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Counting our Blessings June 16th, 2013 04:24 PM

Do any of you sleep with your baby? I was wondering how you were liking it.

She sleeps with us and I love it. When she's hungry, I don't have to get up. I really don't know how often she eats during the night. When I start to see you mama's with babes sleeping longer stretches, I wonder if she would sleep longer if she slept alone. I'm just not ready for that.

Am I alone?

misty3281 June 16th, 2013 04:54 PM

Re: cosleepers
Avery sleeps with us. She only wakes up once or twice a night to eat usually. She sleeps so much better in my bed than hers. Honestly though I'm ready for her to be in her crib next to our bed, but she rarely goes into a deep enough sleep. As soon as I put her down her eyes pop open. I didn't mind at first but now it's starting to make it harder to DTD at all. Mommy and daddy need some quality time before they forget what it's like.

crunchywannabe June 16th, 2013 05:05 PM

Re: cosleepers
Arthur co-sleeps, but doesn't bed share. He is right beside me in his pack n play. I can reach over and touch him anytime during the night, and I don't get out of bed to feed him, I just sit up pick him up and he eats! He's only up once a night usually and its working great! I am also loving having him in our room, and can't see moving him any time soon. It works really well for us!

MrsNHigh June 16th, 2013 05:22 PM

Re: cosleepers
Since Carter has decided to be a tummy sleeper, I keep him in the bed with me. My husband has been sleeping with DS1, so it is just Carter and I. I'd prefer crib sleeping because my 4 year old still wants to sleep in our bed because we coslept for 2 years, but it is what it is.

EverydayJoy June 16th, 2013 05:30 PM

Re: cosleepers
I bring Kody into our bed from time to time. Lately he wakes up pretty frequently in the early morning, and if I sleep him next to me, he stays asleep longer. I wouldn't mind cosleeping if I knew he would sleep in his bed whenever I wanted him to. But experience tells me he'll prefer sleeping with us and we'll have a huge fight on our hands when it comes time to move to the crib. So I try to keep him in the bassinet as much as possible.

I'm not opposed to bed-sharing though. I think it's great and I think kids prefer it. I just know for DH and I that our bed is not big enough, and he's not a fan of bed-sharing. My sister bed-shared with all of her kids and loved it. They never used a crib at all.

rheaimedved June 16th, 2013 06:43 PM

Re: cosleepers
for the major chunk of sleep at night we don't co-sleep, but we nap together and bring him into bed with us in the morning. he's a terrible sleeper in general, but he doesn't have any problems being in his crib (which is pushed up next to our bed) i'm not sure when i'll be ready for him to be in another room, but i doubt anytime too soon. i can't shake the immense fear that he's just going to die when i'm not looking.

Shufu_in_Shunan June 16th, 2013 06:52 PM

Re: cosleepers
I sleep on a futon with the moses basket on the futon next to me. Kaeldra has sort of gotten into a routine of falling asleep around 2 a.m., waking up to eat at 6 a.m., then sleeping more until 9 a.m. Sometimes she'll sleep another hour or two after that. It's nice that I just have to pick her up out of her basket to feed her without getting up, but I miss sleeping in the same bed as my husband. We'll probably buy a crib soon.

LabLover13 June 16th, 2013 08:31 PM

Re: cosleepers
Claire sleeps in a swing next to our bed. She's not a big fan of sleeping flat on her back...she needs to be inclined slightly. When she wakes to eat, DH feeds her while I pump, and then he usually falls asleep with her in his arms (since I take an hour to pump). It's pretty cute, actually.

We've never both fallen asleep with her in the bed with us, though. I'm too worried one of us will roll over and smoosh her.

ashj_1218 June 16th, 2013 08:41 PM

Re: cosleepers
We both bed share and co-sleep. Her crib is side-carred to our bed, so there is no real difference between the two. But after her first waking, be that an hour or seven hours or twenty minutes, she sleeps with me in bed for the rest of the night. Either on my chest or in the crook of my left arm (the side where her crib is).

