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navywifey2003 March 18th, 2013 10:18 PM

Were you
Early, late, or on time?
Born natural, c/s, or with drugs?
Formula fed or breastfed?
Disposable or cloth diapered?

Has your mother's choices influenced yours?

4hearts March 18th, 2013 10:32 PM

Re: Were you
Early, late, or on time? Born on my duedate March 17th and my mom was thrilled not only bc of the St.Patty's day thing but also bc her fav # is 17. She wants this baby to be born on the 17th too. I'm due the 18th so could happen, I spose.

Born natural, c/s, or with drugs? ERCS due to footling breech that the Dr. didn't catch even though my parents were trying to tell him they thought I was breech. She had to be put completely under and everything.

Formula fed or breastfed? BF for 6 months but Mom is a teacher and had to get back to work. Bc my bday falls mid March, she took the rest of the school yr off and then the summer. She says now she wishes she had pumped but that wasn't really done very much back then so it didn't occur to her.

Disposable or cloth diapered? Cloth, my parents were extremely poor.

Has your mother's choices influenced yours? TBH, not really. I mean, I'm glad she did what she did in certain aspects but the things DH and I have done as parents have come mostly from us. Although, I think DH got a lot of his parenting methods from his Mommy, :lol: She was pretty into natural childbirth (even attempted a VBAC back in 1988) and extended BFing.

Steph625 March 18th, 2013 10:39 PM

Re: Were you
I don't know if I was on time or not nor if I was bottle or breast fed. I do know my mother used cloth. So I guess she has not influenced me at all. I plan on cloth diapering and she thinks that's silly these days...same thing with breast feeding. She isn't very supportive and seems to always have something to ridicule about my choices. I'm used to it.

MissyBee March 18th, 2013 10:46 PM

Re: Were you
I was a month early & she had a natural birth.

Not sure if I was breast fed or formula fed, but I know she used disposable diapers.

No, her choices haven't affected me. We haven't discussed much about how she raised me as a baby, just random things here and there.

edgeofelise March 18th, 2013 11:24 PM

Re: Were you
I don't know if I was on time of not, but I know my mom had a failed epidural with me because back then they moved you from the labor room to the delivery room when it was time to push and her epi fell out. I was BF for 7 months, until I bit her and she decided she'd had enough of that and weaned me right away. They also used CD's because they were so broke, and it blew my mom's mind to see how much cloth diapers have changed. She gave me a lot of crap about how silly it was at first but she came out for a visit when DD was 7 months old and saw how cute and easy her CD's were. She's totally behind it now.

My mom's choices haven't influenced me in the slightest. Most people in my family think I'm a giant hippie. :)

MrsLat March 18th, 2013 11:28 PM

Re: Were you
Early, late, or on time? I was born at 38 weeks :)
Born natural, c/s, or with drugs? Vaginal with epidural
Formula fed or breastfed? Formula fed, I think? I am not sure...
Disposable or cloth diapered? Disposable

Has your mother's choices influenced yours? They did with my DD because I was a young mom and really relied on my mom to help me take care of the baby. Since then I have learned a lot and feel confident in my own abilities and decisions. Her opinions don't really matter to me as much anymore, lol.

sunnydaze March 19th, 2013 03:42 AM

Re: Were you
Early, late, or on time? Very late
Born natural, c/s, or with drugs? c/s because i was so late
Formula fed or breastfed? formula. My mom worked two jobs and went to school at night.
Disposable or cloth diapered? Disposable, I was cared for by my greatgrandmother and it was easier for her.

Has your mother's choices influenced yours? Maybe with Alex, not so much with the next two.

Karen78 March 19th, 2013 05:39 AM

Re: Were you
I think I might have been a few days early but I'm not sure. I was breastfed. My grandma gave her a hard time about it because in her mind you only breastfed because you couldn't afford formula so she thought it made her look poor. Ugh! I was cloth diapered. I think that was the norm in the late 70's anyways.

I think even if my mom had used formula and disposables, I would still choose BF and cloth. But it's great to have good support from her. My MIL breastfed (and used cloth) too so it's nice to not feel AS awkward if I need to nurse the baby around her.

