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Hopolka March 6th, 2014 08:01 AM

Baby Polkie #2's Journal
Today marks 9w3d for us. We're due 10/6 with #2. DD is 16 months. :)

Feeling pretty bloated today but wondering if it's from the gigantic bowl of oatmeal I shared with DD this morning. Or, the fact that I haven't had a BM in a couple days. Either way, not pleasant.

After having DD I lost 42lbs, 20 of what I gained with her plus an additional 22lbs. Needless to say, I kind of forgot what it feels like to be tired and bloated all the time. And, to crave nothing but carbs when I've had a fairly low carb diet previously.

All that aside I'm not feeling pretty good. Mainly zero energy and hungry all the time. Here's our symptoms to date:
-occasional nausea
-frequent bathroom trips
-round ligament pain
-tender bbs
-enlarged bbs
-cold feet
-salt/sour cravings

Starting weight: 136
Current weight: 140

First OB is the 19th (11 weeks) and we haven't found the HB on the doppler yet. Maybe this week. We found it at 9w3d with DD. FX! I hate that my OB waits until you're nearly out of the first tri to be seen but I guess since I'm in a small town they don't really take on "high risk" patients. Most are sent on (about an hour away).

I think that catches us up to today. Hoping to catch up on some sleep tonight. We've been kept up by our 16 month old teething- not fun. Zombie-mode mommy lol.

Happy Thursday!

dlammers March 7th, 2014 10:54 AM

Re: Baby Polkie #2's Journal
Can't wait to follow you through your journey, just as I did with Annalise. Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy.

Hopolka March 8th, 2014 09:15 AM

Re: Baby Polkie #2's Journal
Thank you so much Danielle. You're too sweet.

9w5d today.

I haven't felt nauseous hardly at all this week. Gained another pound or two but otherwise feel pretty normal. Had terrible insomnia the past couple weeks but the past few days have seemed to catch up. Not without some crazy vivid dreams though. I dreamnt my SIL had her baby and my mom was there pressing on her back because she was in pain and brother was getting her a cool wash cloth but fighting with the nurse about it. It was just weird.

Tuesday will mark exactly 1 week until my first OB appt and I couldn't be more anxious. Still haven't found baby #2's HB on the doppler. Trying not to get discouraged but beginning to wonder. If I can't find it, will my OB?

Until next time...

Hopolka March 14th, 2014 09:26 AM

Re: Baby Polkie #2's Journal
10w4d today.
Haven't had nausea for over a week or two now and it feels AMAZING! I'm totally eating it up because I was SO sick with my daughter until 16 weeks. I have been excessively tired and restless as I fall asleep at night. Otherwise feeling pretty darn good. Appetite is still increased and bbs sore but I'm actually only up 1.8lbs despite snacking so much. I was surprised!

Tuesday we found baby #2's HB with our home doppler. So exciting! Ticking right along in the 160s but audibly much slower than I remember DD's. I couldn't remember what hers was so I had to sort back through some old blogs. At 12 weeks hers was 162.

Still not looking very pregnant which surprises me because I *feel* terribly bloated by the end of the day even though I'm not.

Exercising still pretty regularly and now that it's finally warming up in Iowa I've gone for two, 2.5 mile walks. Felt great. Hope to continue it with DD into summer.

Until next time...happy friday!

Hopolka March 17th, 2014 01:50 PM

Re: Baby Polkie #2's Journal
11w today!

About the only exciting thing to report today is that we have our first appointment in 2 days. It can't come soon enough. I'm really anxious to hear where he thinks I'm measuring and start moving things along. Also super thrilled that next week will mark the last week of the first tri! Crazy! Well, I guess it's what 13 weeks? Who knows. It's close and that's all that matters. :)

Still having wild dreams and restless in bed but a pillow tucked between my legs seems to help. Not sure if I mentioned I'm trying to transition to staying home with my DD and watching a couple kids but that's still a work in progress. I only have one more opening and so far no takers. Fingers crossed something changes in the next month. I could really use the break from work and the mental break in all the stresses that come with farmer field stuff this fall. Hoping it all works out in the end. I just have to remind myself to be patient.

In the meantime I'm going to sort through DD's clothes, cook up some corned beef and cabbage to celebrate St. Patty's Day and RELAX! It was a long weekend of work and my body is sleeepyy.

Until next time...

