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navywifey2003 December 8th, 2012 01:04 PM

June Sprouts Important Dates

1- Nolan's Birthday (SassySami's DS)
2- Jacob's Birthday (overlinmommy17's DS)
3- Jordan's birthday (Gen88's DS)
19- Liliana's Birthday (QueenCrafty's DD)
22- Tim's Birthday (bribugg13's SO)
23- Rebecca (8miraclez)


1-Cheerfulsunrise (Hilary)
20- Rebecca (Becca2581)
22- Kat (zKat)
23- Samantha and Joe's Anniversary (SassySami)
28- Joanne (Joanne Nicole)


1- Kelly's birthday (kellydiane521)
3- Paul's Birthday (PregnantAtLast's SO)
6- SassySami
6- Mike's Birthday (Madison.Hailey.Zack DH)
11- Jess and Alan's Anniversary (mom2lillieaidan)
17- Rochelle (Rochelle7)
20- Bobbie Jo and Justen's Anniversary-Dating (bobbiejo1982)
22- Stephanie and Matt's Anniversary (beatlechicksteph)
27- Amy (hopeful2bmommy)


4- Jocelyn's Birthday (Valerie.June2013's DD)
21- Jess (mom2lillieaidan)
22-Bobbie Jo (bobbiejo1982)
23- Abrielle (QueenCrafty's DD)
23- Brianne (bribugg13)
29- Mason's Birthday (overlinmommy17's DS)
29- Alex's Birthday (Gen88's DH)


3- David's Birthday (navywifey2003's DS)
4- Karen (Karen78)
5- Angie's Birthday (Madison.Hailey.Zack)
6- Tania (sunnydaze)
20- Connor's Birthday (bribugg13's DS)
22- Melissa and Andy's Anniversary (crawmommy)
26- Melissa (crawmommy)
26- Kyle's Birthday (navywifey2003's DH)
27- Valerie (Valerie.June2013)
30- Melissa's Birthday (MissyBee)


10- Angie and Mike's Anniversary (Madison.Hailey.Zack)
14- Lyndsey (navywifey2003)
17- Christy's Birthday (overlinmommy17)
17- Christy and Jimmy's Anniversary (overlinmommy17)
24- Kaydence's Birthday (SassySami's DD)
25- Steph (Steph625)


3- Jordan's Birthday (ashleykathleen's SO)
5- Cooper Lawrence's Birthday (farmfourmama's DS)
7- Jaleigh's Birthday (ashleykathleen's DD)
14- Lillie's Birthday (mom2lillieaidan's DD)
26- Karry (MamaSkunk)
30- TeresaV


4- Trenton's Birthday (QueenCrafty's DH)
8- Alan and Jess's anniversary (mom2lillieaidan)
11- Debra's Birthday (SassySami's DD)
14- Melissa and Mike's Anniversary (MissyBee)
15- Dawn's Birthday (dmreed32)
19- Lyndsey and Kyle's Anniversary (navywifey2003)
22- Everett's Birthday (navywifey2003's DS)
24- edgeofelise
31- Courtney (QueenCrafty)


2- Kyla (Kyla0709)
7- Alex's Birthday (Valerie.June2013's DH)
9- Alan's Birthday (mom2lillieaidan SO)
13- Easton's Birthday (dmreed32's DS)
15- Ashley and Jordan's Anniversary (ashleykathleen)
15- Joe's Birthday (SassySami's DH)
18- Gabriel's Birthday (Valerie.June2013's DS)
24- rcjh12
25- Mike's Birthday (MissyBee's SO)
29- Stephanie (beatlechicksteph)


2- Daniel's Birthday (PregnantAtLast's DS)
8- Courtney and Trenton's Anniversary (QueenCrafty)
11- Brianne and Tim's Anniversary (bribugg13)
12- Madison's Birthday (Madison.Hailey.Zack's DD)
27-Ashley (ashleykathleen)
29- Hailey's Birthday (Madison.Hailey.Zack's DD)
30- Genesis (Gen88)


1- Katelynn's birthday (navywifey2003's DD)
7- Matt's Birthday (beatlechicksteph's SO)
9- Gavin's Birthday (overlinmommy17's DS)
14- Susan (morgankaedenmadisonsmommy)
16- Kiefer's Birthday (ashleykathleen's DS)
24- Ron's Birthday (dmreed32's SO)
24- Emma (PregnantAtLast)
30- Andy's Birthday (crawmommy's DH)


4- Teresa (mom2aidan)
8- Jimmy's Birthday (overlinmommy17's DH)
22- Justen's Birthday (bobbiejo1982's SO)
26- Kiley's Birthday (crawmommy's DD)
26- Eli's birthday (kellydiane521's DS)
31- Dawn and Ron's Anniversary (dmreed32)

farmfourmama December 27th, 2012 10:42 PM

Re: June Sprouts Important Dates
Great work wifey!! :)

livinglifetothefull January 21st, 2013 01:17 AM

Re: June Sprouts Important Dates
Would it be ok for my family's dates to get added please? I know there is a lot of us.

February 20th - my son Luke
February 22nd - my son Adam
March 15th - my daughter Emma
March 23rd - my son Samuel
April 19th - my son Owen
June 14th - my son William
August 27th - mine
September 14th - my daughter Chloe
September 14th - my son Jack
December 5th - mine and Mark's wedding anniversary
December 6th - my husband Mark

Gen88 January 28th, 2013 10:19 PM

Re: June Sprouts Important Dates
I would like our dates added too?

DS Jordan, January 3rd
DH Alex, April 29th
And my birthday October 30th :)

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