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QL1516 July 12th, 2013 10:19 AM

MRSA? Sorta Ot
My sister was just diagnosed with MRSA. She had what we thought was a bite over the weekend that happened to be in an unfortunate spot (muffin top crease). And she kept messing with it. It got bad enough for her to go in to a clinic Wednesday. The clinic promptly sent her to the ER. We figured staph, but from what I've googled, MRSA is a particularly resistant nasty bit.

Has anyone dealt with it? Gotten rid of it? She's on Bactrim now. They cut the boil/sore and packed it.

As for me, my doctor said simply being around her should be OK. Avoid direct contact, no hugging. But we didn't know it was MRSA then.

And for the kicker: this weekend she and my SO were working together in my house pulling up flooring. So they got all gross and sweaty together. Yay.

Any anecdotes? Advice?

jamieshalon2 July 12th, 2013 10:32 AM

Re: MRSA? Sorta Ot
I have never had it or been around it, so I have no advice. I hope your sis heals quickly though. It sounds very painful.

Dolly Lama July 12th, 2013 10:44 AM

Re: MRSA? Sorta Ot
I worked around it for many years, plus my daughter had it a couple of years ago...Don't freak out, and try not to Google too much. I'll write more when I get to my computer.

Rosiegirl7 July 12th, 2013 11:00 AM

Re: MRSA? Sorta Ot
I'm so sorry she got that! Does she know where she got it from?

I did have staph once and got it from a gym! I took antibiotics (which looks like doesn't help MRSA) and it cleared it up. Hopefully its gone soon! Is is contagious?

Dolly Lama July 12th, 2013 12:42 PM

Re: MRSA? Sorta Ot
Okay, I'm back. :)

So anyway, my daughter had an open would and contracted MRSA from a hospital. She was treated with Bactrim and it has been a non-issue ever since...I would think that if your sister is healthy otherwise, she would probably have the same outcome. If she's not responding to the Bactrim, they will be able to tell, and there are other drugs to take care of this. MRSA is scary because there are limited antibiotics to treat it, but it's actually no more virulent than other types of staph infections. There are way worse places to have it than where your sister does - because it's in her wound (and not somewhere like her lungs), it's fairly easy to prevent it from spreading to others.

Avoiding direct contact is the way to go, and since she's being treated, I'm sure her wound is properly dressed which would minimize the potential for anyone to come in contact with the bacteria. If you're going to her house, I'd suggest no direct contact, then thoroughly washing your hands after you leave. If you have any open wounds (even small ones like hang nails or paper cuts), make sure they're covered. Since she was in your house before anyone knew what was going on, I'd err on the side of caution and disinfect whatever she may have been in contact with (door knobs, phone ect)...This may seem like overkill, but being pregnant, I'd do this.

I also wanted to mention that I worked with plenty of people who were infected over the years, including one patient who had it in his lungs and was breathing on me before they ever figured out he had it, and I'm perfectly fine. I'm not an infectious disease expert or anything, but if you have any other questions or concerns, I'd be glad to try to answer them for you.

Good luck!

FishermansWife4 July 12th, 2013 05:03 PM

Re: MRSA? Sorta Ot
I can only speak from my personal experience from having MRSA myself. I got it in 2009 and had 5 outbreaks of it since then. My last outbreak was in 2010.They had to slice open my MRSA spot 3 times and the other 2 times (while I was pregnant with my son) I took care of it with salt and scalding water. MRSA stays in your system so you have to be tested for it 3 times within 3 months to see if you're clear, if I'm not mistaken. I'm being tested for it during this pregnancy by using a giant q-tip up your nose, and only have one more test to go. I DID NOT give it to my son while I was pregnant with him, however, my oldest daughter caught it in her leg from me having it and spreading the infection as well as my middle daughter. The doctor told me once it's in your system, unless you get it tested out and know for sure it's out, you have the potential for another outbreak. So far, I'm clear and haven't had an outbreak in 3 years. If you in fact DO test positive, any time you go to the hospital, you're required to tell the staff due to it being very easy to spread and they will quarantine you during your stay unless you test negative finally. I hope this info helps.

cooper1414 July 12th, 2013 05:03 PM

Re: MRSA? Sorta Ot
My son had it when he was 2, got it from a splinter. It took a bit to heal but the meds they gave him did the trick and we didn't have any issues. Just take precautions.

QL1516 July 12th, 2013 08:17 PM

Re: MRSA? Sorta Ot
It appears she got it from her stepdaughter. She moved in with my sister in June and come to find out, she had been lanced and put on two antibiotics before coming down here. Nice of the kid's mom to mention this, especially considering that we found out everyone in that house had it. Grr, people.

So my sister is now on two antibiotics and has to go back again in two days. Her stepdaughter neverffinished her antibiotics, so obviously she's going to have to go as well or else I'd think they'd just be passing it around.

Amber, cases like yours is where I'm a little confused, I guess. Her doctor mentioned that, carrying it and that a large percentage of the population actually can carry MRSA. Can you pass it only during an outbreak? If her stepdaughter carries it versus it only being in a wound, how does one prevent that? Never sharing towels, etc?

SO did some reading on the CDC website and freaked himself out with stories of spreading by sneezing and more dangerous than SARS. I'm not freaked like him, but I wanna make sure that I don't get it as well as make sure my sister is good to be safely around her newborn nephew in a few months. :) Man I'm glad this happened now and not October!

Dolly Lama July 13th, 2013 10:38 AM

Re: MRSA? Sorta Ot

Her doctor mentioned that, carrying it and that a large percentage of the population actually can carry MRSA. Can you pass it only during an outbreak? If her stepdaughter carries it versus it only being in a wound, how does one prevent that? Never sharing towels, etc?
True, and good questions. You can google MRSA colonization versus infection, and you will find the answers that you need that way. A search of MRSA wound infection control should lead you to preventing the spread...I'd like to caution you that general searching of MRSA could lead you to a lot of horror stories, but what they may not make clear is that a lot of times these are people who are frail, elderly, extremely young, or immunocompromised in some way.

FishermansWife4 July 13th, 2013 11:06 AM

Re: MRSA? Sorta Ot
It can be passed through sneezes, bodily fluids, and wounds. They make you use a separate toilet and isolate you if you're hospitalized and are a known carrier of it. I use separate towels, as does the rest of the family. I haven't had an outbreak of it in 3 years, however, it doesn't mean I still don't carry it, which is why they're checking me now. Since I'm a c-mom they want t make sure the infection is completely out of my system or when I go to deliver baby girl I'll be in my own separate room, have everyone who comes in contact with me wear masks and gowns and they'll have to extra scrub down my room when I'm discharged and after surgery.

This is hard to get rid of. I can't lie to you. I'm very blessed that so far my cultures are coming back negative. I don't want to be rude, but I wouldn't let my child be held by someone with MRSA if baby is a newborn, unless they're properly taking the precautions to prevent the spread. Watching my daughters be cut open when they were tiny was extremely painful for them and me and I still blame myself to this day for causing them to have it. If you should choose to allow your sister or anyone else who has MRSA hold your baby, I'd suggest the face masks that prevent dust from entering your lungs or medical issued ones. Once again, I'm just trying to give you precautions to take, not be rude.

drewbears July 16th, 2013 09:49 AM

Re: MRSA? Sorta Ot
Never had experience. Hope it clears quickly and you are all good and don't get it.

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