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ZaydensMomma August 23rd, 2013 11:19 AM

Picky eaters
Who has a picky eater?

this one is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Zayden can live on chocolate, crackers, chips and french fries all day if I let him! UGH I'm trying to incorporate some healthy stuff but he's making it hard! I don't offer chocolate (like a cookie or mint cookie) at all til I feel he's being rewarded for helping out around the house and put up the couch seats.

Any tips?

HorseGal August 24th, 2013 01:52 AM

Re: Picky eaters
I got to this point as well with Wyatt where all he would eat is fruit (which i have to regulate because it gives him the runs), crackers, fruit snacks and cheese. He just refused to eat and I thought I should just encourage all I can of something else and then fill him up with what he would eat so he would at least eat SOMETHING.

Finally I got so fed up with it I told him he could sit and eat his food or just go sit in time out. Suddenly my son was eating everything on his plate. I do have to encourage/motivate him and sometimes even feed him the stuff he wasn't as interested in at first. I don't force him to eat anything and only make him take one bite of something he doesn't like. Its been over a month now and we've gone from a kid who never sat at the table and barely ate and wasted tons of food to a kid who eats the table with us eating the same food. He's gained weight and grown a ton.

During meal times I also turn off all distractions, like the TV and toys have to be put away and can't be brought out until dinner time is over.

Mostly I just communicate with him. "This is the meal we are eating and if you want to do something fun after, or have a dessert, then you have to eat it". And I hold to my word.

It's gotten to be so much more enjoyable!

ReaganorDean August 25th, 2013 01:09 PM

Re: Picky eaters
We've done something similar to what Kendal has said, although there have been nights where she just didn't eat at all, and then pigged out in daycare the next day. Timeouts when she doesn't eat have been somewhat effective, although it's still a battle. My kid would live on fruit, mac and cheese, oatmeal, eggs and seed butter and jelly sandwiches. She also love graham crackers and the Annie's wheat bunnies. Carbs, carbs, and carbs. I have to fight to get that protein in (other than cheese). Yesterday we had one of our friends over who has a 6 year old daughter. Having her friend eat the chicken with her really helped. Today, we had leftover chicken and I reminder her of liking eating it with her friend. She ate almost a whole breast.....Now if I tried her again later on in the week, she might hate it. I think a lot of it is the age. That being said, I can see you not wanting your son to be picky. Find out what motivates him, and reward him for eating the foods you want him to eat. Believe me, I understand. Sometimes I'm over an hour getting Reagan to eat her dinner.

KAB August 25th, 2013 04:14 PM

Re: Picky eaters
I try not to fight with Rebecca about eating, I don't want to create an unhealthy habit of forcing her to eat or fighting with her about food. She would just drink milk all day if I let her, so we have to limit her on that too. If she eats, great, if not, I know she's not going to starve herself. She loves French fries , crackers, and anything sweet of course, so I just save those for treats and don't offer them to her very often at all. Either she eats what I put in front of her, or she goes hungry, which of course if she's hungry she'll eat, but a lot of meals she will skip, but again she's healthy so I'm not worried. Rebecca won't eat meat or veggies, so I just try to give her other healthy options. Eventually I'm sure she'll come around. I do wish she was open to trying new foods though.

moxiemommie October 9th, 2013 11:43 AM

Re: Picky eaters
Hmmm Ive never had to worry about food too much. Luke has never been a picky eater. There are things he likes more than others but he will eat almost anything. His older brother went through and I dont like broccoli phase. I never said anything, he would take a few bits then just finish the main course. But he stopped that and eats whatever.

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