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jkgreen March 14th, 2013 06:24 PM

I was reading what everyone is bringing to the hospital and it reminded me about this one blog I read before.

We all know we will be in need of pads after birth... but has anyone wore depends instead? The blog I read said that they were just more comfortable for her. I was just wondering if any of you have used them instead.

I asked my friend who gave birth in January, she said afterwards that she could see it being more comfortable.

Kiam March 14th, 2013 07:01 PM

Re: Depends.....
Makes sense.

To be honest, I'm having a think about bringing both, and just seeing what I feel more comfortable in. Nothing is better than a bit of trial and error.

OnesOnTheWay March 14th, 2013 07:05 PM

Re: Depends.....
I know they gave me pads that were like ice packs after birth.. they were soo nice & smoothing!
I think when the bleeding was heavy I didn't even wear pads for ahwile they just had me sit on a large pad on my hospital bed to catch everything.

But yeah.. if the bleeding is heavy enough to warrant it depends make a lot more sense to me than pads.

sethsgirl March 14th, 2013 07:16 PM

Re: Depends.....
After DS1 was born they gave me newborn diapers that had ice in them for a while since I tore so badly. But I was fine with pads. I bought the giant purple always pads after DS2 was born and those worked really well and I'll probably do that again.

.:fearless:. March 14th, 2013 09:25 PM

Re: Depends.....
Ahhhh, the ice pads. Those were lovely :)

OceanGirl March 15th, 2013 12:39 AM

Re: Depends.....
Possibly, I have no idea how absorbent depends are? I don't think I could personally bring myself to wear a diaper but it is logical. I do know that pads from the store were pretty useless until the bleeding slowed a bit aftet a few weeks.

pearlica March 15th, 2013 07:35 AM

Re: Depends.....
I didnt have a problem with pads so I will probably just use those again.

ahruska March 15th, 2013 08:25 AM

Re: Depends.....
I used the hospital ones and then once I got home I used the Always Infinity ones. They were really thin so not uncomfy really and I can't imagine Depends being better but that's just me.

AmiraX4 March 15th, 2013 08:34 AM

Re: Depends.....
Good question but I dont know either. Ive always just used the usual pads. but maybe bring it just to try ..

offthewallfilms March 15th, 2013 10:12 AM

Re: Depends.....
You guys are scaring me!
Even though I'm a second time Mom--I forgot about these things..now I'm getting nervous lol
I wore giant pads but then again I had a C-section so I'm not sure if the bleeding is less.

LessthanThree March 15th, 2013 01:49 PM

Re: Depends.....
I actually can't imagine them being more comfortable, I hate sitting on those huge pads they set under you while you recoup. Depends would just be larger variations of it. It probably depends (heh) on the person, but I like to feel 'normal' (which is to say, how I feel during or before pregnancy) as soon as possible.

doodoosmom March 15th, 2013 03:48 PM

Re: Depends.....
I used the always infinity pads last time too & loved them..they're thin & they absorb better then other pads so I'll use them again. I can see the logic behind using
depends but I don't think I could bring myself to use them, and I'm having a c-section so they'd rub on my incision.

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