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Spyctre July 17th, 2012 11:50 AM

Baby's Eye Color
I really want Winter to have green eyes, but they are darker than Alice's were at this point, and I see hazel in her future as well. How long did it take y'all's other children's eyes to settle? Alice was almost 2. They go from green to an amber brown now.

abbou July 17th, 2012 09:46 PM

Re: Baby's Eye Color
My first three had eyes from about 1month, Sarah's keep changing from brown to blue to grey. I'm hopping for blue.

RandE July 17th, 2012 10:31 PM

Re: Baby's Eye Color
Green takes the longest to settle. I got a yellow or green ring around the center of my blue eyes around 4. Brown is the next longest. Blue is usually the quickest to settle.

If they're dark already at this point they will probably get darker or stay where they are at now. Hth :)

Spyctre July 17th, 2012 11:02 PM

Re: Baby's Eye Color
I read they usually stay put at 2 yrs old, but it can take longer. My eyes used to be blue with a brown ring in the middle. By my late teens, they had turned green. They've been steadily getting lighter since. Sometimes they look grey, sometimes light green. I seem to remember my dad's being darker at one time.

Girl IS my name July 18th, 2012 07:22 AM

Re: Baby's Eye Color
I really thought I had responded to this... Aubree's have started changing. They've got some green and brown in the middle now.

lovemylittlemiss July 18th, 2012 08:53 AM

Re: Baby's Eye Color
DH had blue eyes throughout childhood and they turned green in his teens. I had blue throughout my childhood but now some people say they're blue/green and others say they're blue/gray. We'll see what DD ends up with...right now their that lovely baby blue.

*krista* July 19th, 2012 03:17 PM

Re: Baby's Eye Color
Ds's are blue and I hope they stay that way. Dd's are brown. They started a dark greyish blue and they lightened into a brown after a few months.

MissusF July 19th, 2012 11:41 PM

Re: Baby's Eye Color
Claire's eyes have started to change. She was born with the typical baby blue/grey color. Now they are getting brown spots around the iris. I think they will eventually turn brown or hazel like mine.

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