Saturday03 March 17th, 2014 03:58 PM

Re: Baby Polkie #2's Journal
I've been having very vivid odd dreams as well. I usually wake up wondering what could have possibly triggered me to dream about weird stuff like that haha patt of pregnancy I guess!

Hopolka March 24th, 2014 09:21 PM

Re: Baby Polkie #2's Journal
12 weeks today. Hard to believe it's been close to 9 weeks since we've found out. Sure has flown by.

This Chaos Called Life: 12 weeks [size of a lime]

Here's an updated snippet with pictures regarding what's been new this week. Mainly lots and lots of fatigue but I read on a phone update that baby is going through a big growth spurt over the next 3 weeks. So, makes sense but gosh. I haven't worked out in a week, I've slept like crazy, and had zero motivation to even clean my house or make meals.

Dreams haven't been as crazy but still present.

Occasional headaches but only if I haven't drank or ate enough. Doc told me at my appointment last week I had a heart murmur but said that's pretty common in pregnancy due to increased blood flow. Weighed in at 140.6 today so I'm up almost 5lbs from Jan. I'm ok with this as I know on average people gain between 6-10 the first trimester.

Only thing I'm really struggling with is eating enough. I'm constantly hungry and sometimes feel like my blood sugar is always low. Not a good feeling and shoveling the food in isn't what I'm used to either. Been eating lots of fruits and vegetables which have minimal calories but are very good. I need to eat more nutrient dense food. Definite goal for this week as my calorie intake ups a little.

Until next time...

Hopolka March 29th, 2014 09:25 AM

Re: Baby Polkie #2's Journal

This week has kicked me in the butt. First a touch of a 24 hr flu bug, then the exhaustion and now extreme hunger. All. The. Time.

Only real exciting thing this week is I think I've been feeling baby move sporadically. Hard to tell. We've got an anterior placenta again but I've definitely been feeling occasional flutters at night.

-5-7 weeks until our anatomy scan to determine gender. Can't wait!
-3 weeks until our next appt.
-5 weeks until I become a WAHM (big change for us but totally ready)

So much to look forward to in the next couple months. Fingers crossed there's no hiccups along the way.

Until next time...

Hopolka March 31st, 2014 08:55 AM

Re: Baby Polkie #2's Journal
13 weeks today!

Feeling much, much better than I did earlier in the week with that stomach bug. Even a little more energy this morning than most. While it's rainy and I could still crawl back in bed my brain is well rested.

Hoping to get a good workout in, breakfast, and grocery trip this afternoon. Then I have to work tonight. DH is gone on a hunting trip and my parents have DD. Good opportunity for me to get some things done around the house but I'm kind of enjoying this time to myself.

Next appt isn't until April 22nd which seems like an eternity away. We'll be 16 weeks then so hopefully there will be discussion on scheduling our anatomy scan. We had an elective one around 18 weeks with DD. I don't think we'll do that this time. I'll be starting daycare May 5th so we'll have enough to pass the time until the scan.

Biggest things left on the to-do list this next month:
-purchase a new car
-sell my current car
-spring clean
-drink more water

Until next time let's hope the weather warms up...

Hopolka April 7th, 2014 07:28 AM

Re: Baby Polkie #2's Journal
14 weeks today.

Feeling nauseous and tired this morning. DD is still sleeping which means I should be too but I just kept tossing and turning. Figured I'd get a few things done before making breakfast for the two of us.

This past week was pretty good. Draining from work but otherwise felt like I had more energy in general. Headaches on and off but not lingering as long. Think I could have been dehydrated. I'm bad about drinking fluids at home when I'm not around my big work mug. *goal for this week*

Belly is finally starting to really poke out. Seriously feel like it happened overnight. Though I wasn't ready for it to happen so fast, it's nice to start looking pregnant and less chubby. I hate that in-between stage.

Dr. appt is in a few weeks and I'm anxious to see where we're measuring and what he has to say about our u/s. Thought they'd call but I can only take no news as good news for now.

Start daycare services on May 5th and I couldn't be more excited to decrease the amount of stress my other jobs brings sometimes- both physical and mental. I'll be bummed to leave my awesome coworkers but excited for this new journey.

Was able to get a little spring cleaning done and I hope to finish that later this week. Tips on cleaning with a toddler? lol

Until next time...

