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Anchored May 4th, 2013 04:58 PM

Onesie stickers?
Would you be interested in these onesie stickers for monthly pictures of your LO?

If you would, which do you like best (or if you don't feel like going through them all what kind of themes/colors do you like?)

(This question is for boy moms and girl moms!)

A True Original Seller of Monthly Onesie Stickers by PurplePossom


I love them but I plan to buy them for myself because I can't decide which I like best yet ;)

JessKeller24 May 4th, 2013 05:40 PM

I like them, but don't think they'd get used. So I'll say no.

AprylLynn May 4th, 2013 06:11 PM

Re: Onesie stickers?
I was actually planning to get them.
These are really cute I cant pick between them.



PhD_Bound_Mommy May 4th, 2013 06:11 PM

Re: Onesie stickers?
I don't like them.

Kaisia May 4th, 2013 06:15 PM

Re: Onesie stickers?

Originally Posted by Mom2RickyRanaJavier (Post 27339720)
I like them, but don't think they'd get used. So I'll say no.

This too.

cameronzmom May 4th, 2013 07:04 PM

Re: Onesie stickers?
I wouldnt use them.

KeLLiC09 May 4th, 2013 07:22 PM

Re: Onesie stickers?
I've always wanted these for Nate but never got them :/ I would love to have them for Mason.

Colliekat May 4th, 2013 08:09 PM

Re: Onesie stickers?
Not a fan.

mamalamb May 4th, 2013 10:11 PM

Re: Onesie stickers?
I'm not really a fan of the month ones...I think the holiday and milestone ones are pretty cute, I'm not 100% sure I would use them though...? Hmm

84oilymom May 5th, 2013 12:11 AM

Re: Onesie stickers?
I think they are cute and don't have a preference.

Kelllilee May 5th, 2013 10:58 AM

Re: Onesie stickers?
not a fan of them.

LadyGamer May 5th, 2013 12:13 PM

Re: Onesie stickers?
My sister bought me a pack of them for christmas :D I'm excited to use them.

Dandelion May 5th, 2013 01:56 PM

My bff bought me some so I don't need any.

DeletedUser12345 May 6th, 2013 05:44 AM

Re: Onesie stickers?
I think it's a good thought but probably wouldn't get used.

IvyMommy May 6th, 2013 02:25 PM

Re: Onesie stickers?
I love them I was going to buy the boy ones at hobby lobby with 40% off coupon :) they also have girl ones ;)

Tinky May 6th, 2013 03:06 PM

Re: Onesie stickers?
I don't know if wed use them as onsie stickers but they could also be used in a baby boom couldnt they? I like the tie ones.

Fins May 7th, 2013 10:44 AM

Re: Onesie stickers?
I bought the little neck tie ones already. Super cute!

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