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mommy2Breana+Brandon October 27th, 2011 08:52 AM

July DDC Birthdays and Anniversaries

1/4~ Elise bday(Miracle2012)
1/4~ Dixie's bday(ronswifey's LO)
1/5~ Lori's DH's bday(ronswifey11)
1/6~ Lauren's bday (maddy's mommy)
1/7~ Adam's bday(seri0uslyc0nfused DS)
1/09 ~ Chelle’s A2 Bday
1/12~Jessica's DH's bday(JessicaW)
1/11~ Que's DH bday (~~Que~~)
1/20/10~ Rhiannon's("Rain") Bday (Niamh's DD)
1/21/09~ Aidan's bday(~~Que~~ DS)
1/24/07~ Seamus's bday (Niamh's DS)
1/28~Angie's bday (wallabygold)
1/30/02~ Alexis bday (mommyTTC3 DD)

2/1~ Michelle bday(mommyTTC3)
2/2~ Michelle and DH's anniversary (mommyTTC3)
2/9~Keria's bday (Dayna1981 DD)
2/9~ Melissa's bday (gratefulmama)
2/12~Lori's anniversary (ronswifey11)
2/12~Jess's bday(~*Jess*~)
2/18~ Krisztina's SO bday (krisztina)
2/21~James' bday (seri0uslyc0nfused DH)
2/24~ Lori's Bday (ronseifey11)
2/25~ Caelyn's bday (MissMeliss0522, DS)
2/26~ Danille's anniversary (ElleBelle)
2/26~ Charity's anniversary (Mystixism)

3/3~JenIam2's bday(JenIam2)
3/4/05~ Melissa's anniversary (*Melissa*)
3/4~Illeanna's bday (~*Jess*~ DD)
3/5/05~ Abby's bday (JenIam2 DD)
3/06~ Sarah's anniversary (rckymtnfox)
3/9/10~Dean's bday(Sheena Beena DS)
3/10/10~ Lainey's bday(sunny DD)
3/20~ Sean's bday (Dayna1981 DS)
3/22/06~ Gage's bday (LuvLuvmyfamily DS)
3/26~ Krissy's DH's bday (rUbYgSmOm)
3/26~Courtney's bday(MissMeliss0522 DD)

4/1~Angie's SO bday (wallabygold)
4/07 ~ Kelly’s SO bday (JSquaredMom)
4/12~ Krisztina bday(Krisztina)
4/13~ Larissa's bday (Larissa.)
4/16~ Gwyddion's bday (Niamh's DH)
4/23~ Cody's bday (jenerik DS)
4/24~ Jarrod's bday(Sheena Beena DH)
4/25~Jessica bday (JessicaW)
4/26~ Danielle's bday (ElleBelle)
4/27~ Dayna's and SO anniversary (Dayna1981)
4/27~ Gareth's bday (sunny DH)
4/30/09~ Lily's bday(gratefulmama DD)

5/00~ Chelle’s S1 bday
5/1~ Chelle’s T bday
5/7/10~ Elise’s and SO anniversary (Miracle2012)
5/9~ Hailey's bday (wallabygold DD)
5/13/02~ Gabby's bday(sunny DD)
5/14~Lindsay's bday(lindsayGriff)
5/15/04~ Que's anniversary (~~Que~~)
5/20~Elise’s angleversary (Miracle2012)
5/21/99~ Briana bday (mommyTTC3 DD)
5/22~Melissa's anniversary(MissMeliss0522)
5/23~Anastasia's bday(jenerik DD)
5/28~Krissy's bday(rUbYgSmOm)

6/1~ JenIam2's SO bday(JenIam2)
6/4~Jessica and DH's anniversary (JessicaW)
6/4~ Melissa's DH's bday(MissMeliss05022)
6/7~ Dayna's SO bday (Dayna1981)
6/08~ Kelly’s bday (JSquaredMom)
6/8~ Steph's bday(sunny)
6/11~Elaina's bday(seri0uslyc0nfused)
6/14/08~ Sara Beth’s & SO’s anniversary (HaydensMa)
6/14~ Charity's DH bday(Mystixism)
6/15~ Jen's SO bday (jenerik)
6/16~ Susan's bday (susan j)
6/18~ Elle Elizabeth's bday (ElleBelle's DD)
6/27~ Sara Beth’s SO bday (HaydensMa)
6/27~ Jessica's anniversary (oldfiddleheads)
6/27~ Colleen's DH bday (tryingfornumber1)

