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Cassie.S July 2nd, 2012 09:15 AM

July Chit Chat
I thought I'd start a thread for just general chit chat. Feel free to post what's on your mind, any questions you might have or if you just need to vent. Let's see how many posts we can get to in the month of July!

Cassie.S July 2nd, 2012 10:46 AM

Re: July Chit Chat
Ok, I'll go first. How is everyone's Monday going?

Work is pretty slow right now, so I was browsing different wraps. I was originally set on the Moby, but just saw the k'tan wrap and now I'm thinking I like that one better. It looks like it might be easier, since there's less fabric to have to figure out how to tie it. Anyone used one of those before?

anna.rose July 2nd, 2012 11:02 AM

Re: July Chit Chat
I heard the Moby stretches too much but I've heard great things about the k'tan. I have a home made one that you can do a bunch of different kinds of wraps with.

My Monday is pretty boring. It's too hot for us to be outside (what else is new?) and I'm so sick of being in this stupid house. ><

Megan30 July 2nd, 2012 12:37 PM

Re: July Chit Chat
Oh man oh man, it is HOT out!! I have a fan on me constantly!

Cassie.S July 2nd, 2012 12:43 PM

Re: July Chit Chat
It is disgusting outside! And so dry, too. I really hope we get some rain soon. I've heard several areas in the state have cancelled their fireworks for the 4th. We have a recreational fire ban right now and I'm hoping they don't ban grills, too, because what is 4th of July without grilling out and fireworks?!

MarlowesMum July 2nd, 2012 12:50 PM

Re: July Chit Chat
I had a hot slings, and it worked well for me. No wrapping required.

Here are my Monday thoughts:

1.) My belly button is officially turning. Not the entire thing mind you, but one particular part of my belly hole is definitely starting to make it's way out and is not in any way bashful about it. This doesn't seem fair, inasmuch as I'm only 5 weeks into the 2nd trimester. This was definitely a third trimester affair last time around. Of course, by now I should be accustomed to being completely bamboozled by all things that are "this time around" vs the last.

2.) I am boobnormous. I don't mind this per se, as it's not so incredibly grotesque as to (yet) require the use of a granny bra or other bracing accoutrement, but on my petite frame, it's quite something. Indeed, it was the familial gossip hot button issue while vacationing last week, which was mildly embarrassing. There's nothing like discussing boob size with your aunts. Me: "Yup. They're pretty big. Oh look, is that a veggie tray over there?"

On the other hand, it would be really nice to find a bra that actually covers the entirety of my nipple instead of this weird bra limbo that I'm currently living in. I'm hesitant to make any additional purchases right now because...well I'm kind of frightened about tempting the fates in that regard. So right now, I keep telling myself that this ongoing nipple chafage is all about getting those ladies ready for their upcoming baby feeding challenge. Hooah.

3.) I love my body pillow. I don't even have a special pregnancy pillow, but just one of those full body thingamajigs that my sister gave to me after she didn't need it any more. But I didn't have anything with DD, so this is like heaven. Anyone else loving their preggo pillows?

burnbot July 2nd, 2012 12:50 PM

Re: July Chit Chat
I'm the opposite of you ladies. We just had a tropical storm here so we are ON for fireworks!! I'm really excited because last year we had no rain and didn't get to do them. I have been DYING to get outside! DH has the car mon-wed for school (his is broken right now) so I'm stuck here. I want to go to the beach....I'll even settle for the pool....

I also want to get a wrap but am not sure what I want. I found a really nice K'tan wrap that looks like something I would us but that is all so far. DH isn't really sure how he feels about wraps. I think that is just because he has never carried around a baby all day. lol

I miss my preschool class. Most of all my old job at Bright Scholars. They went out of business (not for financial reasons). I love staying at home and not having to work but I miss the kids. I am asking some of the moms I used to have at daycare and seeing if they want a babysitter sometime.

Cassie.S July 2nd, 2012 12:57 PM

Re: July Chit Chat

Originally Posted by MarlowesMum (Post 26231020)
Anyone else loving their preggo pillows?

