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Leanne78 July 19th, 2012 08:40 AM

The Nursery "Extras"
So, for you been there done that moms, what would be your advice for the newbies concerning the following items (don't have to answer all):

1. Diaper Genie/Champ

2. Wipes Warmer

3. Changing Table

4. Bottle Warmer

5. Boppy/Nursing Pillow

6. Baby Monitor Video/Sound/Movement Pad

Leanne78 July 19th, 2012 08:50 AM

Re: The Nursery "Extras"
1. Diaper Genie/Champ - I don't know what I would do without mine. I have the Diaper Genie and although I hate having to buy refills (tried the off brand refills and just didn't work smell-wise) I love having this. I'm out of refills at the moment and have to take the diapers to the garage now everytime we change Akadia. I can't handle the diaper smell at all.

2. Wipes Warmer - I used this when Akadia was a newborn. I think it's more soothing to have a nice warm wipe on a newborn hinie than a cold one but it's not a "must have". I ditched it once she got older because I got tired of rewetting the pad and I figured her hiney could handle it now.

3. Changing Table - This was a must have for me. I know some do it on the floor (breaks my back) and others use a bed (tread marks anyone?) but the changing table worked best for me and I used the shelves to store a lot of stuff. My daughter has long been too big for it, so we use the bed now. I'm too lazy to grab a changing pad to put under her everytime we need to change her, so we always have desitin marks on the bedspread. Even when I did use a pad on the bed when she first outgrew the changing table, she'd pee right off it onto the bed. I really prefer to keep the pee and poo to a designated changing table and not the guest bed or floor. ;) That's just me though. I know a lot of people hate messing with them.

4. Bottle Warmer - Was another must have for me when we were bottle feeding breast milk. I had the bottles all made up in the fridge, and I just had to grab one, throw it in the warmer and wait a few minutes. Definitely not as ideal as just breastfeeding straight, but if you have to pump, it's the way to go. Stopped using it when we eventually moved her to formula since I just used warm water from the tap then. (We have really good water)

5. Boppy/Nursing Pillow - I had a breastfriend pillown & a Boppy. The Breastfriend pillow was ok. I didn't really use it that much because I could never get her positioned right on it but some women swear by them. I just prefered a regular pillow. Akadia hated the boppy and wouldn't lay in it to save her life, but some babies love them. Hoping this one likes it better.

6. Baby Monitor Video/Sound/Movement Pad - Either sound or video is essential. You'll need it if you ever want to take a bath or use the bathroom alone again. Movement pad might be nice too, but I never had one.

~Tanya~ July 19th, 2012 09:11 AM

Re: The Nursery "Extras"
Honestly, the only thing that was a must have for me with both my kids was the baby monitor. I used the changing table more so with my son than daughter, but it did come in handy for storage. I didn't nurse with either, so I have no definite opinion of a nursing pillow.

Pixie July 19th, 2012 09:24 AM

Re: The Nursery "Extras"
1. Diaper Genie/Champ - Love mine. I recommend the Diaper Champ over the Diaper Genie because you can use your own bags instead of the refills. Yes they can start to smell, so you have to change them regularly but I'd rather keep that smell out of my kitchen or bathroom garbage. And here's a tip if you do get one - put a fresh dryer sheet in the bag and it will help the smell tremendously.

2. Wipes Warmer - Never used one and don't see how it would be necessary.

3. Changing Table - This is another one that a lot of people say you don't need, and I guess you don't really, but I find them convenient. I will say that when my son was a baby we will lived in small single-story house so it was easy to go to his room to change him every time. That may change now that we are in a larger 2-story. We'll see.

4. Bottle Warmer - Never used one. I heated them in the microwave (which is a no-no apparently) but I was careful and never gave my baby an over-heated bottle.

5. Boppy/Nursing Pillow - I bought one, but didn't use it much because I ended up not breast feeding. It makes a great pillow to prop baby up though (not at night time, but for things like tummy-time or for supported seating).

6. Baby Monitor Video/Sound/Movement Pad - Really liked having my monitor even though we were in a small house and really I would have heard him waking from anywhere in the house. Now that we are in a larger home, I think it will be even more convenient and got a video one this time.