7/1/85~ Melissa's bday (*Melissa*)
7/5~Dylan's Bday(wallabygold DS)
7/6~ Krisztina and Dh's anniversary (Krisztina)
7/9~ Jen's bday (jenerik)
7/13/10~ Liam's bday(~~Que~~ DS)
7/20/09~Kodee's bday (LuvLuvmyfamily DS)
7/21~ Angie and SO's anniversary (wallabygold)
7/23~Mikayla's bday(MissMeliss0522 DD)
7/23~ Colleen's anniversary (tryingfornumber1)
7/24~ Charity's bday(Mystixism)

8/1~ Elise’s SO bday (Miracle2012)
8/2~ Michelle's SO bday(mommyTTC3)
8/4~ Lindsay's anniversary (LindsayGriff)
8/6~ Jackie's bday(jackkey)
8/8~Athena's bday (~*Jess*~ DD)
8/13~Aubreyann's bday (LuvLuvmyfamily)
8/15~ Sara Beth’s Bday (HaydensMa)
8/21~ Sheena's bday (Shenna Beena)
8/21~ Colleen's bday(tryingfornumber1)
8/23~ Jen's anniversary (jenerik)
8/26~ Chelle’s SO (Chevy_Gurl)
8/27/11~ Maddy's bday (maddy's mommy)
8/31~ Aubreyann's anniversary (LuvLuvmyfamily)

9/1/06~ Christopher's bday (Krisztina DS)
9/9/06~ Sheena's anniversary (Sheen Beena)
9/98~ Chelle’s A bday
9/06~ Chelle’s S2 bday
9/10~ Lindsay's DH bday(LindsayGriff)
9/13~ Aubreyann's DH bday (LuvLuvmyfamily)
9/22/03~ Niamh's anniversary (Niamh 30)
9/24/04~Navaeh's bday (~~Que~~ DD)
9/25~ Jess's anniversary(~*Jess*~)
9/25/09~ Owen's bday (Mystixism DS)

10/02/03~ Gabe's bday (JenIam2 DS)
10/4~ Niamh's bday(Niamh 30)
10/04~ Krissy's anniversary (rUbYgSmOm)
10/07~ Jess's DH's bday (~*Jess*~)
10/8~ Lauren and DH's anniversary (maddy's mommy)
10/16~ Landen's bday (lindsayGriff DS)
10/17~ Gary's bday (Larissa's SO)
10/19~Ruby's bday(rUbYgSmOm DD)
10/20/83~ Melissa's SO's bday(*Melissa*)
10/22~ Susan's anniversary (susan j)
10/24~ Jessica's bday (oldfiddleheads)
10/27~ Parker's bday (jenerik DS)
10/29~ Jessica's SO bday (oldfiddleheads)

11/2~ JenIam2's anniversary (JenIam2)
11/3~ Dayna's bday (Dayna1981)
11/4~Danielle's SO bday (ElleBelle)
11/05~ Chelle and SO’s Anniversary (Chevy_Gurl)
11/7~ Lauren's SO bday (maddy's mommy)
11/7~ Larissa & Gary's Anniversary (Larissa.)
11/7~ Melissa's bday(MissMeliss0522)
11/10/09~ Juliana's bday (jackkey DD)
11/11~ Jackie's SO bday (jackkey)
11/11~ Sarah (rckymtnfox)
11/12~ Sarah's DH bday (rckymtnfox)
11/12~ Elaina's anniversary (seri0uslyc0nfused)
11/14~ Nathan's bday (gratefulmama SO)
11/17~Kalista's bday(~*Jess*~ DD)
11/18~ Kelly’s and SO’s Anniversary (JSquaredMom)
11/18~ Steph's and Gareth's anniversary (sunny)
11/26~ Josh’s bday (Kelly’s DS, JSquaredMom)
11/27~ Melissa & Nathan's anniversary (gratefulmama)
11/27~ Que's bday (~~Que~~)
11/27/07~ Adriel's bday (*Melissa* DD Angel baby)
11/28~ Madison's bday (rckymtnfox DD)
11/29/08~ Hayden (Sara Beth’s SO, HaydensMa)
11/30~ Harley's bday(ronswifey11 DD)

12/6~ Jackie's and SO anniversary (jackkey)
12/9~Blake's bday (jenerik DS)
12/10/09~ Ronan's bday (*Melissa* DS)
12/16~ Ethan's bday (rckymtnfox DS)
12/21~ Erica (eeecm3)
12/24~ CJ's bday(Larissa DS)
12/27~Chelle (Chevy_Gurl)

post here with the following to be added to the special date calendar.