Oh yeah I forgot to put stuff about delivery. My mom had something in her IV, but no epidural. I'm not sure how common epidurals were back then. I'm definitely a "drugs, not hugs" person in the delivery room, so her lack of epidural didn't influence me. Hats off to anyone who goes natural though!

momneedscoffee13 March 19th, 2013 06:07 AM

Re: Were you
Early, late, or on time? I was early I believe, Mom says our family history is that girls are early and boys are late!
Born natural, c/s, or with drugs? Natural, but I had to be pulled out with forceps because I had my hands behind my head!
Formula fed or breastfed? Breastfed
Disposable or cloth diapered? Disposable

Has your mother's choices influenced yours? My Mom was very NL/AP back then, even though it wasn't called that! I'm not sure she really influenced my choices, I just do what feels natural as well!

phantomsgrl11 March 19th, 2013 08:22 AM

Re: Were you
I was two weeks late, cloth diapered until 1 1/2 then disposables, breastfed until 2 1/2 (she had to go away for a weekend finally to wean me...apparantly I was a pain in the butt and then I refused to go to her for a week afterwards LOL). I also was a vbac but due to my sister and I being just 14 months apart, healthcare not being what it is today, she had issues and was not able to have anymore kids after me due to her doctor pushing for the vbac. I don't know exactly what happened just he made her get her tubes tied before she even left the hospital cause of the complications. Funny that I never really cared to ask the details - I just got to hear a lot about how I would've had more siblings if I wasn't so difficult. LOL

cheerfulsunrise March 19th, 2013 08:24 AM

Re: Were you
Early, late, or on time?
Born natural, c/s, or with drugs?
With drugs. My mom was induced b/c there was a big snow storm coming and the doctor wanted to get the show on the road. (I was born in upstate NY!)
Formula fed or breastfed?
Disposable or cloth?
My mom's choices really haven't influenced me b/c she just did what was common for the times...

shen7 March 19th, 2013 08:52 AM

Early, late, or on time?
Late! My brother and I were both very late.
Born natural, c/s, or with drugs?
With drugs, vaginal
Formula fed or breastfed?
Disposable or cloth diapered?

Has your mother's choices influenced yours?
Not really. She is not hardline about any of it. We talked about BFing a lot before M was born, she was really defensive about how she "needed" to supplement and I tried to explain how starting to supplement immediately after birth and soothing us with pacis had set her up to never have an adequate supply. But she was really impressed that I was right and that I exclusively breastfed M successfully.

LisaS March 19th, 2013 09:22 AM

Re: Were you
I was a few days early. Born naturally with no drugs (which my mom likes to rub in EVERY SINGLE TIME I give birth, because I love my epidurals). I was breastfed and cloth diapered and worn and I co-slept.

I wouldn't say her choices influenced mine...she did try to convince me to cloth diaper DD when she was born, but at the time I was working and didn't want to waste my free time on doing laundry. With regards to the other stuff, DH and I just did what came naturally to us and it just happened to coincide with what my mom did. My MIL was the complete opposite of my mom, so her choices obviously didn't affect DH at all either! And she REALLY tried to convince me to use a stroller so much during DD's infancy.

PurpleStar March 19th, 2013 12:49 PM

I was 2wks late, mom was induced and then eventually delivered me via Csection since I went into distress. And I was FF and in disposables.

I think my mom as well as my family influence me in ways I choose to raise my children from a heritage/traditions stand point. I had a wonderful childhood that I wish to pass onto my own babies. Rearing & discipline as well. But things like birth, BF/FF, diapers, pacifiers, and the like are based on what works best for each individual baby & us.

ashnicole86 March 19th, 2013 01:03 PM

Re: Were you
Early, late, or on time? I was about a week late, give or take a few days I believe. My mom said I was waiting for snow, and lo and behold the day after they got a huge snowstorm she went in to labor.

Born natural, c/s, or with drugs? All I know is that I wasn't born via c-setion.

Formula fed or breastfed? I was BF the first few days, and then my jaundice got really bad so I had to be put under the lights for a while. She did say that she pumped then, but I don't know for how long.

