I was tired, crabby, and starting to think I was never going to have this baby.
SIL put the car seat cover in her washer and I put the bassinet stuff in the bathtub. I ended up overflowing the bathtub washing it :giggle:
By then it was abut 5pm. Dale and BIL wanted to go fishing, I said I didn't care and decided to go to town. AJ came with me.
On the way to town (6 miles away) I called the Dr's office. I was frustrated and wondered how long this could last already! The wanted me to come in but I was being bullheaded because I KNEW the Dr would push for a section if I was in labor too long. The nurse called my OB and she told me to stay home as long as I felt comfortable staying home.
I was fine the whole way through the dollar store, but things got ugly at the grocery store. It took me forEVER to get the stuff we needed as my contractions were magically 6 minutes apart and PAINFUL. I would double over the cart, knuckles just white on the handle while AJ was saying "go mommy go!" I couldn't even talk through them.
I had to stop at the gas station and it was worse there. I had to squat down in front of the counter until the contraction passed and the gas station lady was kind of worried.
The worst part was the ride home.
I had to pull over twice before I was halfway home. It SUCKED. SIL called me worried, asked where I was. When I explained she laughed and said I wouldn't make it to A. I'll never forget that because I got 20 feet from the stop sign for A and had to pull over.
There was a storm rolling in and it was CHAOS when I pulled in the driveway. It started POURING rain, the kids were in a frenzy saying there was going to be a tornado. SIL and the kids helped me unload the car and I called to make sure Dale was coming back from fishing.
I packed the overnight bag (last minute again!) and brought stuff for AJ and DSD to SIL's house.
It was after 8 before we were on our way to the hospital.
The first 10 miles or so of the 40 mile drive it was storming and pouring rain.
By the time we got to Berlin my contractions were 3 minutes apart and I was climbing the doors of the car. I told Dale I would NOT ride in a wheelchair when we got there and if he wasn't on my side with the nurse I would castrate him.
I was up in L&D in no time and they insisted on hooking me up to a fetal monitor right away.
Bad idea #1.
Katelyns heart rate dropped really low for close to 3 minutes. I ended up having to lay on my side for what seemed like ages. It also made my contractions go back to being 6 minutes apart.
I was REALLY annoyed.
It was a long night. Having to stay in bed I couldn't deal and got my first dose of pain meds sometime around 11. At that time I was 90% effaced and 3 cm dilated. The nurse though things would go fast. :hahano:
By 3 am I was 7cm and holding. Dale had slept through most of the night, I had gotten po'ed at one point, ripped off my gown and put on a t-shirt instead.
Sometime around 6 the nurse told me I could have another dose of pain meds early, or probably not get anymore at all.
I got one more dose and they made me loopy. I ended up ripping my IV out on accident and causing blood to spray everywhere. That was how I met the first shift nurses, a scramble of night and day shift girls getting my bedding changed, putting in a new IV, etc.
OB came in at 7. She was very frank with me and said if I REALLY wanted to avoid a section then I needed to let her start me on a pit drip. My body was tired and it needed help. I agreed, then also agreed to let them break my water but still adamantly refused an epi.
I sent Dale to eat while all this went on.
They started my pitocin drip and it really wasn't too bad.
The OB came in and broke my water. OMG it is SO gross!!I'll never forget it. I could FEEL the liquid draining my insides, it gushed everywhere, and I honestly thought it would never stop. YUCK. I was so glad Dale wasn't there for that part, but boy was he there when it counted.
About 2 minutes after she broke my water I had my first pit/broken water contraction. I had THOUGHT my contractions were painful. I THOUGHT I was prepared for being in pain, but holy mother there are no words for that level of pain. NO WORDS.
Dale was 3 rooms away through a shut door and heard me scream for him.
He was at my side before the contraction was over. He held one hand on my chest and I clung to his arm while he held my other hand.
They were horrible. So bad in fact, that every time I had a contraction it set off the monitor tracking my bp and heartrate.
After 4-5 contractions like this the OB was back. She sat down, looked m in the eye and told me an epidural would help me relax, help the baby come down.
I was exhausted, my body was tired, but I still said no.
After another contraction I TRIED to scramble to the bathroom before another one came. I ended up having the mother of all contractions while in the bathroom and amidst the sobbing asked the nurse to tell Dr C I changed my mind about the epi.
I swear the Dr had the anesthesiologist waiting outside the room because he was there before they got me hooked back up to everything.
He talked to us before doing it, but I don't remember much about it. I was so so tired and in a lot of pain.
Dale held me and I leaned on him while they put the epi in. I had to sit totally still through 2 really bad contractions before he got it in. Dale was my ROCK. Sitting completely still while it feels like someone is ripping out your insides is *not* easy, but he was just there. Without question I love him more after experiencing the birth of our daughter together.
The epidural turned out to be a HUGE mistake. It didn't work!!! I numbed my crotch and my right leg. I still felt EVERY contraction but I couldn't move. It SUCKED. I had a giant bruise of my back for a week too. The Dr tried to move it/fix it but all it did was the take edge off the right side.
I just clung to Dale and sobbed through every contraction.
At about 9:30am they set me up to push. By that time I'd spent the last 2 hours or so with my eyes closed, no sense of time, no sense of anything and I was just going with the flow.
I pushed for the first time at about 9:45 am. It took pushing through 4 contractions-less than 15 minutes- for her to come into the world.
The Dr was surprised and impressed at my strength and ambition after 32 hours of labor and no sleep.
I felt her head when it first came out, Dale watched her come into the world while holding my hand. He cut her cord after they had her cleaned off some. I cried when they put her on my chest and Dale had his arm around me and his hand on her back and the whole thing was just amazing.

Those few minutes were worth every second of pain, all the months throwing up, everything :wub:

I'll never forget that day, it was honestly the best, most amazing day of my life.

Mama.Angie July 25th, 2012 07:32 AM

Re: Birth story :) (long!)
Great story! Thanks for sharing! :)

petalfuzz July 25th, 2012 09:24 AM

Re: Birth story :) (long!)
Wow, you are such a trooper! Congratulations :D

Dee Darling 3 July 25th, 2012 02:54 PM

Re: Birth story :) (long!)
what strength you had! So impressive!

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