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ashj_1218 April 25th, 2014 01:30 PM

And we are done :'(
With bed sharing :(

I had to go back on my meds, it was getting too bad to ignore and I wasn't making a good choice for my whole family if I continued to not take them. So, all in one day, I put the fourth side on the crib in my room and started my meds again. It's been almost a week and has been up and down. She is sleeping shorter increments of time (I think she was not waking from 12-4 when we were bed sharing), but she only cried when I laid her in it for 2 nights. It was so pathetic, she would reach through the bars to touch me (its right up against our bed). She is adjusting okay, a bit more clingy through the day. I hope she adapts better soon so we can all get a bit more sleep.

But I wasn't ready. It made me a bit sad. I guess it's the first step in her moving into her own room, which isn't a bad thing. Sometimes I get mad that my brain is screwy. Lol. The good news is I got relief within three days and it will continue to help until it builds into my system in about 6 weeks. I feel much calmer and more patient.

EverydayJoy April 25th, 2014 02:39 PM

Re: And we are done :'(
Aw, sad day. Sorry you had to do it cold turkey, as far as the bed sharing goes. Glad to hear your meds are helping you. I totally hear you on getting mad that your brain is screwy! I'm right there with you! I hope she continues to adjust to sleeping on her own. She had a good long run of sleeping with mom, and it's nice that she is right next to you.

NewlyMrs April 25th, 2014 08:54 PM

Re: And we are done :'(
Aw sorry to hear its a rough transition but so good she's right next to you. Most important that mama is healthy and I'm glad you're already feeling better. Hope she adjusts quickly! I'm sure she will!

Counting our Blessings April 28th, 2014 08:13 AM

Re: And we are done :'(
I'm sorry, I know it is sad. We gave it up last month and I think I had a harder time than her. I still get to nurse her to sleep and than just lay her in her crib next to the bed. We also stick fingers back and forth :smile:.

I hope you start to fell better. My thyroid meds are finally stabilized, yeah! So I understand needing to feel better. I am finally feeling like old self, more energy for the rest of the family, and a happy baby in the morning. I still need to remind myself once in awhile that it was a good thing, but sometimes it's hard to let them go.

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