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mommy220 July 15th, 2013 03:09 PM

Eva Louise Born 7/6
I was 12 days overdue and had an induction planned for Friday 7/5 at 4pm. I was terrified of being induced because I labored naturally last time and wanted to again. I had been having stronger contractions all day on 7/4 and that night into the next day. I had been losing my mucous plug too. This is exactly how labor started with my daughter so I knew it was a matter of hours before my body got serious. I had painful contractions for a few days before I went into full blown labor with her. So, when I arrived at the hospital Friday I told my doctor that I felt my body was close to going into labor in it's own. I was still having contractions they just were not consistently getting closer. He gave me three options: 1. go home (although he said he really didn't want me to as I was already 12 days overdue), 2. break my water if I was dilated enough, 3. induce me using the cervadil (if not dilated any more) and then pitocin. We talked about breaking my water and he said how it was a time clock to 24 hours and if I did not progress he would have to start pitocin around 1 or 2 am. I decided to go with breaking my water. He checked me and I was 3cm (I had been 1-2 for a week) so he said he would try. It took him a few times and he finally was able to break it. It felt weird to have my belly slowly deflate. Last time, my water was broken when I was in active labor about to push so I don't really remember. The water was moderately filled with meconium so he said a pediatrician would need to be present at birth in case baby should aspirate it. He suggested I walk the halls and keep moving. He said he would check me at 1 or 2am to see if there was progress.

My husband and I walked the halls for an hour or so. My contractions were immediately 2-3 minutes apart consistently. My husband decided to go get himself some dinner before things started to pick up. When he returned, the contractions started getting stronger and stronger and so I didn't think I could walk the halls anymore. They said I could go in the tub but baby had to be monitored for a continuous 20 minutes first. This was the beginning of 2 HOURS stuck to the monitor! Eva was moving so much that she kept losing the heartbeat and having to start over to get a continuous 20 min strip on the monitor. I was having painful contractions having to breath through at this point. I was on the birthing ball leaning over the bed because I had to stay close to the monitor. The nurse had to kneel next to me and hold the monitor in place ready to move it if she lost Eva's heartrate. I was so annoyed at the time because they said I could move around and go in the tub and then I ended up being stuck in one position for over 2 hours. She also kept taking my blood pressure with a cuff that I swear was broken, it was squeezing me so freaking tight that my hand was throbbing and my veins were bugging out, on top of my labor pains. Finally she got a different cuff after torturing me several times! LOL

Finally I was able to get in the tub. My contractions were getting so strong and painful. It was past the point of being able to meditate in the tub. I was barely able to get a break and say on top of them. It seemed that they got so painful so fast. I started shaking a lot and the contractions felt like how they did in transition when I was in labor with my daughter. At this point I felt like it would be hours (from the way the doctor said that he would "check" me at 1 or 2 am) so I started to think I wanted pain medication. I felt dumb because of how I made a big deal of not wanting to be induced because I wanted a natural birth. That was all flying out the window because I felt like I had hours of this to go and I didn't think I could take it. I got out of the tub and the nurse checked me and I was 4-5 so asked for an epidural. She talked to me for a long time about how she thought I was going to go fast. I did not believe her at this point. She said she needed to give my a bag of fluid that would take an hour to go in my iv. I was devastated because 5 minutes felt like an hour with the contractions I was having. My whole body was convulsing. I felt like I was stuck being tortured, the pain was worse than with my dd I swear because it seemed like the really excruciating contractions started sooner and lasted longer. Maybe I just don't remember though. So, I had her start the fluid and then I said I would decide after it was full. I could tell the nurse was trying to stall so I could have a natural birth because she knew I wanted it but I was so desperate for relief. I started puking violently and shaking so bad. After about 20 minutes of having the fluid, she checked me again and I was 8cm!! I couldn't believe it. The doctor came in and they both said that there was no point in getting an epidural because I would be probably ready to push when it came. So I agreed. I couldn't believe I was already 8cm. They said they could give me a 1/2 dose of stadol. I agreed. After I had it, the contractions still felt the same but I was able to calm down between them better and stay on top of them in my breathing. Suddenly I felt like pushing and the nurse checked and I had no cervix left. I couldn't believe it. The doctor came in and they set everything up. This is when it got really painful. With my daughter, the pushing felt almost good, because I could relieve pressure. This time, the pushing felt so painful, I could barely make myself do it because it hurt so bad. It felt like it was taking forever, I kept saying I didn't think it was working. I felt so stuck like I couldn't do it. It was so horrible. They kept telling me to push harder and I was pushing as hard as I could. I was so desperate I just wanted them to cut her out of me! I kept asking if my pushes were doing anything. Finally, her head came out and then her body. I have never been so relieved in my life. They had to take her right away to check her because of the meconium so her cord was cut right away. I am a little disappointed I couldn't do that but they told me before that they probably couldn't. I wasn't going to argue with them about how they could just move the warmer closer. Finally, they handed her to me after wrapping her all up in a blanket to which I promptly unwrapped her and put her skin to skin. We were with her for a good hour or two hours before they came in and did all the routine infant things. Except for a bath, I asked for no bath. We bathed her the next day when we went home. I did not tear this time which was awesome. The doctor was feeling all around after to see if I did and it hurt so bad I thought for sure I did.

She was born at 1:02am weighing exactly 7lbs. She was 20 inches long. She looks a lot like our daughter but yet different at the same time. Her hair is darker and she has more than our daughter did. Her complexion seems to be darker than her sister also. She is a great baby, only cries when she wants to nurse and even then she just makes little fussing yells. I am biased but I think she is adorable!! Thanks for reading!!

QueenCrafty July 15th, 2013 03:50 PM


mommy220 August 25th, 2013 06:04 AM


4hearts August 25th, 2013 05:44 PM

Re: Eva Louise Born 7/6
Congrats!! Wonderful story!

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