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AshleighR October 21st, 2013 05:42 PM

One month update on Peyton and me!
I don't really have too much changing at the moment!

I had my midwife come over last Thursday and she weighed her and she had put on an entire pound in a week to be 7lbs 14oz so she was pretty surprised. Now that we know she is going through a huge growth spurt it isn't as stressful when she stays up for hours at a time constantly wanting to be fed!

We have had a few nights where she will sleep for 5 hours in a row and it's amazing! She still stresses me out sometimes by crying when I have no idea what she wants but I am feeling WAY more confident with her. I'm also now in a routine where I get up and get everything ready for the day before my partner goes to work because I found that when my house was messy I'd be in a bad mood.

I'm taking anti-depressants to keep PPD at bay and I am finding myself angry less often which is a good feeling. I'm not too shocked that I got it though, I have a nasty history of depression and was aware I was more likely to get it. Thankfully I also knew the signs so I had it sorted out within a few days of it starting :)

I notice that I am getting fed up of my friends recently though which isn't good. I was having a nap while Peyton was asleep at lunchtime yesterday so I had closed all the doors in the house (my friends know that when doors are closed they are to not bother me) but one came in and woke me up because she wanted to have a coffee... She turns up JUST to have a coffee and then go... That's the second person in the past week to ignore the fact that I have all the doors closed and am asleep. Not to mention they also expect me to not express and spend time with them instead, one of them even came into the bedroom and sat down while talking to be whilst I was expressing... What the hell.

But other then that we are good :) hope everyone else is doing all right!

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