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hollybug January 8th, 2013 10:25 PM

It's all about Mia!
I've been debating on where to start when I wrote this, I couldn't decide rather to start the day I went into labor or to start with what happened during the week before she arrived. I finally decided that I would start with the week before and then I'll label when I get to the actual delivery so people can skip down to that part and read just that if they like but if you read the whole thing you will see why I decided to include what happened the week before :) This is long so be prepared :)

So I went in to my doctor on Dec 27th for my 37 week appointment and my doctor decided she was going to go ahead and check me since I had DD1 at 38 weeks. Not only that I live in a rural area and I'm an hour away from the hospital. My doctor's office for this reason will, if you know to ask for it they don't advertise this, if you have a history of fast labor and live outside of the town where the hospital is will go ahead and schedule an inducement for you when and if you meet certain things and you are 39 weeks along. So my doctor checks me and the appointment and I'm at 3 cm already. The only requirement I have left to meet is to make it to 39 weeks so the doctor has me schedule my next appointment for Jan 4th and tells me if I make it to then they will schedule a time for me on Jan 5th to be induced since I was going to hit 39 weeks on Jan 5th. So I schedule the appointment and as I'm leaving my doctor tells me she'd be surprised if I even make it to the appointment.

A couple of days later I started feeling contractions, but nothing I was concerned about and went on with my daily life but the next day on the 30th they started getting stronger and I could not time them for the life of me. After debating about it I decide to have my dad and step-mom drive me down to L&D. They check me, I've progressed to 3 and 1/2 cm and so they have me walk around the hospital for a couple of hours and after rechecking me and finding that I'm still at 3 and 1/2 cm my doctor decided to go ahead and send me home saying she thought I'd have enough time to make it back to the hospital and reassured me that I couldn't time the contractions because I was having a mixture of "long" ones that lasted about 90 seconds and "short" ones that lasted about 30 to 40 seconds and that I would just have to go off my gut feeling and how painful the contractions were. She tells me that it would most likely be anytime in the next couple of days but she was leaning more on Jan 1 or 2nd than Dec 31st.

My sister was planning on coming down to be with me for labor and to help me out with DD1 so on New Years Eve, the next day, she decides based off what the doctor had said the day before, to do some last minute things at her house she needed to do and make the 6 hour drive to my house. I was in a lot of pain but I made it through New Years Eve but by the afternoon of New Years Day I was extremely miserable so my sister and I head back to the hospital. They check me and the nurse couldn't hide the surprise in her voice when she tells me I'm still at 3 1/2 cm. She calls my doctor in and while I'm waiting for my doctor to arrive they have me walk around the hospital again and at this point they are telling me I'm stuck and they are hoping maybe walking around will get me unstuck and I'll have progressed by the time my doctor gets there. When my doctor gets there she tells me that since I'm only at 38 weeks, I have to get to 4 cm on my own before the hospital rules will let her do anything to help me. She explained that once I hit 4 cm it was no longer called an "induction" but something else and that was allowed at 38 weeks. So I'm crossing my fingers cause I'm in a lot of pain and my doctor checks me and I haven't progressed at all. My doctor tells me she's going to try streching things and was going to have me walk around for a couple of hours again and see if that will help. So she does this and I walk more and she checks me again and nothing has happened I'm still stuck at 3 1/2 cm. At this point my doctor is poking around up there to see why I'm stuck because I'm showing really strong and long contractions on the machine and I'm obvisiouly in pain, (I want to note she didn't do anything without telling me first and explaining why she was doing it) and then she tells me that she thinks the reason I am stuck is because my water bag is right between my cervic and the baby's head and that while I'm having contractions and the baby is in position, my water is obsorbing it all and making me stay stuck at 3 1/2. At this point there is nothing she can do, but she does give me a pain killer and tells me she is hoping that once it wears off it will help "kick start" things back into motion then sends me home.

