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amberj90 October 20th, 2013 08:27 PM

Cough Syrup
I want to first say that I can't stand taking medicine. I don't take it or give it to Ethan or even my husband unless it is absolutely necessary. Nor do I like to go to the doctor for every little sniffle. The past few days Ethan has been teething like crazy. He has had a runny nose, fussy, swollen gums and a cough. He got like this once before back in like May during teething so I'm pretty sure that's all it is. I hate seeing him suffer that way, but obviously OTC meds are out of the question for his age. I was at the store earlier with my mom and she was getting my dad some Sinus medicine when we came across some stuff called Zarbees. It is an all-natural, drug free and alcohol free cough suppressant. There are a couple different versions, one is for children under 1 that does not use honey, and the other is for ages 1 and up that does. I got one that said it relieved cough and mucus. I looked at the ingredients and there is nothing on there that I can't pronounce, which made me feel better. I asked the pharmacist about it and she said it was completely safe. I gave it to him when we got home and his coughing instantly stopped. It said you could take it every 4 hours, but instead I waited till bedtime and gave him another dose. When I went to check on him earlier there was no sign of congestion when he breathes. I am extremely happy with this cough syrup and definitely recommend it to any mom who has a baby or toddler that is having problems with a runny nose or persistent cough.

BlessedMommyx October 21st, 2013 12:36 AM

Re: Cough Syrup
Good to know thanks!!
I don't like using medicines much either. I've used baby Motrin when McKinley has had a high grade fever and her infant teething wasnt bad, it wasn't until recently when shes been getting her molars and currently now her eye teeth that shes been in pain so I try and wait until she is absolutely need something and will give her Tylenol but is half the recommended dose. But I've only ever given her meds a few times.
She had her first cough last month along with a stuffy nose and I didn't even use any oral meds. In the child's medicine section at target I found a baby Vicks plug in vapor. I plugged it in the wall and it has a little dial on the side so you can control the amount of Vicks vapors being released and it was the best thing ever invented. I'll be using it for anyone in the house who has a cough or stuffy nose because we all know nighttime is the worst when sick, and this baby Vicks plug in was amazing.

amberj90 October 21st, 2013 08:11 PM

Re: Cough Syrup
I've used baby vicks before. I get the off brand from Wal-Mart and I read to rub a thin layer on the bottom of their feet to help with coughing. I knew they made vapor pads for the humidifier, but had no idea about the plug in one. That would be amazing. I always forget about Target lol. I will have to make a point to go check for one.

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