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melaniek85 August 17th, 2013 10:01 AM

Baby K #2
I guess I'll put a little info from the beginning. I hope to keep up with this better than I did with my first. Ok, here's the background.

Nov 28, 2012- our first Francis Alexander was born via c section. 9 lbs 1 oz 21.25 inches

May 26, 2013- we had our perfect, beautiful wedding.
May 27-28, 2013- had a relaxing honeymoon. It was amazing. We DTD twice without protection. I was pretty sure I wasn't ovulating, since a few days before I had an increase in cm and pinching pain on one side, so I thought I was a few days after o. We of course knew pregnancy was possible and were ok with that.

May 28- June 4- no pregnancy symptoms at all. Was pretty convinced I wasn't pregnant. I stated testing at like 4 DPO (lol) with my IC tests. All negative of course.

June 5, 2013- 9 DPO- took a test with fmu, obvious negative, no hint of line. I went shopping and got really sick avid thought, I need a more expensive test. Dh said wait till I was late to test again. I'm a poas addict, so I wasn't going to wait to test again, I would just wait to buy a frer. Lol. Went home and took another IC, faint line!! Went and bought a frer anyway, needed to know, pink line!!!! I was pregnant, 3 weeks 2 days.

July 8th- first appt. had ultrasound. Viable pregnancy, baby has string heart beat of 180 but was measuring 2 weeks behind (6 weeks)

July 23rd- follow up ultrasound. Heart rate 176. Baby measuring 2 weeks ahead, back to where I thought. 10 weeks 3 days.

Aug 7th- nt scan. Baby looks great. Very active and moving around. Strong heartbeat. Neck measurment in normal range. Awaiting blood results.

I'm currently 14 weeks pregnant. I feel flutters and I'm starting to feel some movement. The first trimester I had all day nausea, exhaustion and excessive salvia and mucus. The saliva has been the worst part and I'm still dealing with it, hope it goes away soon, it makes me sick. The nausea has gotten better over the last week. I'm starting to feel human again! I am excited but still having a hard time believing I'm pregnant. That's all for now.

25 weeks till baby is here
3 weeks till gender ultrasound!

melaniek85 August 18th, 2013 10:30 AM

Re: Baby K #2
14 weeks 1 day

I am 14 weeks already! Baby is about the size of an orange. I'm feeling better but not as great as I would like. Still have nausea but not as often and excessive salvia and mucus which is disgusting. I have also bed having painful rlp and getting stretch marks already, ***? I got three with Frankie and not till the lady month. A positive, I've been feeling little baby k move! Yup, little movements and flutters, I'm 100% sure it's baby. Yay! I'm still feeling like little one might be a girl, I am starting to her more excited about the thought of having a girl, since I've been wanting a boy. We will know in 21 days! Ahh! Today I convinced dh to look at cribs with me and we will order baby's crib! I'm excited! We had agreed to wait till jan to buy stuff but we are staring now!

melaniek85 August 19th, 2013 08:32 AM

Re: Baby K #2
14 weeks 2 days

We got a crib! I found one at babies r us last night that I loved and we ordered it. It should be here in about a week. It feels weird to be ordering baby stuff already. We didn't buy anything for Frankie until after my baby shower, which was about a month before my due date. We're not having a shower, so we decided to get an early start. So we have a baby account and money goes in monthly, dh wanted to wait till we had all the money saved (in Jan) to buy anything and I wanted to buy things as we had the money. Well dh has changed his mind and wants to buy things as we have money! Whoo! So the crib was $180 and the cashier scanned a coupon for us, so we got it for $150, $100 less than I bugeted for a crib! I'm so excited! I can't wait to know the sex so I can paint and put up the crib. My nesting has kicked in strong and I'm already doing a lot of organizing.

Here's the crib we got, we got it in white.

melaniek85 August 20th, 2013 02:22 PM

Re: Baby K #2
14 weeks 3 days

Not much going on today. Feeling pretty bad and have had a headache all day. Ugh.

I learned yesterday that the double stroller I need to go with Frankie's car seat is no longer available. Looks like we will need to buy a double stroller and infant car seat that I can use with it. Boo.

melaniek85 September 3rd, 2013 08:28 AM

Re: Baby K #2
16 weeks 3 days

Whoa! I haven't updated in 2 weeks! I thought it was just a few days ago. Time is going way too fast.

On Sunday we found out we are having another little boy. I'm pretty happy with this. I think it's going to be awesome for Frankie to have a brother so close on age. The new little one's name is Ronin Avery, John picked it out and I love it. It means little seal and is an Irish name. I can't believe I'm having another boy! If he's anything like Frankie, I'm going to have my hands full this time next year because Frankie is a wild child. So, my mom, dad, sister, John, Frankie and I all went to the ultrasound, it was pretty good. The baby was very wiggly so it took a while to get a good potty shot. As soon as she started, I was thinking to myself, "I see boy parts"..I saw it pretty much right away. She waited till she got a good angle to tell us. Then we got to see Ronin in 3D, he looks pretty darn cute already..even though he kept his arm in front of his face the entire time. lol. My mom she can be annoying sometimes, she was too busy playing with Frankie to pay attention. When we were done she said to me "I wish we could have seen him in 3D" lol..I was like "we did"....After i kept asking everyone "It's obviously a boy right? That won't change to girl parts?"...haha. Anyway, it was great and I'm so ready to start painting and decorating the nursery!!!!!

