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joellejello March 12th, 2013 11:58 AM

Taylor Joelle's arrival
Yes, it's taken me a REALLY long time to get around to writing this up. I suck at multitasking :) This got REALLY long, and I'll likely go back and add details as I remember them.

I was due on January 28th, and really really ticked when I woke up that day with not a single sign of impending labor. The only good thing about going to work was that I didn't have to drive an hour away, my boss wanted me to work out of the corporate office since it was only 10 minutes from home and the hospital. I think they were afraid of me having the baby there or something, LOL. So I went to work. miserable, but functional.

Same thing on the 29th. I'm never going to have this baby.

On the 30th, I woke up at 4:15 am with a painful contraction. YES!!!! I went to the bathroom and laid back down, hoping that this wasn't a one and done deal. About 15 minutes later another came. woohoo! So I got on my phone to check out the contraction timers on my pregnancy apps. They all sucked. So I downloaded an actual contraction timer and started timing them at about 5am. I got super excited when I saw they were about 8 minutes apart and 45 seconds long. I let DH know that I thought these were the real deal and I wasn't going to work today. I also sent a text to my mom and sisters letting them know that things were finally happening. And just be ready (mom was driving 2 hours to be there, and my sister was photographing it).

So naturally after that, they spaced out to 10-12 minutes, still about 45-50 seconds. Then they just got more and more irregular, I'd go 20 minutes, but it would last over a minute, then the next would b 6 minutes and only 30 seconds, by 9am they had settled at about 15 minutes apart and I got frustrated and got out of bed and stopped timing for a while. Around 11 I finally felt like they were getting closer again, and when I started timing they were 7-8 minutes, but only 30 seconds long. So that's the theme of the rest of the morning/afternoon. They would get closer together, but be too short and not as intense, then they would space out and be longer and VERY intense. Mom wanted to know whether she should leave work to come up, my SIL was shopping in a town about an hour away and wanted to know if she should come to us or head home (an hour from her but 2 from us). I didn't know WHAT to tell them. I had no idea what would happen or when, my body was obviously teasing me. Mom decided to stay at work and head up after she got off (assuming things hadn't fizzled out by then) and SIL decided to keep shopping a while longer and see what happened.

Around 3pm, the contractions spaced out even further, about 25 minutes, but very long and painful. I just wanted to cry at this point. So I got in the shower hoping that would jumpstart things again. It didn't. I laid down to try to get some rest. So naturally they came closer together again, because rest, no, not happening. My sister (who is due in April) was having a 3D ultrasound after work, which mom just happened to get to town in time to go to. Which is cool :) So she picked up dinner on her way to our house, and SIL got there about the same time. We all ate, Sean was super happy to see grandma and aunt Angie, he just wanted someone to play with :)

At this point in the evening, contractions were soooo irregular. I go 4 minutes between, but only 35 seconds long, then 8 minutes and 50 seconds long, then 10 minutes and over a minute long. They would NOT regulate, and I was getting whiney. Mom was trying to get me to go to bed and rest, SIL was mostly playing with Sean, but getting a little annoying by asking if they were closer/more intense ever 5 minutes. DH was annoying me because he just played video games all night. Ugh. At least mom was trying to help me through the contractions. OH, I forgot the best part, I was having back labor again. LUCKY ME. I'm pretty sure she wasn't posterior, she hadn't been at any appointments, and getting on my hands and knees and rocking was making all the pain WAY worse. So I'm thinking my body is just set up for back labor. fun.

Anyway, around 10:30 I went to bed. The contractions keep coming 7-12 minutes apart, and just so painful that I'm in tears. Around midnight I was so frustrated that I got up and decided to take a hot bath, hoping it would help with the pain or stop these stupid contractions. Well, it did something. Almost as soon as I got in the tub, my contractions got about 4 minutes apart and 50 seconds to a minute 20 long. And they kept up. And got so painful that I was literally shaking from the intensity. I yelled to DH that it was time to go to the hospital! yay! BUT OMG OUCH! These things were 2-4 minutes apart, and a minute and a half long. So no real break in between it seemed. DH had to help me out of the tub because of the shaking. I had him go wake up my mom while I got dressed, SIL was staying with Sean. So based on when I stopped timing things on my app, we were off to the hospital at about 1:20 am.

Naturally, we hit every single red light on the way there. At 1:20 am on a Thursday morning. Thanks karma, what did I do to you? Thankfully it's not far. We got to the hospital and pulled up to the mom drop off area. Aaaaaand we couldn't figure out how to get in. yeah. They put the buzzer off to the side with no sign on it, but there's a sign just inside the door that we could see that says all visitors must go through security with an arrow to the right. So DH goes around the building that way. I'm contracting so I don't follow. He comes back practically freaking out because there's no door that way. Yeah, hon, we go in here, buzz us in. We finally get in, and they take us to triage. It felt like it took forever for a nurse to come back and check me so we could get taken back to a room. I'm sure it wasn't too long, just felt like it. I could hear the triage attendant tell someone that my contractions were about 2 minutes apart. So I get checked and I'm a 5-6 already. woohoo! We're having this baby today!

