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Anchored March 28th, 2013 11:12 AM

I'm going to explode today.
Bahhh. Long rant ahead! (And yes, I'm supposed to be keeping my stress level DOWN lol)

Sooo for starters, Chase woke me up early because he was crying and couldn't find Ninny (his blankie). It was under the blankets. So then he asked if he could come lay in my bed and watch TV... I agreed, and then ended up not being able to sleep so I went downstairs early. Told the kids to bring their laundry baskets to the laundry room for me, and specifically told Aaron, "Make sure you bring EVERYTHING. If it's on the floor, put it in the basket." (He's notorious for only bringing the BASKET and not anything else that ended up on the floor) Decided I'd make the kids waffles for breakfast since I had extra time (school morning breakfasts usually equal cereal for something easy because I cannot wake up early to save my life right now). Kids were all excited, waffles are done, and I give it to them to eat. They have about 20 minutes to eat and brush their teeth and go to the bus stop.

I realize Madison and Chase are done eating already, and I don't hear Aaron cleaning up his place yet so I go to check. He ate MAYBE 5 bites. I tell him, "You need to hurry up or you're going to be hungry!" So he eats a little more... Madison's brushing her teeth, gets all her stuff together, and comes and sits down with me for the last few minutes before school.

I realize Aaron is STILL not done. I go in there and tell him he has 1 minute to finish because he doesn't have any more time. Needless to say, he ended up only eating half his breakfast and not having any time to brush his teeth before school.

He goes into his room to get his things and I follow him because he shut the door behind him (not typical for him and I wanted to make sure he wasn't hiding anything). I open the door and his room is a PIGSTY. I know that's not a huge deal, but when he's told 20 times a day to clean his room and keep it clean we MEAN it. Mainly because in DAYS our house in going on the market and DH doesn't want me having to worry about cleaning the entire house AND all 3 kids rooms for a potential buyer to come by last minute. We've told the kids that if it's not clean, everything is going in the trash (ie: in trashbags in the garage). We are CONSTANTLY having to get on Aaron because his room is a wreck all the time and it drives us nuts. DH and I went into each kids room together and decluttered so that they COULDN'T make a mess! Anywho, I was livid and told him that I was going to send his father a picture so he could see what the room looks like.

I walk out because I have to get them on the bus... get them out there, and seconds before the bus comes Madison comes running home because she forgot sneakers for PE. She BARELY made the bus.

Fast forward a few hours, I've finished the kids laundry and went to their rooms to put it all up. I walk into Aaron's room and annoyed that the room looks the way it does, I just kind of plop his basket down and decide I'm not putting it away for him and he can do it himself when he's done cleaning. And then I take a closer look: LAUNDRY ALL OVER HIS FLOOR! :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad: Towels, pajamas, jeans, underwear, socks, you name it!!! The first time I missed it because I was rushing and annoyed I guess.

So I open the closet door to check in there for clothes because he's notorious for that... and what do I see? (Well, besides all the CLOTHES!) His LUNCH from Tuesday is half hidden under the crap in the closet!!!! Untouched. He dumped his lunchbox out and tried to hide the food. So now I'm like SUPER SUPER LIVID. I texted my husband and told him he better be home before Aaron because I'm about THISCLOSE to taking away everything that boy owns. Aaron, by the way, had a huge issue with lunch last year. He didn't WANT to bring lunch from home- he wanted to eat the junk there. We told him no because it's not cost effective for us to buy 2 kids lunches every day when I can just make them at home. So what would he do? Throw his lunch away and go to the cafeteria and tell the ladies that he didn't HAVE ANY LUNCH. They would give it to him and we didn't know a THING about it for months when I randomly got a $100+ bill from the school!!! :eek: This caused a HUGE issue with me and the school and ended up with Aaron having to eat lunch alone every day so he could be babysat by the lunch monitors.

He's been a million times better about it since then... but when I saw that today my first thought was that he pretended he didn't have any and got school lunch. The school has a new(er) system where I can actually log in and view their balance as well as a list of which days they purchased their lunch. DH and I this year are letting them buy lunch every Wednesday (pizza day) and then on occasion a second day during the week. So I log in, and see that he did NOT buy any lunch on Tuesday... and he didn't buy any yesterday for pizza day! So NOW I have to email his teacher and ask why he was allowed to not EAT for 2 days without any adults noticing!

I'm waiting for her reply. And I'm so flipping mad at that darn school AND him. :mad::mad:

I told Joey that I'm going to make Aaron clean his room, pack all of his stuff into trash bags, take his computer away, and then he can do homework and sit on his bed until Joey gets home and then HE can deal with him. >.<

Okay, just needed to vent. Thanks ;)

cameronzmom March 28th, 2013 12:30 PM

Re: I'm going to explode today.
Your day sounds like my day! Grumble growl!

I don't blame you about the lunch issue either. I'd be super ticked about him hiding his lunch and how old is he? How do teachers and staff not realize that some of the kids aren't' eating lunch?

Anchored March 28th, 2013 12:34 PM

Re: I'm going to explode today.
That's what I'm wondering! They HAVE monitors! He's only 7 and in the 2nd grade so he is most definitely young enough that his class should be monitored IMO

DeletedUser12345 March 28th, 2013 12:39 PM

Re: I'm going to explode today.
wow.. makes me nervous as a first time mama.. Things like that happens.. but at least it sounds like he has great parenting expectations from home. He should know what is coming! I hope you are able to calm down a bit and find something relaxing.

AprylLynn March 28th, 2013 01:50 PM

Re: I'm going to explode today.
Im sorry your day is going so bad. Id be ready to explode too. We are not having a good couple days over here either. Hope yours gets better!

yvee80 March 28th, 2013 01:51 PM

Re: I'm going to explode today.
It's sad because there are many schools like that these days it almost feels like the teachers nowadays don't really particularly care for or about kids! They speak to them in inappropriate ways and say inappropriate things to them. I had to tell my DD's teacher that i didn't feel what she said to my DD or her tone was appropriate for a teacher, no matter how mad they get they must always keep composure because they ARE the teacher, the adult in the situation. I have no problem going to the school BUT after me calling and or emailing twice it's not going to be good so I just try to warn them ahead of time. I also feel that respect needs to be given to both parties if the kids shouldn't yell or disrespect the tea her I feel they deserve the same in return...some teachers lose sight of that.

Good luck with the school (they don't have much longer this year) and Aaron will get it together

soccermamatomany March 28th, 2013 03:51 PM

Re: I'm going to explode today.
One of my twins had an issue with eating lunch. I took her to the doctor because we got to the point where she was either throwing the food away or hiding it in her room (in the toy box until I figured it out). I was worried about her weight, as she was already a very tiny girl. The doctor told me after looking her over that I should give her more one on one time. I showed up to school on occassion and had lunch with her to make sure she ate, took her on little excursions. Do you think he is acting out because he wants attention?

That being said, he could just have a really smalll appetite and not need a lunch especially if he is eating a big breakfast. Does he snack after school?

As for the rooms, it is a losing battle, to be honest! But for us it's with the teenagers! I swear their rooms are the biggest pigstys ever.

Jessmom March 28th, 2013 05:31 PM

Re: I'm going to explode today.
My son has always had issues with school lunches. In his case it's not wanting to waste time eating when he could be running around playing. It's very frustrating. Finally now in grade 7 I leave it up to him. He eats a big breakfast and only takes a few quick easy to eat items for lunch. Usually an apple, granola bar and some cheese occasionally he takes left overs like pizza etc. And when he gets home he has a big snack. After years of battling this seems to work best for us. He is happy and not wasting food. I work full time so it was very difficult to monitor this.

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