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Jessifer June 15th, 2013 09:10 AM

Just realized....
I had been suspecting this for a while but my last appointment with my widwife finally confirmed it: she is pregnant too!

I had commented to my husband a couple of months ago that I thought she looked pregnant and then every time I saw her she seemed to be getting bigger. Then when I I saw her yesterday, I was like "Woah, she is definitely pregnant!". She's due early September, which would already put her in the beginning of her third trimester.

The only problem now is that I sort of feel bad cause when I go into labour I have to page her and she will be there to deliver the baby. I don't want to wake up a 32-week pregnant lady in the middle of the night and have her stay with me for hours while I deliver. I wouldn't even have the energy to do it myself! I know it's her job, and she even said that she has patients delivering about 4 weeks before she is due herself... but yeah, poor lady!

AmiraX4 June 15th, 2013 10:19 AM

Re: Just realized....
Ya I wouldnt have the energy or stanima to do that either but as you said , its her job.

When I was preg with #4 my ob was pregnant also but when I was almost 6 months she was like 3 months.

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