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babymama10 March 16th, 2014 01:42 AM

Update on me. UPDATE 3/19
Hello ladies,
I miss you all. I wanted to take a second to update. I am doing better. I am still resting in bed but am getting stronger. I have been able to eat food . Baby is doing well so far. Baby is due the first week in October. I am rounding my 11th week and still have all day sickness pretty bad. Zofran is not working at all anymore. Any ideas ladies? I did the sea bands, pregopops, and all the normal wise tails.
So ready to feel better.
My daughter had her baby one week ago. I was able to stand and be her coach and watch my beautiful 8.8. lbs 20 1/2 inch granddaughter come into the world very easily and perfect.She is staying here for now with us and my husband is in love with this beautiful baby as we all are.Its wonderful to have us all focus on her and not old sick mommy. As soon as her and her husbands place is ready she will be moving out and my 2 year old grandson to.It will be hard for us.
I just wanted to say, "Hello." I miss you all. I hope everyone is well and babies to. Am I missing any news here? I am not on the Facebook group. It seems so slow around here.
Take care. I check in daily but pretty much don't have anything to type.

UPDATE: Was in the E.R. last night for a lot of bleeding. I went in and they did the usual bloodwork and an ultrasound. Baby looks fantastic. They bumped me up a week for my due date. I am due Oct 7. They did an exam and everything looks normal. The placenta had a blood clot behind it two weeks ago and last night its totally gone and healed. :) However he said it could be left over blood in my uterus, but who knows? I can't believe all is well. I have to follow up with my ob. It was a good amount of bright red blood and cramps. I was prepared for the worst. I pray it doesnt happen again. It brought back memories of my other mc. But they were a lot earlier. I am going into my 12th week. I have to check . My due date and the date of my weeks of how far I am supposed to be don't match up. They keep bumping up my due date. I have had 4 ultra sounds, 3 for pregnancy while I was admitted in hospital and then yesturday.And the other for kidney stones and stomach.

Jinnah March 16th, 2014 10:09 AM

Re: Update on me.
So glad to hear your update! I do not know how to help with morning sickness. Usually my morning sickness stemmed from low blood sugar, so eating helped me. Even if it was just the traditional saltines and 7-Up. We've missed you. Even if you don't have much to say, just post how your day is going if you have the energy. I was wondering if you were still around! Glad you are!

yashobo March 19th, 2014 07:32 PM

Re: Update on me. UPDATE 3/19
Great news Sonja. Glad you and baby are doing well. Congrats on your granddaughter's arrival too. What a blessing! I hope the end is in sight with morning sickness for you. Mine disappears immediately after 13 weeks. Hope you feel better soon.

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