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boldmom August 5th, 2011 06:23 AM

Question: Heart Rate
Who here is adhering to keeping your heart rate at 140 bpm or less when exercising? My OB said that that "number," per se, wasn't accurate, but I should instead pay attention to how I feel and slow down or stop when my body tells me to. So far, that has been working wonderfully, even though I truly have no idea what my HR has been when I go for runs. I haven't had any cramping or spotting, etc, so I am assuming I'm not over working my body??

(some background: I've been a runner for years...completed 2 full marathons last year and was in the process of training for a half, so I wasn't just beginning an exercise program when I got the BFP)

What about you?

jaelin August 5th, 2011 09:48 AM

Re: Question: Heart Rate
I haven't been keeping track either. I don't run, I dance, but like you I have been doing it for a long time. I have found that I get tired MUCH quicker now than I ever have but besides that everything seems ok.
I think we will be fine as long as we listen to our bodys needs and don't push it too far. :smile:

sarha81 August 5th, 2011 09:50 AM

Re: Question: Heart Rate
My doc gave me the same advice about heart rates: "they aren't important, instead pay attention to your body", but so much of what I read online says they are. I honestly think there isn't enough tested research on this to be 100 percent certain.

I quit running (my 3K 3xs per week) immediately after my bfp and I do the elliptical, bike or walk, and lift light weights. My heart rate stays around 130-140, but really I pay more attention to any pains down there.

I had a m/c last year. For that pregnancy, I was jogging/playing attention to my heart rate. A very slow jog had me at 140+ and I tried to stay under that, cut my runs to 2K, etc. This time around, PERSONAL DECISION, I'm just being super cautious, and the doc thought it was a good idea.

What scares me more is reading about what exercises could cut off oxygen to the baby. ECK!

aogilvie August 5th, 2011 09:55 AM

Re: Question: Heart Rate
The rule of thumb I've heard is that you should always be able to articulate in sentences as if you were talking to a friend while exercising. If you're able to do that without having to stop to take big breaths in between words, you should be good.

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