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ThaiSpice May 3rd, 2013 02:23 PM

Weekend plans
It's Friday! Anyone have plans for the weekend?

nameetog May 3rd, 2013 02:49 PM

Re: Weekend plans
Tomorrow is opening day for Tball here. We have to be at the ball field pretty early for a parade, opening day ceremonies, team pictures and our first scrimmage. Tomorrow late afternoon we are supposed to head over to hubbys aunts house to meet some family. One aunt/uncle is coming up from CT to visit with the other aunt/uncle, we don't see them often and neither aunts or uncles have met Alex. BIL, SIL and their new baby will be there too

kimberley May 3rd, 2013 03:29 PM

Re: Weekend plans
We have my grandparents 60th anniversary dinner thing tomorrow night, and Sunday night we are going to the inlaws for dinner. Yay for not cooking! Also a great way for everyone to meet Ryder.

MommysPocket May 3rd, 2013 03:38 PM

Re: Weekend plans
Still doing the visitor rounds. Our farmers market opens tomorrow so that'll be our first outing with baby. :) We might also take DD swimming, Wong be able to join but she'll have fun either way.

ThaiSpice May 3rd, 2013 04:32 PM

I'm not exactly sure. My in laws may be coming. My mil texted me last week and asked if they could come either this weekend or next weekend (because FIL hasn't gotten to meet Anna yet), and that she'd let me know. I never really got a straight answer from her about which weekend (typical). DH tried calling them today...no answer. So, they could be coming this weekend. If not, I'm sure we'll just do the usual...house work, family time, etc.

Missa_Mae May 3rd, 2013 04:35 PM

Re: Weekend plans
Sunday is my mom & stepfather's 1 year wedding anniversary & it's also Greek Orthodox Easter so they are throwing a huge party :-)

Mel_Kay May 3rd, 2013 05:29 PM

Re: Weekend plans
Not any big plans here. Hubby and the 3 older boys are at the ballpark for my oldest sons ball game and tomorrow the middle 2 have games. I'm not sure if Aaron and I will go to the games tomorrow, just depends on the weather. We sat tonight's game out since it's been pretty windy and still a little cooler outside.

Mommyof2with1onway May 4th, 2013 01:52 AM

Re: Weekend plans
It is our first weekend at home so we still have some visitors making their rounds. Sunday is our first full family day a d we will probably relax here at the house :)

Twirlbird May 4th, 2013 06:44 AM

We have all three kids, first time since we had Henry.

And a bday party for a nephew on Sunday

mama3o May 4th, 2013 07:25 AM

Re: Weekend plans
running around...parade, trying to get house cleaned....garden planted (DH)just getting acclimated to the new routine!

HalfDozen May 4th, 2013 05:44 PM

Re: Weekend plans
Had a nice family evening last night - dinner, a little shopping, and ice cream. :-)

Softball game for Jasmine today and grilling dinner.

Tomorrow the kids and I are going to a local pancake breakfast and then Jasmine's boyfriend is coming over. I'd like to do church, but we'll see....

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