They wheel me back to my room, I'm sure if anyone was trying to sleep, I woke them up. I was a bit vocal by this point. I was also kicking the crap out of the foot rests on the wheelchair. It's just what felt good. hehe. They get us to the room (room 1234, loved that btw), and they are asking me all kinds of questions, what's my weight, what was it before pregnancy, yadda yadda. They are calling my midwifie to let her know. They got things set up and got me into the bed to check me again, I'm at an 8 now. wow, going fast! I managed to squeak out that I'm GBS positive, and I think that freaked the nurse out a bit, they were having some trouble getting the IV going. So they called someone more specialzed (?) in to do that, and they got it going in between the knuckles of my right hand. whatever. they got me one dose of the antibiotics, and wheeled me down to the room with the birthing tub. :) I gotta say, with how fast things were going now, and how much pain I was in, and how incoherent I think I was, the nurses there were awesome. just awesome. So accommodating to the natural waterbirth that I wanted. Cheering me on. They even said my cursing and random outbursts were funny. I was seriously a potty mouth. I also threw things (like wet rags, nothing that would hurt anyone) (and I warned them I might).

So I have no idea what time we got to the tub room, maybe 2:30? I know they told me that my midwife was on her way. They asked if I had anything I wanted to wear in the tub, crap, I left my tank top back in the room. So mom went to get that, and they said I could just leave the robe on if I wanted until she got back with my tank top, but I think I was already throwing that off and climbing into the tub naked in front of all of the people in there. I had no shame, I did not care who saw what or how fat I looked. Whatever, get me in the tub and no, I do not want a heavy wet robe on in the tub.

I wish I could say that the water took away all the pain. But with the back labor, it just didn't. It felt good, especially between contractions. But I was still shaking during contractions. I was also losing my ability to focus during contractions. My midwife still wasn't there, so they got the on-call doc notified. I let them know that my body was starting to push, I couldn't do anything about it (holy cow, that really happens ya'll!!) So they checked me again and I was about 9 3/4 they said. I asked if it was ok that my body was pushing, and they assured me it was. ok then. midwife still wasn't there so the on-call doc came in. Yeah. First thing out of his mouth? "I don't know why she's in the tub, it's so much easier in a bed." ***? really? And he kept it up, talking about me working against my body, how this wasn't HIS choice, just over and over again. He was down by my feet, it was really really hard for me to resist the urge to kick him in the face. Although, honestly, I think everyone in the room would have cheered if I did. I kept it pretty tame though, just giving him the death glare. WHAT KIND OF DOCTOR DOES THAT??

THANK GOD my midwife showed up then. Kick the jackhole doctor out. My midwife asked if this was the position I wanted to be in (I was pretty much laying back in my DH's arms in the tub), but I told her I couldn't move, and no other position I had tried felt good. So that's how I stayed. By this point I'm actively pushing with some contractions, but I was a bit out of control of myself and was having a little trouble focusing my efforts on pushing. The f word came out a lot. At least my midwife was able to bring me back to myself and get me pushing correctly. Oh, and the ring of fire. My entire crotch was on fire and felt like it was being ripped off. The only thing that made me WANT to push, and have that pain, was knowing that THAT pain, meant she was coming out, and all that OTHER pain would go away once she came out. So I used that to make myself push. I actually felt my water break at this point. That was actually kind of cool. So then I pushed with all my might and soon my midwife said her head was out. So I managed to relax (ha!) until the next contraction and pushed as hard as I could and Taylor was born!! 3:27 AM on 1/31, after 23.25 hours of labor and only about 2 hours after we left the house to go to the hospital :)

The most amazing thing. As she was immediately brought up to my chest, all the pain was gone. GONE. And this was the easiest recovery.

Don't mind the quality of this photo, it's a phone pic of a screenshot of a picture my sister took, she's not done editing.

Still in the tub.

Going home in her cute little hospital hat :)

And here is the video/slideshow my sister put together for me!
Taylor's Birth Video

kbpeanut March 12th, 2013 12:22 PM

Such an awesome story. Thanks for sharing! (I still haven't finished mine yet !)

nursingmama March 12th, 2013 04:09 PM

Re: Taylor Joelle's arrival
great story! what an *** that dr was, glad your midwife showed up in time :)
and yeah when your body decides to push there is NO stopping it, I dont even know why drs even bother telling women to stop pushing. Ive been told that with both labors and both times I just wanted to scream lol

Your baby girl is beautiful!

Genipher March 12th, 2013 07:39 PM

Re: Taylor Joelle's arrival
That's funny that the doctor thought the birth was about him. Of COURSE it wasn't his choice! And how would he know what's easier (bed vs. water) since I'm assuming he's never given birth? What an idiot.

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