Yes! I love mine! I got one of those ridiculously ginormous ones and DH and I have a love-hate relationship with it. I love it. He hates it. The main problem is we only have a queen size bed and it takes up a lot of room. And DH won't give me any extra room for it and most nights I wake up and half of it has fallen over the edge so I have to readjust and get comfy again. So that's annoying, but I still love it!

anna.rose July 2nd, 2012 12:59 PM

Re: July Chit Chat
Cassie we HAVE banned grilling and canceled a bunch of fireworks. So annoying.

My bobbies are HUGE too. Where the heck did they come from!?

I'm home for the summer so I know what you mean about missing the kids because I work in a public school. I was so glad when school was done but now I kind of miss their hyper little faces.

MarlowesMum July 2nd, 2012 01:05 PM

Re: July Chit Chat

Originally Posted by burnbot (Post 26231023)
I miss my preschool class. Most of all my old job at Bright Scholars. They went out of business (not for financial reasons). I love staying at home and not having to work but I miss the kids. I am asking some of the moms I used to have at daycare and seeing if they want a babysitter sometime.

I don't have any experience in early childhood education apart from having a pre-schooler myself, but I LOVE children. So much so that I've actually spent some time in my daughter's old toddler room just to come in and read with them. That age group is my favorite - they're just totally coming into their own little personalities, and they're so much fun. I've always thought that if I just wanted to work (and didn't care about the money) that THIS is they type of work I would go back and do.

burnbot July 2nd, 2012 01:15 PM

Re: July Chit Chat
The first child care job I got was kind of a fluke. I went into the place for an application thinking it was a store that sold toys and clothes for kids but it turned out to be a drop-in, pay by the hour place where they are open late at night and on weekends. Not your traditional daycare. It was kinda like a professional babysitting service and I got the job right away. I LOVED it but eventually they went out of business and I had to find another job. I was the 2 year old teacher but I also did infants and todds for about a year before taking the two's. I loved them!!!

I have looked into getting a preggo pillow but I wasn't sure if it was worth the money. Now that I am getting a belly and having trouble sleeping I think I am gonna order one. Any suggestions for something that isn't too pricey??

MarlowesMum July 2nd, 2012 01:39 PM

Re: July Chit Chat
Like I said, I inherited my sister's post-hysterectomy full body pillow, and I have no complaints. It's big enough that it doesn't end up in a million different locations all over the bed, and I like that I can hug it up top, while keeping it between my legs down below. This (and particularly the between the legs thing) has definitely eased some of my hip pain this time around.

These aren't quite as malleable as the more expensive preggo pillows out there, but on the other hand, they are certainly much cheaper, and I think that machine washable covers are readily accessible for these nowadays.

Becky_78 July 2nd, 2012 02:01 PM

Re: July Chit Chat
So much I want to respond to at one time!!!

My boobs are just ridiculous. I know they have grown since I bought those first two bras - but I refuse to admit it. One already had a granny-style, thick strap & I just can't handle going up any further. Oh - and I wore a strapless dress over the weekend with a bra I bought a couple of weeks ago. It actually caused a blister on my back. When the DH sees it - he's going to freak out since he's is defo a function over fashion type guy.

I haven't done much research into these slings. The DH is really sensitive to the possibility of encouraging hip dysplasia (he doesn't even want us to swaddle) since he had to have surgery last year to correct his. Does anyone have info on how good the slings are for hips?

It is hotter than Hades outside. Usually I love hot weather. Somehow, while preggo I have discovered I can barely breathe if I walk further than 3 blocks. UGH. I guess this is also compounded by the fact that I'm super congested.

I haven't bought a preggo pillow yet. I was hoping you guys would try them all out first and just tell me the best one :D To be honest, the DH and I are still sleeping on a full size bed (on top of a queen size frame with king size pillows - don't ask). We were going to upgrade the bed to a queen when we moved in Aug - but then I read horror stories about your water breaking at night when you sleep and having to junk the bed. So now we're considering waiting. (please jump in with opinions)

FINALLY - I HATE PACKING!!!! I have to pack for about a week and I'm not even sure I have enough clothes that fit for that long. I'm totally stressing out about it and will have to try on everything tonight - since the stuff that fit last week doesn't necessarily fit now. Sigh. I guess I should be embracing the bump, which typically I am, but it's making packing so much more difficult!!!

