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Jodimarie March 2nd, 2014 03:47 PM

Kaiden Leroy 12/26/2013
Birth story of kaiden Leroy, Born 12/26/2013, 7:32 pm, 7 pounds 4 ounces, 21 inches long :)

A week before my due date I was dilated 3 ˝ centimeters and was 60-70% effaced. I had been making great progress since I was 37 weeks and she didnt think I'd make it to my 40th week appointment. Well I did and he made his appearance ON my due date! Lol! That last week I'd been getting more and more contractions and I felt like I did everything to kick start labor to no avail. I bought a yoga ball, ate pineapple, walked, had sex, and ate chocolate (yummy). I'd get consistent contractions for a couple hours but they'd never get painful enough and they'd always go away after I would go to bed. Christmas night after getting home from my family dinner I'd started getting pretty painful contractions, and even though they never got any worse I knew that the next day I'd be having my baby. I just had that feeling.

The next day on my due date, December 26th, I went to my 40 week appointment at 11:30 am. My last one, If I didn't go into labor by January 2nd I'd be getting induced that day. Which I didn't want and I'm so happy I didn't have to lol Anyways at my appointment I was 4 centimeters and 80% effaced! Wow, I didn't know you could go so far and not be in labor yet! After a week of frustration for not going into labor when I thought “for sure” I would have by now, I asked my Dr to do a membrane sweep. It didn't hurt at all, which I was surprised about but it was probably because of how dilated I was. She said I had some “bloody show” and that was a good sign. I made a comment about possibly seeing her later on because she was on call that night lol I was joking at the time but oh how right it turned out to be!

On our way home we stopped at Target because we needed a few things and after walking around for about an hour (yea we take our sweet time lol) I felt a slight gush, looked down and told Chris “I think my water just broke.” We decided to leave our cart full of items and head home to grab out hospital bag. I had to walk out of the store looking like I just peed my pants lol It was pretty embarrassing. Everyone says its very rare to have your water break in public and of course it happened to me lol Chris was a lot calmer than I expected, maybe too calm. He started refilling the cats water dish once we walked in the house! Lol. I'm rushing around trying to gather everything and change into some clean clothes and he's just Mr calm lol I was nervous because I knew how fast you can dilate once your water breaks and I was already so far progressed I didn't want to give birth in the car. I yelled at him to hurry lol. It took about an hour to get our stuff and get to the hospital. We arrived at the hospital at 2 pm.

On our ride to the hospital the contractions started picking up and becoming painful. I hobbled my way into the hospital and being a trooper I didn't use a wheelchair :) We got upstairs and immediately were taken to a room. I changed, got onto bed and the nurse hooked me up. My contractions were 3 minutes apart already! And boy were they painful! I asked her when was the soonest I could get an epidural and she told me I could at anytime :) Thank goodness! But before that she did that swab test to make sure my water really broke. I got nervous because after a few minutes she told me the line wasn't showing up! OMG! I asked her if they would send me home if it showed a negative and she said she didn't know...I started panicking and thoughts raced through my head about having to go home and giving birth in my apartment.. I KNEW my water broke.. I told her I'd get my soaked pants from home and show her if she needed lol She believed me I was just scared they'd make me go home. Finally she said the lines showed up, PHEW! And she ordered my epidural :)

The anesthesiologist showed up pretty fast, thank god, I was getting super uncomfortable. Contractions are no joke! It wasn't painful getting an epidural, just some weird pressure. I remember thinking about how long it was taking and for him to hurry up before the next contraction lol I always thought I would try and have a natural birth but OMG contractions are too painful for me lol and it wasn't even as bad as they could have gotten yet. Epidurals are WONDERFUL! I had ZERO pain afterward which I didn't expect because she told me no pain wasn't realistic before I had gotten it. (They asked me what my pain scale expectations were for the epi) It was around 3:00 pm after I got my epi and she decided to check me. I was 7 cm dilated. The epidural made me really sleepy and after Chris brought in all the stuff we both decided to take a nap. He took a nap but for some reason I couldn't fall asleep. It was probably because I was getting really nervous about the pushing phase lol My nurse left and a new nurse was starting her shift, she was really nice. We had got to talking and I mentioned my infertility, she told me she knows all about the struggles with that because she was struggling with it too. She had just did IVF and the next day she was going in to get her HCG levels checked! I still wonder if she got pregnant, I hope she did :) She checked me at 5:00 pm and I was 9 cm dilated! They thought I was going to need pitocen after my epidural because my contractions slowed down once I got my IV put in but it looked like I wouldn't need it! Oh boy was a getting reeeally nervous now! At 6:00 pm I was dilated to a 10 but she had me “labor down” because he wasn't low enough to start pushing. She said she'd check on me in 30-60 minutes but to let her know sooner if I felt more pressure. It was about an hour later and I had been feeling more pressure so I had Chris go get the nurse for me. Chris was an awesome birth partner, he was comforting and made sure I had everything I needed. He would even move my legs around for me because I couldn't lift them lol My nurse checked me again, he was much lower and it was time to push!! She called my Dr and told her to head over, It was going to be about a 25 minute drive for her to get there. We started pushing while my Dr was on her way. At one point the nurse told me to grab my legs and push, Once I did she said “Whoa!! Ok put your legs down!” LOL! Apparently I was a super good pusher. He was coming fast. We just did little pushes until my Dr arrived.

My nurse noticed maconium in the amniotic fluid and had to call special care (I think that's what it was called) in for his birth. They didn't want him to inhale it and had to get him suctioned right away. As soon as she did my Dr was walking in the door. Once my Dr arrived it only took two contractions and at 7:32 pm Kaiden Leroy was born. He was placed on my chest and Chris cut his cord but was immediately taken away because he wasn't crying like they wanted him to. My Dr said the cord was looped once loosely around his neck. They suctioned him and got him to start crying. He was doing great! He weighed 7 pounds 4 ounces and was 21.5 inches long! Chris took a ton of great pictures and it wasn't long before he was placed in my arms and in our hearts forever <3 His birth was completely painless and I didn't tear at all. I hope my next childrens births are the same lol!

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