Hopolka April 14th, 2014 06:41 PM

Re: Baby Polkie #2's Journal
Well, I'm not sure how my belly photo album got deleted but it's not showing up. :/

In any case, here's my 15 week bump:

I've been feeling better and better as each week passes. Unfortunately the sleeping thing hasn't really gotten better. Maybe a little with the use of the body pillow but DD has been up with a slight cough the last 3 nights until 2-3am. That's wearing enough without being ultra busy at work (which I have been).

I've had a slight loss of appetite or I should say my eating schedule is totally off. Late lunches and wanting a snack before dinner. Some days I don't want to eat at all. I'm also slightly disappointed I'm up 4lbs in two weeks but know that part of that has been being sedentary and the other not eating properly. In total I'm already up nearly 8-9lbs. Ugh.

I've got an appointment next Tuesday and will more than likely schedule our gender u/s then. Anxious to find out what we're having and start brainstorming names. Hard to believe the halfway point is so much closer now.

Until next time...

Hopolka April 22nd, 2014 09:42 AM

Re: Baby Polkie #2's Journal
Well. We had a doctor's appointment this morning and he moved my EDD up to Oct. 2nd. That would put me at almost 17 weeks instead of 16. I was kind of feeling like I was measuring ahead both via u/s and fundal height but wasn't sure if he'd actually move it. Glad he did. Now I have more realistic expectations after this summer lol.

So, 16w5d.


Ignore the pile of clean clothes I need to fold and put away. While this picture doesn't do it justice, I've really "popped" out in the last couple weeks. Especially by the end of the day. I took a 16w photo with DD over Easter weekend after all the treats and you'd swore I swallowed a misshapen football lol.

The good news, I'm only up 4lbs in 4 weeks when I totally thought it'd be more. BP was normal, urine was fine, and u/s results from NT scan last month came back normal too. Yay!

Unfortunately I won't have my anatomy scan scheduled until our next appt. in May after the 20th. :P Boo. Guess by then it'll be a definite this is a boy, this is a girl thing. And, baby might actually have a little fat on him or her.

Until then DH is getting busy with farming stuff and I'm enjoying my last two weeks and my full-time job. I've only got 6 shifts left there and then I'll start a whole new adventure as a WAHM. Needless to say, I've got lots to do around here before that happens. Cleaning, organizing, etc. DH needs to finish building our fence too so DD has somewhere to roam this summer.

Otherwise I'm feeling relatively normal. I have my tired days and my not so tired days. Today is a tired day. DD wet the bed at 3am and I had to get up at 6 to take DH to work. :P I'll occasionally have a sciatic flare up but DR thinks it's just mommy hip and if it causes too much trouble I'll have to see a PT.

Until next time...

Saturday03 April 22nd, 2014 04:30 PM

Re: Baby Polkie #2's Journal
Looking great still!! We are much closer in due date now :)! I'm glad I'm not the only one who has to wait until at least 20 weeks to find out what we are having! I've been super jealous of all the ladies who are a already finding out gender!

Hopolka May 1st, 2014 03:48 PM

Re: Baby Polkie #2's Journal
18 weeks today!

Hard to believe we're 4.5 months pregnant already. Before long we'll be talking names, packing bags, and summer vacation plans (if we do anything).

I'm feeling pretty great despite boughts of intense hunger. Feeling baby move more and more which is super exciting. I don't remember being this excited with Annalise. Maybe it's because I missed it so much.

Regardless, my energy is back. I'm working out again and Saturday is my last day at my full-time job! Praise the lord and all the things that have made this possible. I cannot wait to be home with my babies and still be able to afford some of the things we enjoy doing. I wish we would have considered this sooner but finances definitely weren't in place previous to owning a home.

I have an appointment May 20th where we'll be 21 weeks. I'm hoping to stop in the office with DH's insurance next week and request I have my u/s sooner. I don't know why we have to wait so long. We got our last around 19/20 weeks with DD. I guess part of me is just being impatient but really it seems like of late don't you think? I thought about getting an elective elsewhere but can't justify the gas and money to do so. Especially now that I'll be staying home. Guess 3 weeks isn't that far away...right?!

Until next time...visit my fitness page to view a recent bump pic! :)

Hopolka May 4th, 2014 11:15 AM

Re: Baby Polkie #2's Journal

Feeling good today. Tired, but good. Was up quite a bit last night both uncomfortable and DD was up with a snottin' cold. Hopefully we can get outside and enjoy some fresh air and a picnic.