By Jan 3rd I'm beyound miserable and in tons of pain and just plain pissed off because I can't explain it but I knew I was still stuck. By the afternoon my sister was getting to where she would ask me every 10 mins if I wanted her to take me down to L&D and it was just pissing me off more because like I said I just knew I was still stuck and that I would be sent home. After a couple of hours of my sister asking me, after I kept telling her to just drop it I would let her know, I snapped and told her fine if she wanted to waste her gas money then lets go but after they sent me back home she wasn't to ask me again about going to the hospital that she couldn't even mention it unless I said something. So my sister called one of my friends and tells her we are going to drop DD1 and my nephew off at her house and go to the hospital. When we get there the nurse checks me and sure enough I'm still stuck and the same point I had been at all week. She goes to suggest I walk but I told her I wasn't going to, it was pointless it hadn't worked all week why would it work now, that I'd just wait for my appointment the next afternoon and let my doctor schedule the time on the 5th to induce me but if she could just call my doctor and ask if I could have another pain killer that would be great (ok I'm cleaning that up a little bit but that was the jist of what I said) So the nurse leaves and a while later comes back with another pain killer for me and after I take it I go home. Lets just say the hour ride home my sister got a longer version of what the nurse got.

The next day on the 4th my appointment isn't until about almost 4 in the afternoon but my sister keeps her word and doesn't mention anything about going to the hospital and just does the best she can keeping the kids entertained since I can bearly move from the couch. By 2:30 I can't take it anymore and I tell my sister let's go ahead and leave for my appointment and maybe they will see me a little early. So she gets the kids in the car, we were taking them with us so DD1 could hear the heartbeat one more time since she always looked forward to days I had appointments when she wasn't in school so she could hear her little sister's heartbeat. We made plans with a cousin to take the kids if some miracle had happened and I was finally unstuck and left. We got to the appointment about 30 mins early and they went ahead and saw me. After they hear the heartbeat, my sister takes DD1 and my nephew back out to the lobby to plan while my doctor checks me and gives me instructions for the inducement. She checks me and I have finally, FINALLY, reached 4 cm. After talking about it with my doctor we decide to go ahead and just wait until the next morning, I did this for DD1 so that way she would be close to home and be able to be at her best friend's house like was planned instead of at my cousin's house that she doesn't know very well. So the doctor tells me to call L&D at 7 in the morning just to make sure there is a room (The L&D here only has 4 rooms so for an inducement you have to call just to make sure there is a room) and then to head down to the hospital. While its scheduled as an inducement, since I'm now at 4 cm it is technically not one. Not only that my doctor still believes it is my water that is making me stuck so she tells me when I get there I will get my epidural and then she will just break my water and that will solve the problem and things will go quickly after that. She then tells me though that if I decide at any point that night I can't take the pain any more to go ahead and come back down to L&D and she would have me admitted and we would go with the same plan.

Labor and Delivery

We head back to my house, I have had everything pretty much ready to go all week but I'm just mentally going over everything and talking with DD1 to make sure she hasn't unpacked anything and so forth. I call one of my friends, DD1's best friend's mom, and tell her how the appointment went and she tells me if DD1 wants to she could go ahead and spend the night so that way if I do decide to go down to L&D later that night DD1 wouldn't have to be woken up. So I ask DD1 and of course she wants to (what almost 6 year old girl doesn't want to spend the night with their best friend lol) so I tell my friend that after dinner we would bring DD1 and my nephew over. Then it dawns on my that DD1 goes back to school on Monday, the 7th. She has to take a healthy snack every day and normally takes a lunch also and we have none of that stuff at my house since it's been Christmas break. My sister was planning on making sure DD1 got to school and everything on Monday, but there wasn't going to be time to go shopping before Monday since I was going to be in the hospital all weekend. So when we get back to the town I live in we run over to the grocery store to pick up lunch stuff and snacks since that is all that is left to be ready. We are at the grocery store for probably 30 mins by the time we get to the check out counter and I'm leaning over the shopping cart. As the lady is checking out the people in front of us I tell my sister that after we feed the kids dinner and take them to my friend's house we need to just head right back down to the hospital. I then tell DD1 that when the lady asked for my rewards card or phone number she needs to tell her my phone number cause Mommy is hurting to much. So it's our turn I'm litterally leaning on the counter as DD1 tells her my number and then my sister is throwing stuff in bags and into the cart. The lady goes "Are you in labor?" And I go "Yup, I'm pretty sure I'm not stuck any more" and she goes "But you have nothing for school for DD1 on Monday right?" I go how did you know and she goes oh I was doing exactly what you are doing now only about 3 years ago. I pay for everything she congrats me and we leave, get the kids fed and dropped off and head to the hospital.

