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Carwen*Angel March 30th, 2013 02:48 AM

~ Easter Weekend Quiz Challenge! ~
Challenge ladies, please PM your quiz answers to Lady Valkyrie by the end of Easter Monday, your time.

Just to clarify....you may answer ALL 20 (or as many as you like) of these quiz questions by PM.

I will begin to check through them on Tuesday morning GMT.

You get five points for entering. Then it will be one point per correct answer.

I will be working on collecting the outstanding points from all the other challenges today. :)

1. What does Maundy Thursday (or Holy Thursday) commemorate?

2. What is another name for Golgotha, the place where Jesus was crucified?

3. And what does Golgotha mean, translated into English?

4. Which Roman governor of Judaea authorised Christ's crucifixion?

5. What nocturnal animal is an Australian alternative to the Easter bunny?

6. Which 1971 Easter TV special was based on the story "The Easter bunny that overslept"?

7. What jewelry company is famous for designing crystal-encrusted eggs?

8. What feast day, celebrated 50 days after Easter, commemorates the descent of the Holy Spirit upon Christ's disciples?

9. What day, marking Jesus' entry into Jerusalem on a donkey or colt, is the beginning of Holy Week?

10. Who played Jesus in the 2004 movie "The Passion of the Christ"?

11. What is an alternative name for Easter in some European countries?

12. Which artist painted the famous mural in Milan depicting The Last Supper?

13. Where did the arrest of Jesus take place?

14. What does the name of this place mean, translated into English?

15. Who was the male star of the 1980 film "The Long Good Friday"?

16. According to the Bible, who was the first person to speak to Jesus after he had risen from the dead?

17. Easter is a moveable feast occurring between March 22nd and April 25th each year. How is its date decided?

18. Where does the word Easter derive from?

19. Where in New York does an annual Easter parade take place?

20. Who wrote the song "Easter Parade"?

You are allowed to research the answers but remember Google and Wikipedia aren't always correct, and it may be a good idea to check in a few places. ;)

Carwen*Angel March 30th, 2013 08:58 AM

Re: ~ Easter Weekend Quiz Challenge! ~
Bump to top!

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