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chelseamb October 23rd, 2013 12:29 PM

Check in time!
So now that everyone is dropping babies like flies!!!! How is everyone feeling and doing?!:) dr updates?!

jadeunicorn October 23rd, 2013 12:45 PM

Re: Check in time!
I'm alive. Still no sign that little bub is coming soon.

Tomorrow I have an OB appointment, and she'll sweep my membranes. I hope it gets things going!

meritaten October 23rd, 2013 01:20 PM

Re: Check in time!
I'm here, feeling behind everyone else, lol.

I am doing alright I think. Just feel uncomfy, guess my joints are loosening are something cause I feel like my butt and vajazzle are about to fall out!

BlessednHighlyFavored October 23rd, 2013 01:34 PM

Re: Check in time!
I'm here been sleeping on and off

CutlassDiva October 23rd, 2013 01:44 PM

Re: Check in time!
I am here...just got home from the consignment store and my 34/35wk appt

outtheblue October 23rd, 2013 01:59 PM

Re: Check in time!
Feeling slightly crampy off and on, like right now. Friday is my next appt. It doesn't feel like I'm going to have a baby in the next 2-3 weeks, lol. :eek:

Txmom4 October 23rd, 2013 02:15 PM

Re: Check in time!
I'm here, feeling like poo but here :-(

bel78 October 23rd, 2013 02:49 PM

Re: Check in time!
I'm here. Just had my 35 week appointment and my dr checked me because of the contractions Ive been having and I am 2 1/2 cm and 50% effaced. Crazy

polarbearmama October 23rd, 2013 03:09 PM

Re: Check in time!
I'm here as well...trying to really hang in there with the crazy hours I've been putting in for clinicals and school...every evening I'm getting pretty crampy and strong BHs, but they do fade eventually.

Just noticing how much more exhausted and achy and just how "heavy" my belly is feeling these days.

Hope she will hold out for another 2 weeks! Next doctor's appt is on Monday and I'll be 37 weeks by then.

HappyBabyB October 23rd, 2013 03:16 PM

I'm here :)

Declined a check at my 38 week appt yesterday so not sure how I'm progressing. I feel a lot of pain and pressure downstairs which makes it hard to get up and walk!

Ready to have this baby!

seatownmama October 23rd, 2013 03:31 PM

Re: Check in time!
Doing fine but totally irritable these days. I've actually felt better since reaching 37 than I did when I was 33-36, except for wanting to beat the living fire out of anyone who talks to me.

I'm 38 today and my appt is on Friday, but I don't want to go because nothing has changed for me recently.

ScaredToHope October 23rd, 2013 04:26 PM

Re: Check in time!
Doing good here tons of bh's and some actually are getting more and more uncomfortable, and i wanna kill my ob, last week i saw one of the 3 ob's in the practice and he told me he would induce on the 29th so i assumed he had at least noted it on my chart,

so yesterday i go in for my 38 week check and there's a different ob that I've never seen so i ask him what time i need to go in on the 29th and he looks it up and says there's nothing about it in the files and hes not comfortable setting up an induction till my 39 week visit (which is the 29th btw) so now i don't know what to think, ive been snapping at e1 in my house since i got home yesterday..

ughhh sorry for ranting

Erin1826 October 23rd, 2013 04:37 PM

Re: Check in time!
I'm here. :) I was 1 cm and 50% effaced as of Monday. Been crampy off and on for days, but nothing painful yet. I know I'm early yet, but I would welcome this little girl just about anytime, although I know we should hold out till after next week at least.

ducksaresnazzy October 23rd, 2013 04:56 PM

Re: Check in time!
i'm still here :)

next appointment is halloween, i'll be 36+3.. i'm not going to get a cervical because if i'm showing progress, i'll worry every time i sneeze that it's a sign of active labor :p so i won't have any real news for you then. but hopefully i'll have my d*mn 3d pictures!!!

chelseamb October 23rd, 2013 04:59 PM

Re: Check in time!
Well I, still Here as well. Crampy and contracting for the last day... On and off and it has stopped for now.
My OB appt is tomorrow. He talked last week about induction. I'm assuming since fluid levels are ok now he will recant. So Darrin and I discussed it and if my dr won't induce we will schedule and elective CS because she's just getting too big for me to feel comfortable in a vaginal delivery.

eab12191 October 23rd, 2013 05:55 PM

Re: Check in time!
I don't post much but 36+1 and feeling miserable. Having Braxton hicks and lots of cramping. C/s scheduled for 11/13 but I hope I go earlier so I can try vbac.

Popoki October 23rd, 2013 05:57 PM

Re: Check in time!
I'm still here. 37.5 week appointment this coming Friday. Thank goodness the cramping has stopped...guess I just needed some rest?

TeamNick October 23rd, 2013 06:11 PM

Re: Check in time!
I am here. C-section scheduled for November 25.

I have two appointments per week now. One is a NST and one is the doctor.

smileymom03 October 23rd, 2013 06:19 PM

Re: Check in time!
35+2 for me today. Here, and nothing major going on. RRL tea made me crampy and have tons of BH last night, so considering how fast my labors are, I'm going to put off drinking any for a few more weeks. Next appt is 10/30.

lil_fishy October 23rd, 2013 06:48 PM

Re: Check in time!
I'm here. Just BHs and a really bad cold. My Ob had a baby this morning, so I rescheduled my appointment to Monday (with a different dr��).

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