*Izzy's*Mommy* July 19th, 2012 10:12 AM

Re: The Nursery "Extras"
1. Diaper Genie/Champ: Never had one. The idea of having a container filled with poop and pee diapers in my house is gross. We had an outside bag for dipes.

2. Wipes Warmer: Never had one. Seems like a waste of energy to me, lol. She never cried when I wiped her, so it never seemed to bug her.

3. Changing Table: A must have for sure! It's nice to have a designated area for changing and it's nice to have it high up. Saves your back!

4. Bottle Warmer: We hardly used any bottles. We used bottles of breastmilk and just heated them up in warm water from the stove. Took a little longer, but didn't ever matter. Remember that breastmilk can NOT be microwaved. ;)

5. Boppy/Nursing Pillow: A nursing pillow is a MUST HAVE! I loved the jolly jumper boomerang pillow from babies r us.

6. Baby Monitor Video/Sound/Movement Pad: Loved having the monitor/sensor pad combo. Made me feel at ease to sleep without worrying about SIDS.

kristiemarie518 July 19th, 2012 10:21 AM

Re: The Nursery "Extras"
So, for you been there done that moms, what would be your advice for the newbies concerning the following items (don't have to answer all):

1. Diaper Genie/Champ yes. It's the best.

2. Wipes Warmer- no. It burned the wipe and left them dry.

3. Changing Table - not an extra IMO. Essential.

4. Bottle Warmer- It took longer to warm it with this than it ones to just run to the micro.

5. Boppy/Nursing Pillow- loved it and used it allllll the time.

6. Baby Monitor Video/Sound/Movement Pad- movement pad and video, no. Sound monitor depends on where the nursery is in relation to your room and how heavy you sleep.

newserenity July 19th, 2012 10:31 AM

Re: The Nursery "Extras"
1. Diaper Genie/Champ
This is nice to have. I prefer one that uses regular tall kitchen bags to save on refills.

2. Wipes Warmer
Not needed, I never had one. But, I guess it would be nice on baby's bum.

3. Changing Table
I've heard a lot of people say they never used theirs or they aren't necessary but I always used mine. Especially now that the sides don't drop on cribs, which makes it impossible to change baby in the crib. You can always put a changing pad on a dresser but, some sort of permanent place to change baby and keep all the changing supplies is necessary IMO.

4. Bottle Warmer
Pointless, they take forever and a saucepan of hot water works much better and for free!

5. Boppy/Nursing Pillow
I loved mine and always used it (and so did DH). That was the very first thing I bought when I found out I was pregnant again.

6. Baby Monitor Video/Sound/Movement Pad
If you have a large house or baby is across the house, definitely. If you plan on going outside when baby is napping then it will be useful. I've never had one but, I think I will this time. Just a basic monitor so, I can go out in the yard if I need to with the bigger kids while baby is napping.

fancypants27 July 19th, 2012 02:32 PM

Re: The Nursery "Extras"
1. Diaper Genie/Champ: We used ours maybe twice... was a bit of a pain to change the bags.

2. Wipes Warmer: LOVE love love the wipes warmer. Zoey definitely prefers warm wipes over cold ones...especially with our very cold winters.

3. Changing Table: A must for us - its nice to be able to have diapers, wipes, lotions and potions all within arms reach. And the cover is easy to remove and wash if an accident happends. + the extra dresser space is nice.

4. Bottle Warmer: Initially I loved ours...but I will admit the warmer was packed up and given to my sister when Zoey was about 5-6 months and the microwave took its place. It takes 15 seconds instead of 2 minutes and when my baby is thirsty..she is a thirsty!

5. Boppy/Nursing Pillow

6. Baby Monitor Video/Sound/Movement Pad : Love our monitor - definitely allows me to sleep better because I can check on Zoey without waking her. + When she wakes up, I can talk into the monitor so she knows I'm coming.

BlndGrl8 July 19th, 2012 02:41 PM

Re: The Nursery "Extras"
1. Diaper Genie/Champ: Love this!! We used this for all diapers. When she started solids, we would throw the poop diapers in the trash outside and just use this for pee diapers.