I LOVE it. I truly don't fully wake when I feed her, not even enough to remember how many times she woke at night. I feel so much more rested because of it. With the boys I fought it and was scared I would hurt them or form a bad habit. But this time I am rolling with it, being pretty sure we are bedsharing rather safely and that it is good for her to be with me. I don't truly mind if she ends up sleeping with us for a good while. Kieran slept with us until past a year. We would start him in his room and first waking he would come in with us. It worked. And he does sleep in his crib all night now.

I did post that Jo slept a 7-hour stretch last night. It was probably a fluke ;) I was shocked though, I don't expect her to be sleeping that long on a regular basis. And am not sure I want her to, since babies sleeping deeply is not necessarily a good thing. It's a safety mechanism to wake up often.

Mrsbowbin June 16th, 2013 09:42 PM

Re: cosleepers

Originally Posted by rheaimedved (Post 27452162)
for the major chunk of sleep at night we don't co-sleep, but we nap together and bring him into bed with us in the morning. he's a terrible sleeper in general, but he doesn't have any problems being in his crib (which is pushed up next to our bed) i'm not sure when i'll be ready for him to be in another room, but i doubt anytime too soon. i can't shake the immense fear that he's just going to die when i'm not looking.

Rhea- I have that same fear, it's horrible. I wonder if its just normal or if we're both nuts?

Memi June 16th, 2013 09:47 PM

Roman sleeps in his Rock N Play next to our bed. Its nice because hes at arms reach for his typical two wakings and I dont even have to get out of bed to grab him and feed him. Wel try transitioning him to the crib when hes sleeping thru the night consistantly or only waking once.

jl046100 June 16th, 2013 11:40 PM

Re: cosleepers
Joshua sleeps in his Moses basket next to our bed if he wakes in the morning I just put him in bed with us but I try to keep him in his Moses basket as much as possible last night he just lay there in his Moses basket quite happy then fell asleep Zara never done they she was a terrible sleeper and always slept in our bed it took us till she was. 5 to break that hence why this time I'm not doing it but I wouldn't mind if I know later Joshua would stay in a cot x

wife.mom.boss June 17th, 2013 12:19 PM

Re: cosleepers
Koa sleeps with us and sleeps 4 hour stretches at night! I love it. We coslept with DD too but she woke every 2 hours for the first yr.

Liztastic June 17th, 2013 01:47 PM

Re: cosleepers
We bed share, she has never slept in her crib at night, one reason being my 4 year old is now occupying it. I couldn't get Elle out of our bed before Tilly came and the first few nights I was sleeping in another room with just Tilly while Elle and OH slept together. My OH didn't like being away from us and didn't want to kick Elle out so we just told her to hop in the crib, which is set up right next to our bed. But the main reason we bed share is because it's where we both sleep best. I'm hoping to get her to start napping in her crib sometime soon and then move her to the crib once I can get Elle sleeping in her own room at night. Bedtime is pretty crazy here to say the least. When we have my soon to be 6 yr old step son he also insists on sleeping with someone, the only kids that will sleep in their beds without anyone else next to them are my 9 and 11 year old, whom I co-slept with when they were little, but not past 3 yrs old.

markswife June 17th, 2013 01:56 PM

Re: cosleepers
Cosleeping scares the crap out of me. As part of my job, I read through intakes for the Department of Human Services. DHS is called every time a child dies in order to investigate if abuse occurred. You don't need to read many intakes that start off with the parents were sleeping in bed with the child and end with the child no longer breathing to know it's not a risk I'm willing to take.

I am not trying to offend anyone but it seriously scares me that something will happen to one of your little ones.

jcperez June 17th, 2013 03:12 PM

Re: cosleepers
Remy is an arms reach away from me pushed up against my side of the bed in his bassinet. My husband has made it his job to scare the CRAP out of me if I fell asleep with him while feeding him. My bed isn't the greatest bed for bed sharing with an infant either. Its one of those super soft temper pedic beds. Its just way too soft . when I feed him laying on my side in bed he rolls right into me and can easily get smothered if Im not paying attention or fall asleep. Its also scares the crap out of me. Also, after doing some research, SIDS is greatly related to infants co-sleeping with the parents. I would love to not worry and put him in bed with us but that little voice in my head keeps telling me no way. Maybe if I had a harder bed I would possibly consider it?

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