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EricaMae June 20th, 2013 07:47 AM

Hey ladies I just became a admin for the facebook page for our group to help Zoe out and I wanted to make sure everyone has been added that wants to be added. If you would like me to add you please leave me you email below and I will add you today or tonight depending on if my 2 year old will let me spend time at the computer.

Thank You,

sgh June 20th, 2013 10:15 AM

Re: Facebook.
i dont have facebook :(

EricaMae June 20th, 2013 11:00 AM

Re: Facebook.
Don't worry about it we pretty much post equally on both board and page. Its just easier for some to be on Facebook then here.

WannaB June 20th, 2013 04:28 PM

Re: Facebook.
Hi Erica I was part of the face book group yesterday afternoon then last night it was gone can I be readded please?

HeatherJ June 20th, 2013 06:14 PM

Re: Facebook.
Could you please add me? My email is [email protected]. Thanks!

Suesue77 June 20th, 2013 06:28 PM

Re: Facebook.
Me too- [email protected]

Leah M June 20th, 2013 06:57 PM

Re: Facebook.
Can you please add me? My email is: [email protected]

Jenn10 June 20th, 2013 07:54 PM

Re: Facebook.
[email protected] I haven't been added yet

*Bobbie* June 21st, 2013 01:05 PM

Re: Facebook.
I think I am caught up to here adding :)

Suesue77 June 23rd, 2013 04:15 PM

Re: Facebook.
I got an email from Bobbi asking me to join, but when I clicked the Join now link, it said the page is unavailable and may have moved??? Anyone else get that?

TJSRLS08 June 23rd, 2013 04:21 PM

Re: Facebook.
Please add me [email protected]

EricaMae June 24th, 2013 06:44 AM

Re: Facebook.
Thank you Bobbi I it has been a crazy week and weekend for me and I was unable to find the time to sit down at any computer.

Jane333 July 1st, 2013 02:02 PM

Re: Facebook.
Hi, I'm new to the board but would love to join the fb group. My email is

[email protected]


fmlbulridr018 July 1st, 2013 02:28 PM

Re: Facebook.
could you please add me. my email is [email protected]

Jenn10 July 1st, 2013 02:30 PM

Re: Facebook.
I still haven't been added

shell1981 July 2nd, 2013 09:09 AM

Re: Facebook.
Hi can you add me! [email protected]
:smile: thank you

Jenn10 July 2nd, 2013 09:24 AM

Re: Facebook.
Can I get another request cause mine canceled its self [email protected]

TJSRLS08 July 2nd, 2013 11:06 PM

Re: Facebook.
Please send me a request [email protected]

Jane333 July 2nd, 2013 11:19 PM

Re: Facebook.
Darn, I didn't get the email. It won't let me post a link here because I don't have 10 posts on justmommies yet, so I can't link to my Facebook.

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