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May 8th, 2010, 05:22 PM
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I had this problem this is what I did it may not work for you, warning if trying this have moset basket/crib etc... ready beside you

when he was asleep (fast asleep) I would put my arm up next to him whilst he was on my chest ready to support him then I would turn slowly to my side so that he was sideways on my arm but still close to my chest he would usually open his eyes see my chest and go straight back to sleep then I would wait awhile then be able to put him in moset basket but would keep arm close so he could still smell me.

gradually this came to a point where I could put him down and keep my arm there and he'd be fine to just putting him down but him being able to see me to him laying beside me to go sleep to being in his own cot without me even being in the room.

It was a long process and he didn't stop co-sleeping til 7 months and he still joins me in the morning but we are getting there.

Hope this helps. x

Thank you Jillylicious for my lovely siggy. x
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