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Lucy S. February 5th, 2013 05:43 AM

Are your pets acting differently?
So I looked it up and I am not as crazy as I thought- my cat senses something is up.

I have 3 cats and my most independent one has slept not only with me (normally she stays out all night), but on me the last week :confused: and then sits next to me during the day. I know it sounds weird but I swear she knows.

From what i read it isn't uncommon for them to notice something. And then when i thought about seizure alert dogs, I guess it makes sense.

Anyone else?

StephanieMitchell February 5th, 2013 05:48 AM

Re: Are your pets acting differently?
My cat has also been stuck to me like glue. Hes already a very friendly cat, but never this cuddly. He's been purring away on my belly!

lindsaylyn February 5th, 2013 06:36 AM

Re: Are your pets acting differently?
same here, we have 3 cats and the girl is kind of a loner, but she has been all over me the last 2 nights.

KellJoO February 5th, 2013 07:02 AM

Re: Are your pets acting differently?
My german shorthair is glued to me all the time anyways, but lately he's been sleeping with his head on my tummy. Its the cutest thing ever. He knows.... he has to!

drewbears February 5th, 2013 07:45 AM

Re: Are your pets acting differently?
We have 2 yorkies, I haven't noticed anything with them though.

SierraWinter February 5th, 2013 08:03 AM

Re: Are your pets acting differently?
I thought I was crazy, my dog has been my absolute shadow the last few weeks, she stays plastered to my side and keeps staring at me, laying her head on me. She is normally pretty in-tune with me, if I get upset or worried she always picks up on it immediatly. But the last few weeks it doesn't matter my mood, she's at my side.

britt1012 February 5th, 2013 03:54 PM

Re: Are your pets acting differently?
a couple of weeks ago my dog started rubbing my belly with his face and just tried to sit in my lap and rubbing himself on me, my boyfriend and i were like what are you doing? he Never has done that ever but now he will not leave me alone he follows me like a poor little puppy he will even lay in the bathroom while i pee. I think he knows he knew before i did. haha its soo cute.

MarchMom2007 February 5th, 2013 04:02 PM

Re: Are your pets acting differently?
Yup, my cat is also stuck right to my side. He meows this really loud howly meow in the mornings and whenever I sit down, he comes right up and velcros himself to me.

soul_donut February 5th, 2013 04:33 PM

Re: Are your pets acting differently?
My cat is by my side right now but he's always like that :-) I hope they love the baby and give me extra snuggles throughout the pregnancy!

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