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momie2b9-20-11 March 25th, 2013 10:06 AM

How is your LO when they wake up in the morning:

What mood are they in?
Do they cry when awake or just hear him/her talking?
Do they play in crib/playpen/bed.... once they wake or do they want out immediately?

Rachel March 25th, 2013 10:33 AM

Re: Wake-up
He's usually in a great mood when he first wakes up! He climbs out of his bed and comes to get me and says "hi!"

MelissaRN March 25th, 2013 10:39 AM

Re: Wake-up
He always wakes up happy and will play and roll around for a long time so I usually don't hurry to get him.

FallinWoman March 25th, 2013 12:00 PM

Re: Wake-up
Lew wakes up seeming happy. If you get him up immediately, though, he is a crab! He needs 15-20 minutes of awake time in his crib to wake up completely. I think of it as his "snooze" time. If I give him that time, he is all smiles and giggles.

~Rae~ March 25th, 2013 12:50 PM

Re: Wake-up
He's in a good mood. He likes to chill & collect his thoughts I guess for 15 min or so after waking, so we don't go right in to get him.

irishblessing March 25th, 2013 01:08 PM

Re: Wake-up
What mood are they in? He wakes up at 5:30 and used to start screaming/crying right away, he's getting a little better at just calling me for a few minutes before crying. I then bring him in bed with me so the next time he wakes up is with me. He's usually better but sometimes will still cry or whine about his pillow or wanting milk.

Dixana March 25th, 2013 03:53 PM

Re: Wake-up
She's happy as a clam in the morning as long as you get her out of the crib ASAP.
After naps she's a crabhead. Usually wants to be held awhile while she wakes up

breathing for two March 25th, 2013 04:34 PM

Re: Wake-up
Eli will nurse and cuddle sleepily for about 15 minutes, before happily taking on the day

mandy5586 March 25th, 2013 06:44 PM

Re: Wake-up
She usually wakes up happy and playing in her bed. But we're in a different living situation now and so she's been sleeping with me. She wakes up and wants me to get up immediately. I just give her her monkey or baby and let her play in bed for a little while.

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