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May 8th, 2010, 04:17 PM
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title says it all.

i was very inactive today which is unusual...i'm always on the go. Work is crazy, i'm never in one spot for more than 15mins at a time it seems between teaching and my work in admissions at our school. Today I had my cousin's first communion so I was sitting in church for an hour...then we went out to lunch and it was a smallish room so we weren't moving around...the kids sat at their own table and amused themselves so I was just sitting, eating, enjoying the company of family...then i am just tired today so i was relaxing when we got home. So needless to say I was very conscious of how LITTLE felicity was actually moving.

Now in my head, I know that her active times are late afternoon and evening through about 11pm. She is generally not terribly active during the day, I just don't notice because i'm so busy. But today it was driving me nuts.

She "passed" each kick count I've done since we've been home (about 4hrs now), but I still just want her out. I'm so tired of the anxiety. I will have to talk to my midwife this week because I just don't see myself lasting to 39wks. emotionally.
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