Wishinfor2ndblessing July 2nd, 2012 02:15 PM

Re: July Chit Chat
Pregnancy Pillow I have this pregnancy pillow, and i LOVE it!!!!! DH hates it cause it takes up more room on our bed. But I feel that a little sacrafice on his part is perfectly acceptable. Plus I asked him about the pillow, and told him to look at it a read the reviews. SO if he isn't happy with it, I am perfectly ok to say its his fault. :giggle:

My left boob has gotten bigger than my right... by noticable means... but I am excited about it, cause "tmi: it has allowed one nipple to pop out from being inverted so maybe my chance of breast feeding are looking better. At least I hope so.

It is terribly hot here too.... The highs last week was anywhere from 102-110.... ugh thats not counting the humidity either... and its only July... . It normally doesn't start too cool off until mid September... I break a sweat just walking from my car to my home, or from work to my car...

I don't know much about slings... never really used them with Hannah, but am going to try with this one.... I am hoping that it might make carrying the baby in the store or what not easier.

I am kinda dreading my u/s tomorrow... cause I have a bad feeling that I willnot find out the gender... I know that there is more to the u/s than just the gender... but DH won't let me buy anything until we know for sure... and if its a girl than I have family that is wanting to send me their little girl stuff.... save some money yay!!!

DH best friend for almost 30 yrs, just had a daughter in December and offered us their swing, and bassinet.... for 100.00...... this angered me cause we HAD to pay for him to fly here, and pay for his tux, and pay for his dinner (at the rehersal dinner) in order for him to be there for his best friend at our wedding with the understanding that he would pay us back.. .. which he hasn't.... I feel like I should be able to deduct it from what he owes us... but DH says that isn't fair.... W.T.H!!!!

I am so ready for the next 45 mins to fly by so I can start my 30-45 min drive home to spend some more time with my best chicka!!!!! I hate being away from her, especially in the summers when I barely get to see her.... she leaves again this saturday for another 2 weeks... I will be so glad when summer is over!

jamiemama90 July 2nd, 2012 02:47 PM

Re: July Chit Chat
I have just realized I need to go invest in a body pillow or pregnancy pillow, because I have taken to stealing DH's pillow in the night and putting it between my legs. lol!

My boobs are HUGE and not stopping! I keep having to buy new bras! I started with an A cup and have steadily moved up to almost a D!

It has been unbearably hot here. Around 108 every day. Today it's only a little over 100, though because we got a downpour last night. I'm just staying inside and out of it all. lol

I am going to get a sling AND a carrier, I just don't know which kinds yet.

And in my news, I've been doing laundry/cleaning all day and it is soooo hot outside that I have to constantly sit down and take a breather. It gets really annoying after a while cause I just want to get it all done. Also, my sister gave me this cute little picture frame for our first ultrasound pic that says "love at first sight" and it's so adorable :)

MarlowesMum July 2nd, 2012 02:53 PM

Re: July Chit Chat
I am imagining Becky's NY bedroom as this kind of inverted palace of weirdness, with giant pillows on top of a regular bed on top of a microscopic frame, where she and DH have to constantly balance in order to keep the entire thing from falling over. ;)

Other than my comment on your weird stacking situation, I have a small amount to offer you on the water breakage thing. Mine broke, but a lot don't, and it was shortly before bedtime. I found that I had MUCH more gush (and it's a continual ongoing series of gushes, not like just one gush that the movies portray) standing up than sitting down. In fact, I barely leaked when I was sitting. So, IF you are one of the few whose water breaks, and IF that happens to occur when you are sleeping, then yes, you may have an issue. On the other hand, you could start sleeping with a towel underneath you in that final trimester, and would probably be fine (and may very well never end up needing the towel).

