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CardozaMaMa8784 February 18th, 2013 02:25 PM

close call bean
I never knew what a Chemical MC was until october 2012. I didnt know why AF was crazy on some months and then i learned after November i was having a chemical MC those times. November i had 2 + tests with a late AF and then it started. I had large clots and heavy bleeding. The pregnancy signs i had lasted a week after AF stopped.

AF for december finally went back to a 30 CD and a sorta normal 6 day flow, POS opk CD 17( i think i misread it).
Jan1st AF stopped after 5 days. I call it a close call bean because i misread my OPK Jan 14th which was cd17. it was a almost + opk but went neg next day. i thought nothign of it and we stopped DTD....for some reason i tested CD 19(jan 19th) and got a strong + opk. I freaked, we dtd that mornign before i tested. i got another + jan 20th. the finny thing is i was gonna stop DTD after Jan 14th making this bean LUCKY that DH and i dtd that morning of the day i tested with the OPK

So by this time i figured I ovulated late and my hopes of getting pregnant were gone. 6dpo i started getting tired and feeling off, by 9 dpo i was sleeping non stop to the point i didnt wanna do anything, i had sore BBs even under my arms and by my ribs. Hpt were all negatives. 11DPO and 12 DPO i took a test there was something there but i couldnt tell. By this time i was very emotional and tired with weird food cravings. mild cramps.

13 dpo i was late, i took another test and i had to squint and hold it at every angle but something was there. 14 dpo i tested again and there was something esp if you took it ouside.....i was getting excited DH was still IFFY about it all......well 15 and 16 dpo there was a faint line there and you didnt have to squint! well i didnt want to get my hopes up because of how november was last year. So when Dh got paid i got 4 more tests. 2 FREP and 2 digi.....well i tested adn omg there was a nice dark line! the digi said it all though pregnant after one minute. DH seen those words and just hugged me.

here i am a day from 7 weeks goign through some financial hell because DH job cut hours so his pay is short. we are waiting for medicaid to approve me so i can get my first visit done. I know in 2 months his work will pick up.

I am part of a group on FB and i swear i am being hounded and judge for the fact we have no money right now to pay for a $200+ doctor visit out of pocket. Who can honestly pay that upfront?

Another said i am horrible for bringing a baby into a non stable home....im sorry but sudden pay cuts can not be predicted. Some women can be mean even when you have had several MC previously.....Honestly we are blessed. We have enough food. Bills are paid except a few are behind. His income tax will be filled soon so we can catch up. He is applying for a better job with better pay. Im looking forward not at the current.

Im happy, im blessed and thats what counts!

slmehaffey February 20th, 2013 04:51 PM

Re: close call bean
How mean that peoplel are so unsupportive of you! I can't believe it when other people think they know enough about a persons life to say that they shouldn't do something when they only know them through fb... sorry rant over... you should drop that group... at least I would.. or cut off some of them.
You are blessed to have this baby, blessed to carry it! and no mater your financial situation you will provide just fine for your baby I'm sure.

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