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VioletBlue131 March 1st, 2014 06:53 PM

What are your views on pacifiers?
Just out of curiosity -- do you use a paci with your little one? Why or why not? For those who have used them with previous children, did it work out well or did you regret it?

I started using a pacifier with my baby since she was having nights where literally nothing would make her happy (or sleep!). The pacifier has been a HUGE help.

SkyBaby March 1st, 2014 07:13 PM

Re: What are your views on pacifiers?
DD never took a pacifier. She'd just scream harder the harder we'd try to get her to take it. She started sucking her thumb around a few weeks old I think and still does. That was great for us. We didn't have to worry about thumbs getting lost lol.

Andy takes a pacifier and has since he was a few days old. He's picky with it though. He just gets angry if he's hungry and only takes it when he just wants something to suck on. I want him to learn how to suck his thumb like his sister did though. He just cries whenever he spits his pacifier out and doesn't realize he has a thumb he can suck instead lol.

OscarsPaprika March 2nd, 2014 12:09 AM

Re: What are your views on pacifiers?
Cas is a paci lover, she fusses if she loses it in her sleep, she'll spit it out and start getting annoyed she did lol it's cute. Nik took one for about 4 months when I started baby food with him then self weaned. He did start solids early because of severe reflux, I think he was just missing the bottle when he took it.

melaniek85 March 2nd, 2014 03:10 AM

Re: What are your views on pacifiers?
DS1 used a pacifier but he wasn't a huge fan of it. We used it all the time to soothe him when he was a newborn then at a couple months old he only used it for sleep, by about 6 months old or so he stopped taking a paci.

Ronin hasn't used a pacifier yet. We are breastfeeding and trying to hold off till he's a month old to give him one. Breastfeeding was a huge struggle with my first so I'm trying to not do anything that might mess it up this time. I'm sure he's going to love the paci once we give it to him, he loves sucking on my finger to fall asleep lol

LadyA_77 March 5th, 2014 02:21 PM

Re: What are your views on pacifiers?
My daughter is NOT a fan of the pacifier! In a way, I'm kinda glad about it!

Kalia20 March 5th, 2014 02:45 PM

Re: What are your views on pacifiers?
Neither one of my girls liked them. Was a torture device for my first and only tried once with this one. Which isn't a bad thing cause she's EBF so that could mess her up. We worry she's going to be a thumb sucker though cause she loves to suck on her hands, but not for long that's her early hunger sign before she screams bloody murder. A pacifier you can take away, a thumb you can't. But I also worry about having a kid that won't give that up too so all depends on the kid. Because of her loving to suck on her hands I'd prefer a pacifier and might try again in a month or so. I knew she would always have her hands in her face cause I could feel her hands down so low when pregnant with her.

rnholly March 6th, 2014 01:36 PM

Re: What are your views on pacifiers?
We try them with Addie but she just hates them lol. My son wasn't a big fan either.

victoria0294 March 7th, 2014 07:34 AM

Re: What are your views on pacifiers?
My girls take a pacifier sometimes, sometimes they don't want to. Depends on their mood.
We don't want them to suck their thumbs because you can't throw away a thumb!
My mom said she used to suck her thumb, but it got to the point that when she knew she shouldn't do it anymore, she would do it in her sleep out of habit and wake up with her thumb in her mouth. She said she wouldn't want to go to sleepovers because she was so embarrassed by it.

UncetainMommy March 8th, 2014 09:34 PM

Re: What are your views on pacifiers?
I've been using one since my milk came in. Once it came in he started letting the proper latch go when he was done eating and then clamping onto the tip of my nipple so he could keep sucking. It hasn't adversely affected his latch. If anything it's just made him a stronger sucker, and now when he's done eating and still wants to suck he'll let go of the nipple and root in the air until I get the point.

OverJoyed092 March 8th, 2014 09:39 PM

Re: What are your views on pacifiers?
He takes it when he wants and when he doesn't he just rejects it like he does with his bottle, but he likes having his wubbanubb and I don't go anywhere without it.

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