SO birthday:


childrens names and bdays:

any angelversarie:

Chevy_Gurl October 28th, 2011 12:47 PM

Re: July DDC Birthdays and Anniversaries
Name: Chelle

Birthday: 12/27

SO birthday: 8/26

anniversary: 11/05

childrens names and bdays: A~ 9/98, S1~ 5/00, T~ 5/01, S2~ 9/06, A2~ 1/09

any angelversarie:

eeecm3 October 28th, 2011 12:52 PM

Re: July DDC Birthdays and Anniversaries
Name: Erica

Birthday: 12/21

childrens names and bdays: Eden 3/23

JSquaredMom October 28th, 2011 02:24 PM

Re: July DDC Birthdays and Anniversaries
Name: Kelly

Birthday: 6/8

SO birthday: 4/7

anniversary: 11/18

childrens names and bdays: Josh 11/26

any angelversarie:

HaydensMa October 28th, 2011 04:24 PM

Re: July DDC Birthdays and Anniversaries
Name: Sara Beth

Birthday: 8/15

SO birthday: 6/27

anniversary: 6/14/08

childrens names and bdays: Hayden 11/29/08

K.A.T October 28th, 2011 06:10 PM

Re: July DDC Birthdays and Anniversaries
Name: Liz

Birthday: 1/11

SO birthday: 5/11

anniversary: 7/11 (see a pattern? :giggle: )

childrens names and bdays: Tiana 6.9, Doni 1.1, Kev 12.7

any angelversarie: n/a

Danicasmommy October 29th, 2011 07:37 AM

Re: July DDC Birthdays and Anniversaries

Birthday: 1-4

SO birthday:8-1


childrens names and bdays: none

any angelversarie: May [email protected]

JessicaW October 29th, 2011 03:28 PM

Re: July DDC Birthdays and Anniversaries
Name: Jessica

Birthday: April 25

DH birthday: January 12

anniversary: June 4

wallabygold November 1st, 2011 08:09 PM

Re: July DDC Birthdays and Anniversaries
Name: Angie

Birthday: Jan. 28

SO birthday: Apr. 1

anniversary: Jul. 21

childrens names and bdays: Dylan July 5 and Hailey May 9

mommy2Breana+Brandon November 3rd, 2011 08:24 AM

Re: July DDC Birthdays and Anniversaries
up to date up to Angie

maddy and tommy's mommy November 3rd, 2011 01:10 PM

Re: July DDC Birthdays and Anniversaries
Name: Lauren (maddy's mommy)

Birthday: January 6

SO birthday: November 7

anniversary: October 8

childrens names and bdays: Maddy: August 27, 2008

Krisztina November 4th, 2011 11:56 PM

Re: July DDC Birthdays and Anniversaries
Name: Krisztina

Birthday: 04-12

SO birthday: 02-18

anniversary: 01-11 , Wedding 7-6

childrens names and bdays: Christopher Janos 09-01-2006

mommyTTC3 November 5th, 2011 12:13 PM

Re: July DDC Birthdays and Anniversaries
Name: Michelle

Birthday: Feb. 1st

SO birthday: Aug 2nd

anniversary: Feb 2nd

childrens names and bdays: Briana - May 21,1999 , Alexis -Jan,30,2002

any angelversarie:

jackkey November 5th, 2011 04:49 PM

Re: July DDC Birthdays and Anniversaries
Name: Jackie

Birthday: Aug 6

SO birthday: Nov 11

anniversary: Dec 6

childrens names and bdays: Juliana Nov 10, 2009

Dayna1981 November 5th, 2011 05:19 PM

Re: July DDC Birthdays and Anniversaries
Name: Dayna (Dayna1981)

Birthday: 11/3

DH birthday: 6/7

anniversary: 4/27

childrens names and bdays: Sean 3/20 & Keira 2/9

mommy2Breana+Brandon November 8th, 2011 09:24 AM

Re: July DDC Birthdays and Anniversaries
updated to Dayna

MissMeliss0522 November 8th, 2011 09:38 AM

Re: July DDC Birthdays and Anniversaries
Name: Melissa

Birthday: 11/7

DH birthday: 6/4

anniversary: 5/22

childrens names and brays: Courtney 3/26, Mikayla 7/23 and Caelyn 2/25

K.A.T November 8th, 2011 12:42 PM

Re: July DDC Birthdays and Anniversaries
Hey I'm sorry but can you update the list to remove me. I'm still following you ladies, but I don't feel right being on the list.

LuvLuvmyfamily November 9th, 2011 10:54 AM

Re: July DDC Birthdays and Anniversaries
Name: Aubreyann

Birthday: 8/13

SO birthday: 9/13

anniversary: 8/31

childrens names and bdays: Gaige 3/22/06, Kodee 7/20/09

bug, boo, n boogers mom November 9th, 2011 04:15 PM

Re: July DDC Birthdays and Anniversaries
Name: Jenn

Birthday: 6 May

SO birthday: 26 Jan

anniversary:25 Aug

childrens names and bdays: Shannonmarie 5 apr, Sierra 21 Apr, and Cade 7 Jan

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