As far as packing is concerned, I hear that. DH got mad at me prior to our recent vacation because he was busy loading the car and he caught me trying things on. He was like, "WTH? I'm trying to get us ready and you're trying on clothes?" I'm like, Dude, you DON'T understand. This is a seriously awful thing I'm doing right now. Cut me some slack. He rolled his eyes and walked out. At which point, I continued trying on clothes until I found something that made my bump look pregnant and not fat. Ugh.

Yay for Raina's nipple!!! I understand that inverted nipples are a beeeatch. I'm so glad it could join the team...even if temporarily. ;) BTW, I would totally tell DH's best friend to take a hike. Ok, maybe not in those terms, but a polite "no thanks" definitely sounds in order. You could probably get a better deal (with less drama) from Craig's list. People like that drive me crazy. Here you were, probably ready to completely write off the fact that you're never going to get repaid...and that DB wants to charge you$100 for something he's not even using any more. In my opinion, real friends are happy to GIVE their friends things that they no longer need. Maybe that's just me. Sorry. Pregnancy hormones run amock over here.

gardenbelle July 2nd, 2012 03:14 PM

Re: July Chit Chat
Things here are pretty nice. I hope this doesn't sound too annoying, but I love Mondays as far as being a SAHM. I feel like I have a lot of energy and patience from the weekend of DH being around to help. I had my agenda of arts and crafts (stamps today), a picnic in our front garden and a trip to the car wash. My kids FREAK over going to the car wash - you would think I was taking them to Disneyland. LOL
As for boobs, mine are morphing back into the prego/nursing boobs again which is kind of nice because I'm filling out my bras again. Since I've been pregnant or nursing for the past (almost) 5 years, that is pretty much my entire bra collection.
Body pillows - I love mine these days! Bring on the pillows. Last night, John incredulously counted the pillows on my side of the bed - I have 5 including my body pillow. <smirk>
Baby carriers - I have never had a wrap, I can't even braid my hair in the mirror so the only time I tried one my friend had, I got totally tangled up. I would totally try one that you don't have to do all the wrapping - they look so comfy for baby and mama. Becky - I might be wrong, but I think the hip dysplasia issues are more of a concern with the Ergo and similar carriers that spread the baby's legs around the mother's waist? I'm no expert on baby carriers though so I could be wrong. I love my Mei Tea carrier which is a lot like an Ergo though, but I don't use it the traditional way until after 4 months. Please share if/when you find out more info on this. :)

Cassie.S July 3rd, 2012 07:14 AM

Re: July Chit Chat
So I went ahead and ordered the Baby K'tan wrap last night in the eggplant color. After looking at it more and more I like that this one looks a lot easier to use than the Moby and would be able to put on easier for instance when I get out of my car at the grocery store. I don't want to be standing there forever trying to figure it out! So if anyone else is looking at buying one, get it from diapers.com. It was only $49 there with free shipping!

Becky - I've also been a little worried about my water breaking either in bed, on the couch, the car, anywhere that would make a big mess. I think when I get closer to my due date I'll start sitting and sleeping on a towel to hopefully reduce the mess a bit just in case it does happen.

Just one more day of work then a day off!!!

Shades of Grey July 3rd, 2012 12:37 PM

Re: July Chit Chat
I wish my boobs were getting bigger... They are just a bit more full than normal. I dont need a bigger bra but what I have fits a little better.

So... I started buying some cloth diapers! Im so excited!! :D I was really trying to hold off on a lot until gender is confirmed but I found some good deals at kid to kid that I just couldnt walk away from. I have only gotten a handful but cant wait to get a real stash going!!

burnbot July 3rd, 2012 01:11 PM

Re: July Chit Chat
DH is totally against cloth diapers so unless Zoey is allergic it looks like we will be going with disposabal (sp) diapers. I'm ok with that though. His money :)
I have had to get new bras as well as a new bathing suit top. I just bought a plain black top so I can rotate my bottoms out with it. Now my boobs also have blue lines all over them from my viens. ugh...
Tomorrow we are gonna go to a water park! YAY! So excited for the lazy river!! lol But I think it will be a whole lot of fun. Then we are going to stay at a condo in St. Augustine beach for a few nights. So excited for a relaxing time!

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