2. Wipes Warmer: Love this too!! Use it all the time. It never made the wipes dry out at all. We still use this (since she's not potty trained yet)

3. Changing Table: Use this all the time. Perfect for storing lotions and bows and q-tips and other things! Plus it was more convenient to stand up and change her instead of doing it on the floor.

4. Bottle Warmer: Since I breastfed, I would only need to run bottles under warm water for a little bit if I had pumped milk. She didn't mind drinking cold milk either. If you are going to formula feed though, NEVER put bottles in the microwave because it creates hot pockets that will burn the baby's throat.

5. Boppy/Nursing Pillow: I used the My Brest Friend pillow 24/7 for 13 months. I couldn't live without it. I liked it better than the boppy because you actually clip it around your waist and it won't slide out from under the baby.

6. Baby Monitor Video/Sound/Movement Pad: We still use Kaitlin's monitor every night. We started out with just a sound monitor, but soon bought the AngelCare monitor that detects movement and sound. It really gave me peace of mind. Sometimes it would give false alarms if she would roll to the side because it wouldn't detect breathing, but I knew it worked!

white.house July 19th, 2012 02:52 PM

1. Diaper Genie/Champ
I like my diaper genie, but definitely not a must have. I would not have paid for it, someone got it for us for a baby shower so of course we use it :)

2. Wipes Warmer
I don't see why this would be necessary at all :confused:

3. Changing Table
We bought one that doubles as a dresser and I love ours! I use it a lot in the newborn/baby stage, not at all now that he's a toddler though.

4. Bottle Warmer
Not necessary IMO

5. Boppy/Nursing Pillow
I really didn't like it for nursing, it was so awkward to use. I do like it for propping baby up and for tummy time though. Not a must-have by any means though. This was another shower gift for us :)

6. Baby Monitor Video/Sound/Movement Pad
LOVE my video monitor. This is my one must-have for baby! We still use ours with our toddler.

KatherineD July 19th, 2012 03:03 PM

Re: The Nursery "Extras"
1. Diaper Genie/Champ - When we used sposies, I hated this thing. Nasty and I hated changing it. Garbage can was much easier

2. Wipes Warmer - Really awesome if you cloth diaper! I keep mine full of water with my wipes solution and dip in a wipe at change time. Much nicer than ice cold water from the sink!

3. Changing Table - We have a changing pad on top of the dresser, so best of both worlds.

4. Bottle Warmer - When we formula fed, we just used water from the tap at room temp. Only fed a bottle once or twice with E. Don't know about this time, since we need him to be used to taking a bottle for when I have sessions

5. Boppy/Nursing Pillow - Love my boppy!! Bought a new one for each child. I have small ta-tas, so I need the help, especially in those early months, to help lift baby up.

6. Baby Monitor Video/Sound/Movement Pad - Never had a movement pad and barely used our monitor. We've always lived in smaller houses, so I can hear baby from our bedroom. With E, we coslept and W will be in our room, which is right next to the living room.

Katie81 July 19th, 2012 03:48 PM

Re: The Nursery "Extras"
So, for you been there done that moms, what would be your advice for the newbies concerning the following items (don't have to answer all):

1. Diaper Genie/Champ - Not a fan. We tae our trash out almost daily so diapers just go in the trash.

2. Wipes Warmer- Waste of money. trying to keep it properly moistened was a pain. Room temperature wipes work just fine

3. Changing Table- We used it with baby #1, it was nice to use if we happened to be in the nursery. Didn't bother with baby #2 because we just change them where ever we are at the time. Won't be using one again this time

4. Bottle Warmer- Useful if you formula feed. I breastfeed and we just warm frozen milk in a mug of warm water

5. Boppy/Nursing Pillow- I never used it for nursing, but it's nice for propping the baby on the bed/couch when they are little

6. Baby Monitor Video/Sound/Movement Pad- We used one off and on with both kids, just audio. We ditched it around a year with #2. I can hear him cry from my room just fine on the off chance that he wakes up.

Charise July 19th, 2012 05:39 PM

Re: The Nursery "Extras"
1. Diaper Genie/Champ- I do like these, but I had the original diaper genie and a lot of times the bag wouldn't twist all the way, therefore it really had no purpose. I need to find a good one for this babe!