I also can't believe it's almost to the half way point! Almost 17 weeks already. It is crazy.

melaniek85 October 24th, 2013 07:10 PM

Re: Baby K #2
23 weeks 5 days

Dang...I haven't updated in like 7 weeks! It doesn't seem that long ago.

Anyway..I took a break from JM a few weeks ago. I'm emotional and easily annoyed and those certain "people" just got to me. Luckily, I found out that I could ignore/block them! Unfortunately, I can still see their names and that they are posting but at least I can't see their judgmental posts! I feel better being here now.

I am over halfway through the pregnancy and cannot believe it! The pregnancy is going super fast, way too fast. I want it to slow down! I will be 24 weeks on sat, viability! Of course I in know way want Ronin to be born before his due date but it is reassuring to know that if he were born, he'd have a great chance of survival.

I am probably going to try for a vbac! I meet with the midwife in 2 weeks. She has already said I am a candidate for one but I need to make sure we connect and I feel good about her and the other mw before I switch. Also, at my anatomy scan I was told that the placenta was close to the cervix, so I hope that doesn't cause any issue. As of right now, I am being positive about this and planning on a vbac. I just didn't feel right about planning a c section. I hope everything goes well and works out with this!

Ronin is doing great. He kicks a lot and he's pretty strong, I can feel him and see him now. I am excited to meet him but not in a rush. lol.

melaniek85 November 28th, 2013 07:21 PM

Re: Baby K #2
28 weeks 5 days

3rd trimester! Woohoo! Little Ronin is such an active little boy, I love feeling all his kicks and rolls. I still cannot believe how fast this pregnancy is going! It's crazy. Feb is going to be here quick. Dec will fly by because of being busy with the holidays, then it will Be Jan and thats when some of the babies in the DDC will start arriving. Ronin's nursery is done, yay. I love the way it turned out. I failed the 1 gd test, boo and will be doing the 2 hour. Please let me pass! I have decided to switch to a midwife to attempt a vbac, my first appointment with them is on Tues! I have also hired a doula!! I'm excited for the birth!

Oh and today is big brother Frankie's first birthday and Thanksgiving! Yay! I can't believe my first born is a year old.

melaniek85 January 7th, 2014 08:05 AM

Re: Baby K #2
34 weeks 3 days

This pregnancy is flying and I'm excited for feb. I am in so much pain I'm struggling to get around. My hips and back kill and I can't do Anything about it. I'm also having emotional issues, I'm down. I can't really play with Frankie because I hurt and it hurts to sit on floor and I'm tired. I'm a bad mommy. I'm also at the point where I want to avoid other mothers, I realized that mothers don't make great friends. Sure, there are some great mother friends I chat with but for the most part, the others get on my nerves. I think it's time to take a break from the feb DDC, I'm not connecting with anyone and my responses are not helpful, so there's no point in hanging around. I'm going to take a break until Ronin is here or maybe even for good. Hopefully it's just crazy pregnancy hormones making me feel this way.0

Anyway, a little over 5 weeks to go till my edd and I'm scared and excited.

melaniek85 February 5th, 2014 12:22 PM

Re: Baby K #2
38 weeks 4 days

The above post was totally pregnancy hormones. lol

Ahh, almost 39 weeks!! Almost done. I am so, so ready to meet this little boy and not be pregnant for a while. At 35 weeks I was a fingertip dilated and 70% effaced. I don't know what I am now but hope to be check tomorrow. Today Ronin is very low and causing me a lot of pain. I'm losing pieces of my plug, now blood though and have pretty intense menstrual like cramps off and on all day. I'm hoping that means labor is soon but not counting on it. I'll be happy if it's dilating me. I am getting so excited about labor!! I can't wait for it. And hearing all the ladies here that have gone natural, I know I can it too!!

melaniek85 February 10th, 2014 11:29 AM

Re: Baby K #2
39 weeks 2 days

I didn't get a cervical check at my last appointment, I was so disappointed. I ask to be checked and they told me know. Not knowing if something is happening is driving me crazy. I really want to be checked on thurs but I don't even want to ask again.

I have no signs that labor is close. I have been nesting and having cramping off and on, but that been going on for weeks. I guess I'm going to go late again. I've been trying things to get things moving but nothing is working. I'm pretty sure I'm not dilating, I was at a 3 at this point with Frankie but was losing pieces of my plug during that time but I haven't lost it this time, so I'm pretty sure nothings happening. I'm feeling discouraged and depressed right now. Come out soon Ronin, I want to meet you and I don't want to go into labor during a snow storm!

melaniek85 February 11th, 2014 07:30 AM

Re: Baby K #2
39 weeks 3 days

Feb 11th sounds like a great birthday to me Ronin. I think you should come on out today, we are pretty awesome parents, your brother is pretty cool and it's fun out here..so come on out!

I'm freaking out a little, it looks like the snow storm might hit us weds to thurs night. 5-12 inches! Really? Ugh. If that happens and I go into labor, I may not make it to the hospital and my parents won't be able to get to us for Frankie..which means I may deliver alone. I wish labor would start today And if not, then I'm hoping not till next week. Of course I end up due during one of the worst winters we've had in years. I'm trying things to get him out now lol..walking, bouncing on my ball, dtd, EPO, RRL tea, stairs, squats...nothing.

melaniek85 February 23rd, 2014 10:51 AM

Re: Baby K #2
Ronin is here!! He arrived Feb 21, 2014. 8 lbs 11 oz and 21 inches!! I got my vbac and was discharged the next day. 31 hours of back labor, it was rough, I did end up with an epidural but I couldn't be happier with how things went!!

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