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Briar08 October 11th, 2012 10:48 AM

mamaginger (Ginger) and Briar08 (Jenna)
Hey Ginger, just saw your update, thought I would pop in and make us a thread.

How you feeling? I know everything is pretty scary right now. But I'm here if you wanna talk about it.

mamaginger October 11th, 2012 12:19 PM

Re: mamaginger (Ginger) and Briar08 (Jenna)
I feel ok. Right now the biggest thing bothering me is my lower back and hip on the right side. I'm stretching and doing epsom salt baths but nothing seems to help. I kind of over did it taking Denton to a "field trip" in the woods on Monday and then walking around target for an hour the next day registering. :/. I think I just made some muscles really sore or something. I'm repeating the urinalysis today so that's always fun filled. Lol. It's my moms 60th birthday today so I'm having everybody over. My brother is cooking. Me and Dent are about to make a cake. :)

So are you still having m/s?

Briar08 October 11th, 2012 04:42 PM

Re: mamaginger (Ginger) and Briar08 (Jenna)
Yea. Its so not fun.

My mum is in townn today. She was supposed to be here at 4:30 for dinner. Its almost 7pm and no mum. Typical of her tho. I am always SO stressed when she is here. I just wanna run and hide.

mamaginger October 11th, 2012 09:03 PM

Re: mamaginger (Ginger) and Briar08 (Jenna)
Omg.. I can't believe you're still sick! Ugh! Lol...I know...family...my sister really kind of ticked me off tonight. She was all dramatic and negative about the specialist my dr referred me to. (She went to her when she was pg a couple years ago. )She was all gloom and doom and then even referred to my baby as "the fetus.". I was like....look jerk....even people I barely know call her MOLLIE. Don't call my baby a fetus!!

mamaginger October 11th, 2012 09:33 PM

Re: mamaginger (Ginger) and Briar08 (Jenna)
Ok I just saw a pic of you and you seriously look like a TEENager!!! Aren't you close to 40???! No way!!!

Briar08 October 12th, 2012 09:23 AM

Re: mamaginger (Ginger) and Briar08 (Jenna)
LOL, I love you!

Yep, I turned 35 last week. My son gets mistaken for my boyfriend all the time bc he looks 20, and I dont look much older.

My BFF is 38 and she looks like she is 19/20ish too. Must be the water here.

My mum never showed last night. I let the kids eat her dinner. She is supposed to be here before 11:00, its already 11:30. And I'm sure she will want me to drive her all over the place. She already asked if I could drive her into a large town north of us (2 hour round trip) bc when she was here last time she skipped out on a Drs appt with my BF (my BF is the dr). So now she wants to "Stop by and see if he will see me".

Ugh. I'm gonna have 50 new grey hairs by tonight.

I am seriously thinking your SIL is incredably rude! Who refers to their neice as a fetus???????

I think maybe the doctor put her in her place...so now she has a hate on for him/her. I'm sure you are in good hands.

My youngest son is trying out a Tap class tonight. He does ballet and Hip Hop, but he was told by one of our male teachers (just graduated from uni with a degree in dance) said that the ballet school my son wants to go to (National Ballet School of Canada) does 2 types of ballet. One my son is training in, the other is a faster paced style that doesnt use the arms (port a bras). He suggested Aidin try Tap.

Thats the plan for today.

mamaginger October 12th, 2012 03:29 PM

Re: mamaginger (Ginger) and Briar08 (Jenna)
Ok sorry for the "close to 40" comment. I thought I saw somewhere that you said you were 38 but that mustve been somebody else. STILL...you're looking 15 to me!

Yeah, I just did a whole long rant in my journal about my sister and my dad....and a few other things....lol

Hmm...hate to hear your mom is so undependable. :/ Hope your son likes the new class! :)

Briar08 October 13th, 2012 11:11 AM

Re: mamaginger (Ginger) and Briar08 (Jenna)
LOL, dont worry about the 40 comment. I dont offend easily...or really at all :)

Briar08 October 15th, 2012 10:48 AM

Re: mamaginger (Ginger) and Briar08 (Jenna)
How was your appt today?

mamaginger October 15th, 2012 04:14 PM

Re: mamaginger (Ginger) and Briar08 (Jenna)
i guess u saw my post :)

mamaginger October 19th, 2012 09:25 PM

Re: mamaginger (Ginger) and Briar08 (Jenna)
Hows everything going DDB? :)

Briar08 October 23rd, 2012 09:25 AM

Re: mamaginger (Ginger) and Briar08 (Jenna)
Not so good actually. At my last appt they found some bacteria that could indicate that I have beenn leaking amniotic fluid. The risk is pre term labour. So, I am seriously rattled. I'm supposed to get a follow up call Wednesday after the lab work is done telling me what to do.

On top of that, it was my dads birthday yesterday. I miss him so much lately.

But, I'm trying to stay positive. The kids did a huge Halloween exhibition dance on Saturday and this Friday we leave for our Comp/Convention. I will have my 18 year old withh me in case anything goes wrong...but I am sure it will be fine.

How are you?

Briar08 October 31st, 2012 01:40 PM

Re: mamaginger (Ginger) and Briar08 (Jenna)
I thought I would post a couple pictures from this weekend

mamaginger November 20th, 2012 03:27 PM

Re: mamaginger (Ginger) and Briar08 (Jenna)
Gosh! I'm so sorry I've been MIA and haven't even seen this!! I'm a terrible DDB!

