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AmiraX4 March 7th, 2014 10:09 AM

New sounds
D is stuck on clicking her tongue. She totallly impresses herself everytime. lol

Jessifer March 7th, 2014 08:50 PM

Re: New sounds
Marcos has been yelling "NA NA NA NA" whenever he doesn't get his way. Like if we don't give him his next spoonful of cereal fast enough, or if he's strapped into his stroller and wants to get out.

Kiam March 8th, 2014 02:26 AM

Re: New sounds
Audrey blows raspberries then cracks up laughing at them.

AmiraX4 March 8th, 2014 09:36 AM

Re: New sounds
Kiam....I totally know the food spitting thing........looolJessifer .woow thats awesome that he is begining to verbally communicate like that ...baby style of course...D is not saying anything like that yet. DD1 was a very early talker like that though..

Jessifer March 8th, 2014 10:09 AM

Re: New sounds
I was a very early talker, so much so that I was speaking in full sentences by the time I was a year old. There's actually a cassette recording of me singing "You are My Sunshine" at 12 months old and I new every single word. According to my baby book, I said my first word at 7 months (I said "Happy" in French).

Marcos is that age now but is not quite there yet. I've seen him a few times mouthing "mama" after I was saying it, but no sound came out of his mouth. I've also been teaching him to wave and say "Bye, bye, dada" whenever DH leaves for work, but he doesn't quite "get it" yet. :smile:

LilSunshine March 9th, 2014 06:32 PM

Re: New sounds

Originally Posted by Kiam (Post 27991330)
Audrey blows raspberries then cracks up laughing at them.

Ty does this too!!

Mommy_2layla March 18th, 2014 02:33 PM

Re: New sounds
laylas thing lately has been saying dadadaddaaddadadada and she does the tongue clicking thing too

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