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MarylandMama September 24th, 2013 05:29 AM

What options have you tried? What works for you and what doesn't? What is your/your baby's favorite?

Lena is super picky. She likes the Baby K'tan, but it is not comfortable to wear for hours on end. She hated the mei tei (I got the Babyhawk). It was really comfortable for me and I liked that DH could wear the same one, but she just hates it. Our local baby store does rentals, so you can try before you buy. We both hated the Boba. Last weekend, we tried out a Tula. We need something that will work for Disney. She loved it, we really liked it a lot, sold. The only problem is that I can't snap the back clip on my own, so it makes it tough to use when I'm out with her by myself. So now I am going to get a ring sling. Hopefully she will like it. We are going to try one today to make sure. I will use the K'tan at home, keep the Tula in the car we take on all of our family outings, and keep the sling in mt diaper bag. The mei tei is posted on Craig's List. I'm hoping to be done once I get the sling. Anyone else feel like they've lapped the babywearing market?

MissyBee September 24th, 2013 08:51 AM

I have a Moby, a Mei tai, an Ergo, and a Sakura Bloom ring sling. I also have a couple of other slings I haven't opened, but they may not work bc they aren't adjustable I don't think.

LOVE the Moby. Porter loves it too. But it was so hot here this summer and we would both sweat so much if I wore him in it. And while I could get it on quickly if I needed to, in order to get it on where I felt everything was tight enough and not twisted I needed like 10 minutes and a mirror.

The Ergo I like, but he was too small for it. I haven't tried again since he has grown, but it will probably be the one I would use for like the zoo or something in the future.

The Mei tai I also like and I keep it in the car. I had a hard time getting him positioned correctly in it, but once I did I liked it (and he slept) and it was easy to get on.

But my favorite is my Sakura Bloom ring sling! It stays in the diaper bag. I'm obsessed with it. I got the linen one since it's hot here and it's fantastic. I got the mint color and it's so pretty. So easy to use. Doesn't take up much space in the bag. He loves it and so do I. I used it when we flew to carry him through the airport and it was great. I even nursed him in it while we were boarding the plane! I had bought a ring sling at babies r us (I forget the brand), but it didn't fit me or him right. Had all kinds of padding and elastic in weird places. I took it back and ordered the Sakura Bloom. It's one piece of fabric, no elastic or padding. They are a little pricey, but it's the best in my opinion and worth the $! (I bought the cheapest one, but I am sure the more expensive ones are even more awesome, haha.) I would have taken all the rest back and just gotten that one in the beginning had I known how much I would love it! LOVE IT so much!

MamaSkunk September 24th, 2013 09:26 AM

Re: Babywearing
With DD I tried a crotch dangler aka a Snugli before I knew better. Wore it once and hated it. I am just not into buckles. Tried a Moby. Also hated it as it was too hot. Got a Maya Ring Sling and loved it. It was amazing!! Ended up giving it to my cousin when she had a girl.
This time I only have my ring sling made by MerinSun which now that its wore in is amazingly comfy and it is our definite go to and Tristan loves it. I am certain that MerinSun filled that sucker with sleepy dust as lil man always conks out in it. We did however recently get a woven wrap as I had been wanting one for a long time. And since I have been struggling so bad with PPD this time my DH said I could get Tristans legacy wrap if I could find someone selling one willing to do a payment plan. And I found an amazing mama across the pond in the UK that not only let us do an extended payment plan but since we became friends and she also is just recovering from severe PPD after her 3 year old she gave me a heck of a discount and took off 70 bucks off the price. And I love my woven wrap too. I think between my ring sling and my woven wrap I don't need to try other carriers.

Madison.Hailey.Zack September 24th, 2013 10:34 AM

Re: Babywearing
I've had a crotch dangler (lol), ring sling, pouch, mai tie, moby and waiting for my ergo to arrive.

Crotch dangler I had with my oldest and stopped using it when i read up about how bad it is for their hips. Plus the dog chewed up one of the buckles so I threw it away.

Ring sling and pouch I never figured out so I sold the pouch and the ring sling was given to me so that's collecting dust somewhere.

Moby was used a lot with Hailey but I don't like how after awhile it stretches some so I don't use it much.

Mai tie is my go to all the time. Hailey and Zack both have loved it. I have it down pat on putting it on.