I called ahead and let them know I was coming and that I would be there in about an hour and to go ahead and call my doctor so she would be there when I got there. So we get to the hospital at about 7:30 pm and I'm in tons of pain because there is no break between contractions. The whole time "between" contractions my back and down there are in pain. My doctor checks me, I'm still at 4 which is what I was at when I was at her office, but she admits me and orders the epidural, which you all know takes all sorts of time to do all this. There is another girl in labor there at the same time (remember its a rural area) and she is further along then me so when the nurse tells the guy doing the epidurals the doctor forgot to tell the nurse that I have fast labor. She just told him what we are both at. The nurse comes in my room and tells me as soon as he is done giving the epidural to the other girl he will be in to give me mine. I'm fine for now, when they hooked up the iv and did the blood they gave me a shot of something to help take the edge off the contractions and I'm now having "breaks" between the pain. About 9:30 the edge is gone however and I'm demanding my epidural, and the nurse leaves to check on it and comes back and says he is almost done I guess there had been problems with the other girl. My doctor comes in then and checks me and I'm now at 8 cm. Let's just say freaking out is putting things mildly because as soon as I hear I'm at 8 I'm yelling at them because I had always been told you couldn't have an epidural after 7 cm. My doctor tells me she is still going to let me get the epidrual and she sends the nurse out and tells her that she needs to tell the guy that even if he is still having problems with the other girl he needs to come in here now and give me mine and the nurse runs out.

My sister told me this later, but she had been outside smoking and a friend of mine who was in the room with me texted her and told her to get back now cause I was at 8. She came back in a few minutes after the nurse came back saying he just got the other girl's hooked up and she he is on his way over. My sister said that she passed the guy in the hall and he was literally throwing things onto his cart for me and cursing the nurse because she had failed to mention that I had fast labor and that if he had known I had fast labor he would had given me mine first. Anyway I get my epidural and my doctor waits for it to kick in and at 10 pm she breaks my water. By this point my dad and step mom had arrived and my dad asks my doctor if she thought the baby would be born on the 4th or the 5th. My doctor tells my dad sicne it's only 10 pm and i'm already at 8 and they just broke my water she thought the baby would be here before midnight. At 10:30 pm my doctor checks me and I'm still at 8. At 11 pm she checks me again and I'm at 9 cm. At 11:30 I'm between 9 and 10. I'm no longer in pain and we all are joking around and after this check my doctor tells me it's all her fault now, the baby was going to stay in there until after midnight just to prove her wrong since she had told my dad and everyone else in the room that she would be born before midnight.

Sure enough at 5 after midnight I'm ready to push and start pushing. Mia arrived at 12:30 am on Jan 5th. Everything went smoothly, I didn't even tear. She weighed 6 lbs 6 oz and was 18 in long.

I find it funny that on Dec 27th it was decided if I made it that long I would be induced on Jan 5th and after everything I was put through that next week she was born on Jan 5th, but on her own terms. That's why I debated about adding the first part or not :)

I would post pictures but I don't know how to do that.

LilHerndon January 9th, 2013 08:55 AM

Re: It's all about Mia!
Great story! Even with the long term pain and epi difficulties, sounds like a successful labor! Congrats!

MelibearMom January 9th, 2013 09:21 AM

Re: It's all about Mia!
Holy crap!!! That is a crazy birth story! I don't think I could've done it. Great job! I'm glad it all worked out in the end and that you have a healthy baby! My birthday is Jan. 5 too! It's a great day for a birthday!

MIL2lissy8 January 9th, 2013 03:45 PM

Re: It's all about Mia!
WOW!!!! that is some story. congrats.

kbpeanut January 14th, 2013 10:34 AM

Re: It's all about Mia!
Holy birth story batman! Congratulations!! x

Jules_loves_beaches January 16th, 2013 06:50 AM

Re: It's all about Mia!
Congrats! You are a strong woman to go through days of labor! Glad you were able to get your epi!

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