Disposable or cloth diapered? She had a CD service that would deliver the clean diapers and then pick up the soiled ones. When I was around 6 months my parents moved to a town that didn't have a CD service...I'm not sure what she used then.

Has your mother's choices influenced yours? I wouldn't really say her choices influenced mine, but they did help somewhat. I know from my nutrition classes the benefits of BFing, not to mention the amount we will save from not having to buy formula. I do like the idea of CDing, but i hate doing laundry as it is, and we don't have a washer and dryer at our apartment so that would be too much of a hassle. I also want to try to have a med free birth, but that is mostly due to my fear of needles, but I also don't like the results of the research i've done on epidurals...but who's to say when the time comes I won't cave and get one.

ashleykathleen March 19th, 2013 05:09 PM

Re: Were you
I was 2 weeks late, born vaginally w/ an epidural, breastfed for a few months, and cloth diapered.

The only thing I have been influenced by mom on is breastfeeding. After stopping BFing me after only a few months, she felt guilty and BF all my siblings well past a year. I just grew up in a house where that is expected of a mother so when I had my daughter at 20 I never thought of doing anything else.

navywifey2003 March 19th, 2013 05:14 PM

Re: Were you
I was born on my due date an hour and a half after my moms water broke at home.
I was breast fed for a few months but the doctors convinced my mom that she was starving me so she stopped nursing. I was cloth diapered for all of 5 seconds and she hated it.

She hasn't influenced me much but said after my natural birth with Katelynn now that's how you have a baby :lol: she said that after Everett too. She isn't into it like I am but it was just the way things were done.

loveneverfails March 19th, 2013 05:36 PM

Re: Were you
I was born 12 weeks early. 25 years ago there were issues so no surprise that I was both formula fed and disposable diapered.

I think my moms struggles with having me early have kept me very aware of what can happen. I seemed to get her line of fertility issues so that has been on my mind. They didn't have much early detection back then though so I do feel pretty good about things since I am being watched so closely.

MamaSkunk March 19th, 2013 07:20 PM

Re: Were you

Originally Posted by navywifey2003 (Post 27207859)
Early, late, or on time?
Born natural, c/s, or with drugs?
Formula fed or breastfed?
Disposable or cloth diapered?

Has your mother's choices influenced yours?

I was born on my due date.
Born naturally (she never used drugs or epis)
Disposable diapered.

Yes because altho my mom wasnt perfect she and my aunt pretty much both instilled in me that drugs and epis are more trouble than what they are worth and that women have been delivering naturally for millenia and that we are the only country thats so epi and drug happy during childbirth. They also pretty much instilled in me that epis are only for C/S. Also breastfeeding was the only way to go...better for the baby and you. (This led me to have tremendous guilt when lo and behold i had nipple issues like my gran which in turn caused supply issues which my gran also had supply issues....It still torments me when someone rubs being able to EBF in my face)

I chose to use disposable diapers initially cuz A. It was all I knew B. My stomach churns at the idea of having to do anything more with poo than simply chucking the diaper in the garbage(my brand doesnt say you should flush the poo) and C. My grans who had to cloth diaper both told me what a pain it was and both suggested to only use cloth if there was a stubborn rash that you couldnt clear up using powder and ointment.

QueenCrafty March 19th, 2013 08:00 PM

Early, late, or on time? I was over a week late in August in the South.

Born natural, c/s, or with drugs?
My mom had pitocin to speed up labor but no epidural. She said it was no big deal to labor with pitocin and my sister and I were wimps to get epidurals (I had an epi the first time)

Formula fed or breastfed?
Formula. My mom tried BF with my older sister but hated it. I was allergic to regular formula though so she used soy for me

Disposable or cloth diapered?
Disposable. She tried cloth but I was allergic to either the detergent her diaper service used or the elastic on the plastic pants for covers. I had a lot of allergies.

Has your mother's choices influenced yours?
Yes and no. I chose a NCB the second time because of her. But I also chose breastfeeding because of the issues with allergies I had as a baby. My mom always said that I was the one she should have breastfed and maybe I wouldn't have allergies. Otherwise I am pretty stubborn and go with my instinct no matter what. I'm the hippie of the family with the co-sleeping, extended breastfeeding, and cloth diapering.

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