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Nayomi80 June 8th, 2012 06:15 PM

Jakaira Destine's birth story and pix included
Jakaira Destine was born 6/7/12 will update with detail.

Nayomi80 June 10th, 2012 05:19 AM

Re: Jakaira Destine's Birth story (Nayomi&Chandler's little girl) will update soon!
my daughter Jakaira Destine story (Chandler&I) becoming 1st
time parents :) TMI warning (you have been officially warned)

after going through my own C section I have a new found respect for all those who have had C sections before and after me.... I had a spinal tap where it seems like they stuck my spine over and over and I had to call out to Jesus to help me with each prick... I had never experience intense pain like that before. (it was hell) prior to that i had to do scrub my tummy with this soap like stuff that caused my tummy to itch like crazy.... i went to the bathroom and scratched then remembered that i was not suppose to do that...and had to reply apply that wash...I had to literally coach myself to not scratch...it was torture. laying on table as they cut and the pressure of it both ,i was relaxed just very thank ful to Jesus that the spinal tap was over with. It seemed like my doctor and team were fast and very thorough....and before I know it...Chandler & baby sis were beside me...one of the team said... I see a head... then I hear... Here is your baby... and she is screaming and I cry and say thank you Jesus over and over!!!! the tears would not stop falling. @ that point every thing that I went through before meeting my 1st born......was well worth it... prior to my c section they put me into induced labor for 2 LONG DAYs... tortured my body.....with petocin and some kind of gel....only to be 2 inches dialated.....one of my thoughts that help me get through the possibility of my c section is that a sister in law had went through it too. I know people say that you have to be strong to do a Vaginal delivery but also a person has to be strong to do a c section......cause the recovery time & pain is miserable......it feels like if you put 9 months of the worse menstrul cramps &&& a horrible sting of knives( in the tummy area) and being hit with a freight train over and over.... oh and I have the worse bruises from all of the pokes of needles and two iv sights that my skin rejected (it hates foreign objects) but these are my battle scars....wanna hear something embarassing???? i had to have nurse/nurse aides change my pad for me, cause i had to lay in the bed and be on strict bed rest..... had a catheder in there...i felt like my independence was all gone.....i was so glad when I got my independence back........but all and all we are in love with our little girl Jakaira. I can wait AWHILE before even Thinking about having another....if hubby had his way we would be trying for our boy in 2 months......ugh NO!

Another version(same story)

she is blone hair dark blue eyed(3 days straight) fair skin... l know that could change.

June 7th I had her on my brother's 29th bday (which that was his bday wish)

I had to have her via C section. (had a spinal tap... Very dreadfully painful. Had to call out to Jesus.

but when I saw him pull her out of my tummy... I cried and thanked Jesus.

she has heart shaped ear canals..... feel like that is a message from God.(that he loves Chandler & I)

her name is Jakaira Destine McDonald.

My mom does not like the middle name Destine and wishes it was Destiney or Destinee but we love the name Destine better cause she is destined to us, sent by God.

She is a fairly easy baby...learning the ropes of breast feeding....

she has said the word hi twice

she has a tooth growing in that you can see out of the two top teeth.

she was born @36wks

and she is very healthy

she passed all health tests and was born 5lbs 14 oz 18 1/2 inches tall.

I have pictures of her on my facebook.

I do supplement with Soy infant milk (til my milk comes in & i know she is getting enough) Tmi sorry.....

2 days prior to the C section they induced me to labor with a gel & pitocen.....which I was only dilated to 2 inches.....

an assistant doctor tried to break my water...was 1 inch from doing so but I could not hack the pain...and tried with all my heart...(twice in 5 mins)

I faced my fear of pain for Chandler & I's little girl.

I thank Jesus for getting me through a tough tough labor & recovery.

the nurse said baby passed the baby car seat (stress test) to make sure she can ride home in a car seat....and nurse saids she passed it, but its ultimately up to doctors if she can go home today with us or not...if not we will be able to stay in this room with her til she is dis charged.......

Our little miracle. Praise God!!!!

when hubby was a baby :)

THE angry uterus June 11th, 2012 06:29 AM

Re: Jakaira Destine's Birth story (Nayomi&Chandler's little girl) will update soon!
Congrats again!! So happy for you!

Bookish June 12th, 2012 06:25 PM

Re: Jakaira Destine's Birth story (Nayomi&Chandler's little girl) will update soon!
Congrats !!! Yea!
I love the pictures. She's so pretty. :smile:
I especially LOVE the last picture with the entire family - but maybe more so, b/c that's the one you smiled in. You have a beautiful Smile Ms Nayomi.

Well_Okay June 16th, 2012 09:56 AM

Re: Jakaira Destine's Birth story (Nayomi&Chandler's little girl) will update soon!
She's so beautiful!

PinkCloud June 17th, 2012 07:32 PM

Re: Jakaira Destine's Birth story (Nayomi&Chandler's little girl) will update soon!
Congrats Nayomi, I enjoyed your birth story. Your daughter is beautiful! It sounds like you had a difficult 2 days being induced but it's amazing the strength we find for our babies! That's funny your dh already wants #2!

Nayomi80 June 18th, 2012 09:07 PM

Re: Jakaira Destine's birth story and pix included
thanks ladies for listening to my birth story and being there
in my long journey to my miracle little girl Jakaira. She is

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