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PinkFireFly March 2nd, 2014 04:21 PM

Muscle cramps.... Sciatic?
With my first pregnancy I never experienced a cramp or any complaint...

But with this pregnancy my butt cheeks into the thighs have been killing me, more on the right than the left... It's a cramping pulling sensation. I have been sitting on my birth ball everyday doing exercises which help but as soon as I'm done I then do stretching floor exercises. And I hurt more today that any other day....

I am thinkin of visiting a chiropractor but do I just have them do a full body adjustment back and hips or is there something special to ask for?

epsilonbeta March 2nd, 2014 06:31 PM

Re: Muscle cramps.... Sciatic?
It does sound sciatic like and a chiropractor can help with that. If you're going to a good chiropractor you shouldn't have to direct him on what to do. What you do need to do is point to specific areas causing pain and describe any place that feels off. Let him know what positions are comfortable and what are uncomfortable. A few adjustments that are common: One face down on an adjustment table where they can lower out the belly section. Then laying on your side on a hard table to adjust the hips and possibly neck.

ETA: He should not do a "full" adjustment unless you actually need it. Mine always feels down the whole spine and only adjusts in the areas that are off. This may mean only one or two small pops.

moxiemommie March 2nd, 2014 06:59 PM

Re: Muscle cramps.... Sciatic?
Im actually thinking pelvi girdle pain... Unless you have had had problems with your sciatic before you were pregnant, its most likely pelvic girdle pain. (I didnt know ablout pelvic girdle pain until this pregnancy, I thought I had sciatic pain also with my two other pregnancies- but because it stopped after baby was born, I now know it was pelvis girldle pain- I had some trouble with my sciatic as a teen)

Anywho, I personally dont think chiropractors are safe when pregnant.. Im always very cautious of them anyways, because I mean if they screw up you can be injured for life... but that is a PERSONAL opinion! I know people that swear by chiro's. My friends dad is a great chiropractor.

I would see if prenatal massage would help... but honestly there isnt much that can truely help with pelvic girldle pain, except having the baby.I mean a massage would probably help temporarily, and its pretty much the same thing with a chiropractor if it is sciatica... if baby is sitting on a nerve or something, really its hard to be completely out of pain, until baby comes. I had pelvic girdle pain HORRIBLY with my other two as well as preggo carpeltunnel and omg it hurt soooo bad. Once I had them, with in the first week it was pretty much gone- although it took about 3 weeks for my prego carpel tunnel to completely go away. Whatever you decide to do, let us know if it helps! I hope it does, or at the very least eases your pain! Feel better!!!

epsilonbeta March 2nd, 2014 07:48 PM

Re: Muscle cramps.... Sciatic?
I do recommend the prenatal massage like moxie mentioned. I have been to my chiropractor only once since getting pregnant and while it helped with my hip alignment at the time, back alignment didn't really help because mine won't do anything on the back that involves pressing down while pregnant. I have had 2 90 minute massages in the 5 weeks and those have done a ton to help with my sore back. My massage therapist is prenatal certified and makes a point to pull back the leg and stretch out the muscles around the hip. It's pretty wonderful.

Missymoos March 3rd, 2014 10:36 AM

Re: Muscle cramps.... Sciatic?
I see a massage therapist once every other week and she is a god-send! My sciatica - which I had before pregnancy - combined with the pelvic-girdle pains that have starting now that GingerBean is bigger and sitting lower have become a real pain in my a**, as well my hips and lower back, lol. The massages really help - she has special pillow placements so I am laying on my side, but completely supported - and I don't know what I would do without her magic hands!Make sure you are supporting your hips and knees while sleeping too - I use my snoogle because I am short enough that the c shape actually does curl right around my body from shoulder to knee, lol - but if you are taller, a couple well placed pillows will really help the hip and belly area and make for a less painful daytime.

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