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MarylandMama August 22nd, 2013 09:14 PM

What a week! (A long vent and some fun stuff)
I have been MIA for about a week bc things have been CRAZY! My MIL, BIL, and DH's niece arrived last Friday to be here for Anna's 3rd birthday party. O.M.G. I was ready to slug the niece (I can't bring myself to call her MY niece) after about 5 mins. Minor vent about parenting: She is 6. As soon as she arrived in my house, she ran upstairs and into every room, including my bedroom, turning on all of the lights as she went and leaving them on. I would be horrified if my kids did this and I also would have stopped them. This child clearly rules the roost. She proceeded to TRASH Anna's bedroom. She spent the entire weekend trashing my home and being mean to my daughter. She was constantly taking toys from her, swiping things as she saw Anna reaching for and playing keep away with them and she even hit her several times, completely unprovoked. At no point did my BIL or MIL correct her. When it was time to go to bed, we rolled out the pull out for BIL and the niece. She insisted she needed 2 pillows and he told her no (the only time she heard that word all weekend), so she ran upstairs again, got a pillow and when I asked her where she got it, she looked at me and said, "It's yours." I jacked it from underneath her head and told her she had to listen to her dad. It was actually from the guest room, but what nerve!

On Saturday, we had MIL, BIL, niece, my parents, brother, sister, aunts, uncles, and DH's uncle and cousins to the house for Anna's party. The food turned out great, the decorations were cute, and Anna had a blast. Everyone kept telling me what a great party it was, how much fun they had, how good the food was... and what a brat the niece is. When it was time for Anna to open her presents, her cousin decided to "help," tearing into them and throwing the gifts on the floor before Anna even saw them, unless it was something she was going to play with, in which case she made sure Anna saw it and then wouldn't let her touch it. So family who put time, money, and thought into some really nice gifts didn't even get to see Anna open or enjoy them. At no point in time did BIL or MIL say a word. I was so ticked. She continued to terrorize Anna after the party, so I took Anna to give her a long bath to wind down and told DH to get his family out of the house for a while. They went shopping and he came back so irritated about his niece being a brat.

The next day, we had planned to take the girls to the American Girl store to do a birthday thing for Anna there, just us and his family. MIL takes the niece to the one in Atl for her bday every year (her bday was last month, so this just happened). We got there early and I stayed in the car to pump. I got in just after they were seated. MIL told the hostess that it was for BOTH of the girls bdays (***?!) and the niece spent the whole time saying it was her bday and no one else's and looking at Anna, clearly trying to make her cry. Luckily, Anna was oblivious. She also yelled her name very loudly over the name of any child receiving a bday serenade in the restaurant (about 5 times while we were there). No one told her to stop being a little jerk. I said something to Anna about getting an outfit for her baby and the niece yells, "I'm getting one, too!" MIL told her WE didn't need to get outfits bc the goody bags came with a shirt. Then she whispered to me to being very discreet in getting Anna an outfit for her baby... Even though I know that MIL bought the niece a ton of stuff when she took her for her bday. I don't care that she buys her stuff, it isn't any of my business, but to do that and then tell me that I can't do something for my kid bc they won't tell this brat that she had her bday and now it's Anna's turn? Ridiculous. There is much more from that day, but this is getting soooooooo long. Much of the same continued until they left Monday afternoon. We are still working on getting our house back in order from the way they treated it. I am still in shock at her behavior and the way it is permitted. My 3 yr old was better behaved, kinder, and more polite than the 6 year old. Nuts.

Tuesday was actually Anna's bday. We took her to Sesame Place and she had a wonderful time. We decided to splurge on the season passes bc we could apply the cost of the tickets we had already bought and it came with some great perks. We rode all of the rides, got to do a meet and greet with 8 characters prior to the parade (one of the perks), played in the water park section, and saw a show. I even got to take Anna on her first roller coaster ride. It was such a wonderful day! She had so much fun and we were so happy to do it.

Wednesday was her first day of preschool. It technically started Monday, but I kept her out that day so she could spend time with DH's family (mistake) and Tuesday to go to Sesame Place. She LOVED it. I worked there years ago and there is only one person in the whole center who wasn't there when I was. These people are like family to me. Most of them came to my wedding. They are really excited to have her there and she had so much fun. It is hard to believe that my baby is so grown up!

Today was my first day back at work. I didn't have my afternoon session, so it was just morning and evening. It was really hard to leave, but I was in the zone when I was working and all was well. Lena also did great. The babysitter is apparently not available until Sept 9 (long, aggravating story, I will spare you all) so a friend of mine watched her in the morning and DH came home a bit early so I could do my later session. BUT he fell asleep with Lena on his chest and was late picking Anna up at school. I have to smooth things over when I drop her off tomorrow.

Whew! Sorry so long. Still needed to vent a bit about the niece, but also wanted to share our excellent last few days. I am sad going back to work, but in general, life is good. :smile:

beatlechicksteph August 22nd, 2013 10:04 PM

Re: What a week! (A long vent and some fun stuff)
Wow, you have a lot more self control than I have, because I surely would have picked up the slack in the disciplining of that child. Especially if she was overshadowing and being mean to mine. I'm just glad your DD wasn't too aware of what was going on, and I hope she was still able to have a good time!

4hearts August 23rd, 2013 12:38 AM

Re: What a week! (A long vent and some fun stuff)
^^What she said.. You have some serious self control. I would have lost my S***! I have noooo patience with that stuff. I'm so sorry she was acting like a terd and trying to ruin a good time. Ugh! Your IL's are pretty rude for allowing all that. I'm really glad things came together at the end though atleast :)

QueenCrafty August 23rd, 2013 08:30 AM

That behavior is so frustrating! I have nieces with similar behavior and it drives me nuts. I'm glad she was able to enjoy her birthday despite her cousin.

sunnydaze August 23rd, 2013 09:27 AM

Re: What a week! (A long vent and some fun stuff)
It is so nice when family comes to visit....it is even nicer when they leave!

MarylandMama August 23rd, 2013 09:48 AM

Re: What a week! (A long vent and some fun stuff)
I kept my mouth shut only by the grace of God. I prayed so hard the whole time they were here. MIL and I have always had issues and it has been hard on DH. Things have gotten better in the last year and, for his sake, I didn't want to make them really bad again. But even he said that his niece is not coming back to our house. His brother can come, but she will have to stay with her mom. Can't control your kid, don't bring her to my house. I am seriously dreading our Christmas visit. Thank God they live 12 hours away...

navywifey2003 August 23rd, 2013 11:39 AM

Re: What a week! (A long vent and some fun stuff)
My kids unfortunately are not good visitors. They turn on lights and leave them, they make a mess in my nieces room, Katelynn has snuck into my parents room and got into my moms makeup. She has grown in the last few months and I remind them about the lights, I remind them not to destroy the room. But some times it happens. We were at a birthday party for my cousins daughter and her mil yelled at Katelynn for trying to help her cousin open her presents, granted Katelynn was 2 almost 3 at the time and not 6 but she completely embarrassed me at the party in front of everyone. Granted I do my best but sometimes that's not good enough. Now I'm not saying her behavior wasn't out if line because it was, I've just been on the other side.

I'm glad she had a good birthday regardless! And I'm glad she is enjoying school!

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