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Hopeful2BMommy December 20th, 2012 08:17 AM

food choices
Are you eating the right amount of each food group for pregnancy?

I've been eating healthy, but I'm not sure I'm eating the right amounts.

I'm going to start tracking better.

sunnydaze December 20th, 2012 08:59 AM

Re: food choices
I eat everything but dairy. Dairy turns me off for some reason. But I take vitamins?

MarylandMama December 20th, 2012 09:03 AM

Re: food choices
I have been eating garbage and I know it. I am living on carbs. I feel so awful most if the time that I eat what I can stomach. Same thing happened with DD. Diet got a lot better in second tri, but the sick seems to be lasting longer than it did before. I really hope this doesn't last the whole time...

mommyandwife08 December 20th, 2012 09:27 AM

Re: food choices
We normally eat only real food (no preservatives, grass fed beef, grass fed dairy, real fats, and everything homemade). This pregnancy has really taken a lot out of me though so that has totally not been happening. We have never had so much junk in the house as we did a month ago. The only food I could keep down was pre-made and frozen stuff. It actually grosses me out now thinking about it.
I can't eat meat now unless I never have to see it raw. In every pregnancy my one aversion that I have had in common is raw meat. I am loving fruits and veggies right now though so that is a plus. I know I am not eating everything I should be but I am starting to feel better so I hope I can start eating better soon.

navywifey2003 December 20th, 2012 09:49 AM

Re: food choices
I know I'm not. But it's getting better.

eshute December 20th, 2012 11:17 AM

Re: food choices
It's hard because I work second shift (2-10) so I sleep usually until 10am, get a shower, and end up eating breakfast at lunchtime. Then I eat supper at work which is usually not the best stuff and then I eat again when I get home. Usually the baby's dad makes something homemade and it's some great stuff, but he's in california right now with family so....I'm sure as heck not making a whole meal at 10:45 when I get home at night. I've been trying to do the best I can with protein and veggies, but it's really hard. I take my vitamins as often as I can remember and I'm hoping for the best.

MrsLat December 20th, 2012 12:02 PM

Re: food choices
I have been doing okay I think, when I actually eat! Food in general has been really hard. But, when I try to eat all of the food groups and I haven't been much into sweets anymore so that is good.

beatlechicksteph December 20th, 2012 02:10 PM

Re: food choices
I don't eat vegetables or meat. It's pretty bad. But I try to get the nutrients in different ways. I know that all the dairy I eat has protein, and so do the eggs I have been devouring. But I've never been a veggie eater, and DH doesn't eat them, so therefore, I've been skipping that. Unless we go out and I get a salad. It's bad, I know. But I'm eating, and I think that's important.

QueenCrafty December 21st, 2012 04:14 PM

Re: food choices
No, but I've never been all that great at it anyway. Really the only food I can eat without feeling sick afterwards is red meat. I go through phases where I can handle fruit and then I try to make up for my lack of fruit and veggies. I'm the one that cooks dinner for the family since DH works late every night, and it's been hard trying to make food that doesn't make me feel like barfing. I'm struggling with real meals right now.

shen7 December 21st, 2012 05:00 PM

I had Burger King chicken strips with ketchup, and an iced tea, for lunch yesterday. So YES, I am doing AWESOME :lol:

I actually eat way worse while pregnant. First I am too sick to eat enough, then I crave fried foods and carbs. Since I really want to gain weight at this point, though, I consider my junk food indulgences "calorie supplements" ;) I feel like my body knows what it needs.

Usually I eat tons of fruits and veggies and high quality animal products and fresh local foods. I live in Northern California and try to take full advantage of the bounty of our region. This was my first trip to BK in about 10 years!!! Haha.

j&jmom December 22nd, 2012 06:07 AM

Re: food choices
I probably haven't been eating the best. I love milk and other dairies and have been eating fruit like crazy, but I've probably been low in other areas and I do tend to eat crap since I'm tired a lot still. I could probably fix this my upping my intake of iron, but I'm not a big meat eater. I'm trying to work on eating better though.

Kim3 December 22nd, 2012 06:19 AM

Re: food choices
I do the best I can. This pregnancy anything sweet, greasy, with carbs, spices, tomatoes, citris makes me sick. For most of the time, I have no appetite and when I do eat I feel worse. The doc knows and said to do what I can. I do try to make good choices of what I do eat - such as fresh melon and veggies. Since sweets make me ill, it has been easy to stay away from that.

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