Ergo I found a great deal on a used one and awaiting for it to be shipped. I think it would be great for dropping off and picking up Madison at school. Quick and easy.

beatlechicksteph September 24th, 2013 10:39 AM

Re: Babywearing
We have a Moby and an Infantino I picked up for $10 from a consignment shop. We both prefer the Moby. He's soooo heavy now, that when I use the Infantino, I can really feel it strain on my shoulders, but with the Moby, I really don't feel it at all. I'm planning on using the Moby for my airplane trip in a couple weeks.

kit.kat.81 September 24th, 2013 02:07 PM

Re: Babywearing
We've got a Moby-style bamboo wrap, a ring sling (Snuggybaby, made by a SAH mom), a Baby Bjorn, and I just ordered an Ergo because they were on Zulily for $50 :o. We had trouble with the wrap overall and it was too hot. LO liked the Bjorn okay but our favorite so far is the Snuggybaby ring sling. It was $49, it's a lovely ombre green, fits me and DF depite big size differences, and LO is ALWAYS calm and content when she's in it. I'm excited to try the Ergo, too - I wanted one so badly but the $150 price tag was a big deterrent. But for $50, I'm in!

DF's mother also just made us a traditional Chinese style carrier that you use to carry baby on your back (DF is Chinese, so LO is half Chinese). I have not seen it or used it yet, but I'm a bit nervous about the idea of trying to get her in and out of a back sling when she's still so little. We'll see how it goes I guess! DF and all his siblings were carried in one, and LO's grandma made it for her, so I want to at least give it a go. :)

QueenCrafty September 24th, 2013 05:20 PM

I have my homemade Moby style wrap and an Ergo. I used the Ergo with Henry for the first time this weekend. I think he's still a little small for it, but I loved it when Abri was a baby. For now I prefer my Moby style wrap, especially with the little pocket I sewed onto it

momneedscoffee13 September 25th, 2013 06:53 AM

Re: Babywearing
With Connor, my first was a moby and we both hated it. I didn't mind the style and wrapping, it was the fabric and it was SOOO hot he would sweat so bad that I ended up selling it.

We also tried a mei tei, but he wasn't crazy about it and would always cry and couldn't get comfortable. So that got sold as well! Wish I had kept it because it was a girly flower pattern and I'd bet Peyton would like it.

We finally found the ergo which we both loved, and I still have, but haven't used with Peyton yet.

For Peyton, I finally got a ring sling and we both LOVE it. It's my favorite carrier and it goes everywhere with us! It's so easy to use and very comfortable for both of us. It's a sleeping baby production that I bought used off the swap, purple linen and awesome!

My want list just includes a wrap but I'm torn between what wrap I want to get, woven or linen. I keep leaning towards a wrap nap fairy because they are cheaper, we can decide if we like it or not, and I absolutely love the bright yellow fabric! It's gotten so bad I had a dream that I was carrying her on my back...WITHOUT a wrap! LOL I really need to just DO IT already!

MamaSkunk September 25th, 2013 09:12 AM

Re: Babywearing
Brianne all wraps are woven hun. They just come in different materials 100% cotton, cotton / linen blends, cotton/ hemp blends, cotton/bamboo blends, cotton/wool blends and cotton/silk blends. 100% cotton is super easy to break in followed by the bamboo and silk blends. Wool is also easy to break in however very delicate and you have to wash it carefully or you will end up with felt and a ruined wrap. Hemp blends take a bit more breaking in but once broke in are super soft and extremelysupportive and is toddler worthy if you want to use it as she gets older. Linen is the hardest to break in and takes quite awhile before its broken in but it is also very toddler worthy.
Secondly lots of mamas on the swap will do payment plans. And there is also baby wearing on a budget and you can find cheaper wraps there.
Thirdly I did a ruck back carry with my hemp blend almost 3 year old that's 30 pounds and that hemp blend was so supportive I didn't have to do numerous passes to support her weight so I know I can carry Tristan for awhile.

shen7 September 25th, 2013 10:16 AM

Re: Babywearing
We have an ergo, boba, dolcino woven wrap, babyhawk mei tai, a water wrap, and a Maya ring sling. The ergo is DH's favorite and we keep it adjusted for him. The boba is my favorite for shopping and quick in/out, it lives in the car and stays adjusted for me. The woven is by far the most comfortable and best for walks and around the house, I use it when I walk to pick up DD at preschool or when G is fussy and needs to be walked around. Sometimes I use the mei tai because it is faster to tie on but it is not as comfy. I use the water wrap in the shower to get us both washed off when G is too fussy to put down or when he needs a bath (I try not to bathe him too much to avoid over drying his skin and scalp).

I haven't used the ring sling at all yet because it does not distribute the weight evenly on both sides and I am still not 100% stable from my injury. It is also less secure if I were to have a fall. Unfortunately I still have to think about these things :( I used it so much with DD but I am not sure if I will use it at all with G. He is already so heavy and a chart topper and I couldn't use the RS after DD reached 20 lbs or so which G could do in just a few months. I probably won't be stable enough by then to use it.

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