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May 9th, 2010, 01:33 PM
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Hi ladies I know I haven't posted here in a while but I thought I'd let ye know I'm back ttc after a long break.

Here is a quick update on me:~
I had my 1st Lap in september where they found Endo I had my 2nd Lap a few weeks later where they removed as much Endo as possible they also removed a cyst on my right ovary and also removed my left tube that was badly twisted and damaged.
I was given the menapause injection for one month and then was put on the BCP.
In Dec I lad a smear test which came back very high since December I have had 2 colposcopy ( very high levels of pre cancer cells) and 2 Leeps.
3 weeks ago I recieved new that I have the all clear All pre Cancer cells are all gone...

So I came off the bcp and this is our 1st cycle in 9 months being able to try using Home insemination. If this cycle is a bust we have IUI planned for next cycle. I'm so excited to be back and hopefully on the way to out BFP...

I hope ye don't mind me popping in here now and again...


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