2. Wipes Warmer- LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! THIS! I had a Prince Edward, and I'll be buying another one this time around!

3. Changing Table- Absolutely. Add 2 large dogs, a small dog, and a cat in the mix...I'm not changing my baby on the floor!

4. Bottle Warmer- Never used one. I only ever heated formula, and I either had one mixed using warm water, or I reheated one (yes, in the microwave-- bad mom!) like 30 seconds and shook the heck out of it to make sure there were no hot spots!

5. Boppy/Nursing Pillow- I SWEAR by the boppy pillow if you're nursing!!! I used it for a solid year, if not more. It makes breastfeeding soooo much easier! Plus it helps when the baby's starting to sit up, and occasionaly older babies (a year?) nap on it.

6. Baby Monitor Video/Sound/Movement Pad - Never had one...would be fun to try though

BabyLove23 July 19th, 2012 06:25 PM

Re: The Nursery "Extras"
1. Diaper Genie/Champ - Eh, could do with or without it. The only reason I use it now is because its there. I don't think its a must have or anything.

2. Wipes Warmer - MUST! There is nothing like using a cold wipe on an already upset baby..... Either get the wipe warmer or invest in earplugs. LOL.

3. Changing Table - Gotta have, Its just easier when they are at your level to change. Especially when they start wiggling all over the place.

4. Bottle Warmer - Nah, Just a cup of hot water worked over here.

5. Boppy/Nursing Pillow - We were 100% formula here, and we also had a ton of use out of the boppy. Definitely recommend it.

6. Baby Monitor Video/Sound/Movement Pad - We used the Angelcare monitor for the first few months, and I swear its the only reason I slept at night. Once she started rolling around, we switched to the video monitor.

MommaHarvey July 19th, 2012 07:23 PM

Re: The Nursery "Extras"
1. Diaper Genie/Champ-- I have the Arm and Hammer baking soda diaper pail and I love it. It twists the bags nicely, and it has a little cup to put baking soda in that helps with any smell that may slip out when you open the lid. Plus when you close the lid it drops a little of the baking soda in with the diaper.

2. Wipes Warmer-- Never had one. Why spoil the baby and have to deal with the screaming when they don't get a warm wipe when they have to be changed when your out of the house.

3. Changing Table-- Have to have. Changing on the floor or bed is just too much bending. The times I had to do it killed my back. Especially if you end up having a section and can't bend at all almost. Now that DS is older I will change him in the floor, but still prefer the changing table.

4. Bottle Warmer-- Hated it. Waste of money.

5. Boppy/Nursing Pillow -- Loved it. I have the Boppy. Trying to nurse without one put a krink in my back.

6. Baby Monitor Video/Sound/Movement Pad -- I only had an audio monitor and that's what I'll use this time too. But which ever one you get I think they are a must have unless you plan on baby being in the same room as you 24/7.

*Ade* July 19th, 2012 10:26 PM

Re: The Nursery "Extras"
I've never owned any of these things other than a boppy, and even that I could do without (though I do love the boppy, I know using a pillow would get me through). Anyway, I'm pretty simple when it comes to baby supplies and must haves. I always just ball up the wipes in my hand for a few seconds to warm them a bit (as newborns). Diapers go in the trash. Baby sleeps in my room and I'm never do far away that I can't hear baby to need a monitor. I change baby on my bed, and have a little storage basket for the diapers/wipes/creams. Don't use bottles until around 6 months, and even then I use room temp filtered water.

FloridaTennesseeGirl July 20th, 2012 07:54 AM

Re: The Nursery "Extras"
1. Diaper Genie/Champ I had one with my oldest and HATED it. It stunk!!! But that was 11 years ago. Im sure they come along way since then. Just not going to try it.

