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THE angry uterus August 3rd, 2012 06:13 AM

nick names?
Do you have a nick name for baby? Oliver won't let us call George lil guy or lil man cause those re HIS names, so we basically call him Baby George all the time, lol. Not sure how that will change when he's older! :o

fairymommy August 3rd, 2012 09:55 AM

Re: nick names?
her name (Ava) means bird. so i call her my little bird.

silverlife August 3rd, 2012 10:38 AM

Re: nick names?
Most of the time we refer to our baby by a nick name ("Libby") rather than her full name. Sometimes I call her "Little Libby Lou Who".

THE angry uterus August 3rd, 2012 11:46 AM

Re: nick names?
That's so cute sivrlife!

Well_Okay August 3rd, 2012 12:36 PM

Re: nick names?
Niko, baby, baby bear, piranha. Whatever suits him at the moment :D

Sheena Beena August 3rd, 2012 01:31 PM

Re: nick names?
Dex, Baby Bear, or little bit :)

Nayomi80 August 3rd, 2012 02:29 PM

Re: nick names?
I have not called her this...but its her public nick name Kara. (official)
but her great grandma and cousin Charlie call her Jackie. Her name is Jakaira and that is what I call her for now.

~*Jess*~ August 3rd, 2012 03:25 PM

Re: nick names?
I call him little mister and his sisters call him little man. and i call him piggy sometimes because how much he eats.

kemper2.0 August 3rd, 2012 04:37 PM

Re: nick names?
We almost never call her by her full name (Ariella). We use Arie most often. I call her my Apple Pie (I've always called big brother Pumpkin Pie). We also refer to her as 'sister' a lot, because that's what Gideon calls her.

MissMeliss0522 August 3rd, 2012 05:08 PM

Re: nick names?
We call him Kenny, Little man, Kenny man, and handsome. Kenneth means handsome :)

ElizMommy August 3rd, 2012 09:09 PM

Re: nick names?
We call Alexis sweet pea

skyj03 August 3rd, 2012 10:36 PM

We usually call danika "dani" my parents call her angel or my mom calls her by her middle name sometimes

Bookish August 4th, 2012 07:57 PM

Re: nick names?
Her name is Sara.
Family calls her Sara Grace, DH calls her Little T-Rex, bc she pulls her arms/hands up to her chest and I call her Floppy Head most of the time.

Krisztina August 4th, 2012 11:35 PM

Re: nick names?
We call Evelina Sissy a lot for my son, i call her rosebud-shape of her lips-, hazelnut, but in hungarian (Evelyn meant hazelnut in french in one of the baby name books, and i thought is was cute.)
My SIL calls her Evie, i refer her to as EV in writing, and i call her my angel face ..oh and so much more..lol.
Im curious which one will stick..lol

ohfiddleheads August 5th, 2012 08:12 AM

I call her Miss Magoo, Sweetheart, Monkey, goof and baby a lot.

laloda August 6th, 2012 04:41 PM

Re: nick names?
His name is Isaiah Raymond and his "official" nickname is Izzy Ray. I also call him Baby, Baby Burrito (after I swaddle him), and Frankenstein because his arms always shoot out straight in front of him. I also call him Shaky Head because of the way he tries to latch on sometimes.

Daddy calls him Son.

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