So what's the latest on the bacteria or anything else going on?

What happened to your dad?

I'd love to see your pics from the Halloween thing!

I've been doing good. BP has been good and protein has gone down. Mollie is breach but other than that, she's perfect. She weighed 3 lbs 13 oz last week. :) I had to repeat the 24 urine yesterday and had more blood work today. So I'll find out about protein, blood sugar and all that whenever the results come back. I had some other blood work done last week that showed my thyroid levels are still low so they upped my meds for that. My hemoglobin is also still low even though I've finally found a multivitamin I can take...so I have to start iron for that. I've felt a little hormonal lately too. I feel very easily agitated and even a little depressed at times. I'm overwhelmed with lab/dr. bills. A new one for $740 just came today. I cried. :( I also got some statement from my insurance company showing recent activity and what they paid. It said "Amount your provider may bill to you...$1400." :*( I don't understand. I have good insurance. It's so frustrating because it's the only thing in life that you have to just go DO completely unaware of what it will cost you until it's over and done with and you get a bill. It's so unfair. I just want to go lay in the bed and cry. This doesn't even include the 10% we will have to pay for the hospital bill and if she IS born in January, deductibles start all over. I just feel completely overwhelmed with all of it. Ok....whining over.

We went to see the Nutcracker yesterday. :) Well...part of it anyway. They only showed a very abbreviated portion of it...just the different dances but not all of the "scenes"..kwim? But I did learn that Mama Ginger is Mama Ginger! Haha I guess I just never looked at the program but they did a question/answer session since it was for school kids and they said her name (actually it was a HE haha) Anyway.....made me think of you and realize that I haven't checked in for a while....a month basically!! So sorry! I hope you are doing better.

Briar08 November 20th, 2012 07:02 PM

Re: mamaginger (Ginger) and Briar08 (Jenna)
No worries, I saw that you had a bunch of stuff going on.

The bacteria ended up being a mild infection and I feel much better. No bleeding or anything.

My dad passed away March 1st 2011. I miss him so much its almost painful. I also lost my Stepdad March 25th 2012, not even a year ago. So its been a horrible year.

Geez, I'm so sorry you are having so much trouble with the ins and how much they will pay for, reimburse you for. I cant even imagine. It has to be overwhelming to not know how much this pregnancy/birth is going to cost.

That is so unfair. I dont understand deductables, but from what I have read here, it seems like those of us who have babies in Jan are getting the short end of the stick.

could your thyriod be making you agitated? My mum had her thyriod removed and it took a lot of med juggling to get her functional (And I mean that very losely bc my mum is mentally unstable.).

I hope they can get things worked out so you feel more like yourself. ITs hard enough to be pregnant, let alone deal with health issues.

You need a break sweetie. Badly.

Its awesome that you got to see Mama Ginger!! She is my fav character inn Nutcracker. There is no Nut for us this year, however we are doing our community Window Dancing on Saturday (our dancers dance in the stores display windows before the Sanata Claus parade) and they are doing some Nutcracker dances. YDD is an Arabian.....she has lots of contorsion.

Here are the pics I had posted. This is from our ballet comp. YDDs ballet group came in second in the 12 and under catergory. HEr group was the only group under 12 from our studio that competed. ODS (below) group only performed in the recital part, they didnt compete. YDDs group did 1 routine in comp and 2 in the recital portion.



mamaginger November 27th, 2012 06:10 PM

Re: mamaginger (Ginger) and Briar08 (Jenna)
I'm glad you are doing better. Sorry to hear of your losses. I know that must be hard. Cute pics of the kids! Thats great they they got Second place!

I called my insurance company and they said they needed proof that I didn't have other insurance so that's why they weren't paying for stuff. They are supposed to be resubmitting all of my claims so for right now I'm trying to just put it in the back of my mind and hope they go away!

I don't feel as agitated as I did a few days ago but now all three of us have horrible colds. It really started a day or two before Thanksgiving and still today I almost feel worse. I couldn't sleep at all last night so that made for a rough day today. I go to my OB Thursday. I kind of wish it were tomorrow so I could go ahead and be seen for this junk too. I think I may have a sinus infection and bronchitis. I'm so sick of medication and dr visits, and tests and just not feeling good one way or another. I'll be so glad when this baby comes and my body can stop freaking out. I know it will all be worth it but right now I'm nearing the end of my rope with all of it! I wish my ticker said 34 weeks like yours!! haha

Briar08 December 7th, 2012 11:15 AM

Re: mamaginger (Ginger) and Briar08 (Jenna)
Your ticker says 34 weeks now sweetie!

How you feeling?

mamaginger December 7th, 2012 12:49 PM

Re: mamaginger (Ginger) and Briar08 (Jenna)
yep! haha

Briar08 December 14th, 2012 01:12 PM

Re: mamaginger (Ginger) and Briar08 (Jenna)
You are 35 weeks! How are you feeling??

mamaginger December 15th, 2012 01:31 PM

Re: mamaginger (Ginger) and Briar08 (Jenna)
Better now that I'm home. I've had a rough week. I can walk now so that's a plus. I've got appointments this week but the plan is bed rest til 37 weeks and then I'll be induced!

How bout you?

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