2. Wipes Warmer Never had one.

3. Changing Table Had one once. I usually just change baby on the couch or floor.

4. Bottle Warmer Nope. I breast feed or just warm the formula water up through warm tap water.

5. Boppy/Nursing Pillow Bottle I never used it. Breast feeding I used it a bit.

6. Baby Monitor Video/Sound/Movement Pad Only when they were in their own room. I usually co-sleep for a few months.

Country928 July 20th, 2012 08:07 AM

Re: The Nursery "Extras"
1. Diaper Genie/Champ-Had on Hated it. I rather use a small trash can.

2. Wipes Warmer-Didnt have one but wish i did. Will have one this time around.

3. Changing Table- My old room was not big enough for one so I just used my bed or the crib.

4. Bottle Warmer-Didnt have one either. Just used hot/warm water to warm the bottle.

5. Boppy/Nursing Pillow-Was given a boppy from the Nicu-I used it to help Breastfeed when I tried and Then to help her sit up when Zoe was learning how to

6. Baby Monitor Video/Sound/Movement Pad--I had just a sound monitor, It was great I could take a shower and sit outside with out worring Zoe was crying in the room.

LindsayGriff July 20th, 2012 09:07 AM

Re: The Nursery "Extras"
1. Diaper Genie/Champ-Love it, We usually only put the dirty ones in it and the wet ones we just throw in a seperate garbage since they usually don't smell and it saves on how often we need to get refills. I also tried the generic refills and they didn't work well because they smelled so much worse.

2. Wipes Warmer-Didn't have one last time but wished I had so when I found one at a garage sale this year I bought it. The nursery can get cold during cold winters and makes the wipes cold and wakes baby up too much in middle of night.

3. Changing Table- Have one and wouldnt do without it. We have one in the nursery upstairs and will set up the pack n play with a changing table on it for when we are downstairs. I don't like bending over all the time.

4. Bottle Warmer- Didn't need one of these. We used the playtex drop ins which is a thin liner so it warms up nicely by just placing it is a glass of warm water.

5. Boppy/Nursing Pillow- I used this a lot when nursing, not so much after I stopped nursing.

6. Baby Monitor: We just have a sound monitor and will continue to use it. I can sleep pretty soundly sometimes and the nursery is across the house from our room so definately a must. Also we keep the nursery door shut so that the cats don't get in there, I am always afraid they would sufficate the baby even though I have never seen them inside the crib, not sure if they can get in it or not but I am not taking the chance.

Mommyx12 July 20th, 2012 09:39 AM

Re: The Nursery "Extras"
1. Diaper Genie/Champ- Bought one once. It was fine until it was time to change the back. UGH!!! Dirty diapers smell worse after sitting there for awhile. We tie dirty diapers in plastic walmart bags if they are bad or if we aren't taking the trash out soon.

2. Wipes Warmer- seems like I tried this with one of our kids and it dried the wipes out and my newborns didn't like diaper changes period, warm wipes didn't seem to make it any better. Getting the job done fast was key for mine.

3. Changing Table-never had one. I have always talked about getting one with each baby but by the time we had room for one, we had already had several babies and not had one so we have skipped it. I usually change the babies on the couch or bed while little and then when they are bigger just on the floor.

4. Bottle Warmer-with others I breastfed, so no need. With Beth I breastfed and pumped since I was in school. We defrosted/warmed the milked in hot water. I haven't looked at the warmers lately but not sure how they would do with the bottle bags we froze the milk in. The ones they had when I first started having kids wouldn't work well but its been a long time and I haven't looked at them in a very long time. But I could see where this could be helpful.

5. Boppy/Nursing Pillow- I use this a lot! I bring it to the hospital with me. It's especially helpful since I have c/s keeps baby off my incision and helps baby be in a good position for b'feeding. I used it even before I started having c/s and it is one item I do replace if it gets worn or whatever.

6. Baby Monitor Video/Sound/Movement Pad-never bought one until this past week and that was for my 18month old. We sleep on one side of the house and she is on the other. My older kids are at camp and my oldest will hear her if she wakes up. she usually does not wake at night but the thought of her waking and crying and us not hearing, made us go buy one. It was a cheap one and not best quality but it worked. We hear her in the morning talking when she wakes up. But with our newborns,they are in our room with us for awhile and when we do move them out they are usually close enough where we can easily hear if they wake up. BEth was in the room next to ours before so we never needed a monitor.

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