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May 8th, 2010, 07:49 PM
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OK, so I'm back, I'm not really considering home birth again, it seems to late to try to consider this now (34 weeks pregnant and I don't think my midwife does home births.) However, I've recently discovered she's breech and I thought I'd come ask you ladies cuz you might understand how I feel and nobody else seems to.

I'm really opposed to the idea of a c-section. I don't think mother's who have c-sections have somehow failed at motherhood or anything like that, but I think me having a c-section is not a good deal. I feel like it is better for babies to be born vaginally for many reasons, and I'm not trying to offend anybody by saying that, so hopefully nobody takes offense to it.

I keep running into people who just keep telling me it isn't a big deal, and they're probably right that her being breech with me being only 34 weeks isn't a huge deal, but they're talking about the c-section possibility, and I think it is a big deal. I remember after my appendectomy that I had only 3 weeks after having my first child I woke up after all the pain killers wore off in more pain than I had (at that point) ever been in. So the idea of trying to deal with those killer after birth breastfeeding pains and dealing with the pain of a surgery and not having the wonderful vaginal birth experience I've had 3 times before (I have complaints, but they were all 3 wonderful in their own way) just doesn't sound like a good deal.

So bare with me and pretend I've fastforwarded 4 to 6 weeks and she's still breech...what do I do then? I'm not researched on anything about breech babies cuz my others all just did what they were supposed to...which there is still time for her to do too, I just think now I'd probably better start researching!

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