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rmarie9509 January 10th, 2012 08:52 PM

Nursery Time!
Hey everyone I decided to come up here and start a journal to chronicle my nursery makeover from start to finish because Im a decorating/renovating junkie.

I've decided to label each entry with the day of the reno today being day 1. I will try to recap what we did and how, what products we used and any reviews comments reflections I have on it. I will also include at least one picture each day of work. If I dont do any work I might write an entry to say so or I might just skip it and come back in the next time I work.

Day 1 January 10, 2012

Our crib came into Walmart today so the nursery makeover has officially started!

Some background on the house to begin with

DH is a pastor and in our denomination that means that we move around every few years depending on circumstances, and we live free in a house owned by the church. We have the right to make changes but only up to a certain point. This particular house is an American Foursquare American Foursquare - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia built around 1898 and I could not even begin to tell you how many different families have occupied it in the last 100 years I do know there has been 8 in the last 30 years with at least 5 babies being born durring their family's time here. I think it's pretty special to be a part of that however it has taken a toll on the house. Therefore bear in mind that I'm starting with less than ideal conditions to work with and have a limit on what I can do to change it. Never the less I will do my best because this is what I love to do!

Before pictures


Today's work

Well day one started off most interestingly as the nesting bug apparently hit DH while I was trying to clear out the room from it's previous life as a guest room. He decided that since he has always hated the ceiling fan stating his complaints as "too low, ugly, and white" he would just take it down and be done with it. This was easily accomplished however it has left the room without a light and now I can only work in there durring daylight hours and I have to shop for a new fixture. The good news was we still had alot of daylight left so we finished clearing, and cleaning and left for walmart to pick up our crib. We ordered the Graco Charleston in classic cherry. Graco Charleston Convertible Classic Crib, Classic Cherry - Walmart.com After looking at cribs in person we found this one to be a good fit for our style and for me as I am only 5ft tall and this is a shorter style. It was $159. We got site to store shipping so it would be free. It was an easy process although it does take up to 10 days for the order to come in. Once we got it home and upstairs we had a few minutes of figuring out what we were really supposed to be doing and what went where, but it went together easily once we got situated and Im very happy with it. The color is nice, there were no flaws, and it feels very sturdy. :D

DH putting it together

Finished product

rmarie9509 January 11th, 2012 11:43 AM

Re: Nursery Time!
Day 2 January 11, 2012

Today I probably won't be doing much work because there's not much I can do until I get some supplies this weekend. I did however already spend the morning choosing a paint color. I put them all up on the wall near the crib and eliminated the palettes one by one. In person the first 4 choices on the left clearly pulled green and did not go well with the crib. I then placed the remaining 3 right on the crib and was able to eliminate one more. The last two were hard, I moved them all over the room and studied them in every light at every angle and finally narrowed my choice down to 4 colors. I gave it a break and when I came back I kept gravitating toward one. Now I know me and I could easily keep agonizing over this choice for days and chances are I might still change my mind but for now it is made up. The walls will be painted Sherwin Williams 6094 Sensational Sand. I have a coupon that I think I will use to buy a sample just to make sure though. Who knew it could be so hard to commit to a paint color? At least I know what paint I like and that is Sherwin Williams SuperPaint. Last year I was painting a room and I did a lot of research on what paint I wanted to use before deciding on SW and I was so glad I did. The difference between a good paint and a cheap paint is huge! Superpaint went on so nicely, the color was even, and it covered with one coat. Even though it is a little more expensive, they have frequent sales and you can sign up for a free savings program. The customer service is always good and they even provide the services of a decorator who will come to your house for free to help you design your room and pick your colors. I will never go back I am a customer for life.

Choosing a color

rmarie9509 January 13th, 2012 09:46 PM

Re: Nursery Time!
Day 4 January 13, 2012
Yesterday I spent the day making Stampin Up cards for our church ministry caring crafts so the room was on the back burner.

But today I got the paint! In the end I did change my mind as I predicted and I ended up moving over one swatch to Sands of Time. It's a little less red than sensational sand and I decided that would be a better choice to balance everything out. I was really excited and as soon as I got home I started painting around all the trim with my edger. I was a little disappointed that my edger wasn't getting as close as I wanted it to so Ill have to go back in with a very small brush and touch it up later, but the paint went on beautifully.

I only had time to paint around the windows and doors before it got dark but it was a good start.
Tomorrow I will work around the ceiling and baseboards but I can only work in the morning so I doubt I will get to fill in the walls until Sunday afternoon. I can't wait to see how the color dried and how it looks in full daylight.

My Progress



rmarie9509 January 14th, 2012 08:12 PM

Re: Nursery Time!
Day 5 January 14, 2012

Getting my paint on

One of the challenges with an old house is that the walls aren't flat and there's a lot of dents, cracks, nicks, and holes which makes painting very tricky, particularly around the ceiling. So that was my challenge today and I'm not going to lie, it was a little frustrating. This is definitely a paint job that needs two coats. It's to be expected even with a "one coat" paint though as Im going to a much darker color and it has red in it.

You can see the uneven paint

However, I don't like doing two I always feel like I'm just putting too much paint on the wall and there must already be like 8 colors on them haha.
In fact, I know from places where it was chipping that there is definitely at least four. White, pink, green, and now brown. Oh well you do what you have to do. For now I'm going to let the paint set up for a few days as we are traveling to my parents house. It will give me a good break from the fumes, and a chance to get in painting mode again because I don't think I would have the energy to go right back to it again tomorrow.

One coat down One to go

Seeing the whole room painted, I am glad I changed my color choice. This one is even still a little pink at times, but the lighting makes all the difference. I think it's going to come together very nicely especially once we start adding in the splashes of color like curtains and bedding and art. We have a long way to go before we are ready for that though.

~Always~Hoping~ January 21st, 2012 09:22 AM

Re: Nursery Time!
Everything looks great so far! Love your wall color!!

rmarie9509 January 25th, 2012 05:08 PM

Re: Nursery Time!
So I was posting about this a bunch of different places but it's getting hard to keep up so I have a blog and from now on Im just directing everyone to that. Same as on here just not here. It's called Project Liam

Project Liam

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