16w vs 18w3d

Been feeling baby move a lot lately and it's so weird to wake up to these deformed little bellies. Baby has definitely grown that's for sure. The only thing I'm not too thrilled about is a) my increased appetite, b) my increased size of love handles. I've NEVER EVER had love handles and this baby seems to be growing on my like a donut instead of perfectly round like DD did. Ugh. #pregnancyprobs

Only 16 more days til my appt. THEN we can make my anatomy scan appointment. Blah...#waitinggame

Hopolka May 11th, 2014 02:14 PM

Re: Baby Polkie #2's Journal


Well, I think it's safe to say my belly has popped and is here to stay until little man is. I was all belly with my daughter and not until that last month gained in my face and arms. This time totally looks like it's more my love handle and thigh area. Boo!

Nothing new to report. Craving fresh fruits and veggies instead of carbs now. Occasionally a gigantic bowl of cereal sounds delish so believe it or not I do just that. Sometimes at 10pm haha!

Still under the 10lb gain mark and pretty pleased with that. I anticipate I'll gain at least 10-20 more til baby is born so I'm just praying it's gradual from here on out.

Halfway in just a few days! Hooray! Next up, figure out a name for this little guy. Suggestions welcome.

Until next time...

Saturday03 May 14th, 2014 05:36 PM

Re: Baby Polkie #2's Journal
I hear ya about the weight gain. Seems like all mine is booty, thigh, and love handle. Very frustrating but I have high hopes it will go away soon after baby arrives. You still look great! I love the pics of your belly laying down! So funny seeing that little bump there! I don't feel like I've "popped" yet. I still look like I just eat to much instead of pregnant haha! Hopefully soon it will look like baby and not pudge!

Hopolka May 15th, 2014 12:39 PM

Re: Baby Polkie #2's Journal
20 weeks! Halfway already!


Still just kind of feeling chubby. I'm assuming I won't really start looking pregnant for another month or two. Boo. In fact, some regular shirts you can't even tell I have a bump.

At any rate we're half cooked and I'm halfway to uncomfortable. Find myself short of breathe, sleeping is starting to get uncomfortable, and my boobs have been killing me the last couple days! I think I'm already building up colostrum and I just know braxton hicks are around the corner in the next month. That's when I started having them with DD anyway.

I'm fighting a head cold and the weather is crappy here. Another week of daycare down and so far everything is going by pretty well. The weeks seem to go faster though. Hope we get some family vacay time this summer.

I've got an appointment Tuesday at 8am so I'm hoping we'll schedule another glance at our little guy and DH can attend. I'll KUP.

Until next time...

Hopolka May 19th, 2014 10:21 PM

Re: Baby Polkie #2's Journal

Feeling miserable today. While I was still very productive in cleaning my house, watching 3 kids, grocery shopping, and updating my business site I'm beyond congested on the right side and getting up yellow mucus. I'm really hoping the doc can prescribe something to alleviate my breathing issues. Because of the congestion I've been sleeping with my mouth open which results in cotton mouth by morning and a stiff neck.

I need a good massage, period.

I also know I'm a little dehydrated-not good. I've been feeling Liam move several times a day but doesn't seem as much as the previous week, maybe that has something to do with my poor diet and drinking habits. Need to refocus.

Managed to get in almost 10 miles this weekend with my jogging stroller and I felt pretty good about that. Now I'm just sore and stuffy. Hoping to get in a good stretch and arm workout tomorrow.

Can't believe we're in the home stretch (already)! It's like once you reach halfway you start counting how many are left instead of how many have passed. Weird.

DH is still gone with work so I'm hoping I can schedule my anatomy scan at a convenient time for him to come too. He hasn't been to an ultrasound yet. :( DD is coming to my ob appointment tomorrow so that should be interesting. I'll be curious to see how much weight I've gained, my diet hasn't been the greatest. Bump is still barely there but I think I'd rather have it that way. By this time with DD I was starting to get stretch marks, not cool.

Until next time...

Hopolka May 22nd, 2014 02:28 PM

Re: Baby Polkie #2's Journal
21 weeks:

This Chaos Called Life: 21 weeks [size of a pomegranate]

Posted some anatomy scan pictures and updates on my blog.

Feeling relatively good and LOVING this warm weather but not so much the allergies. I knew that a stuffy nose was going to come with this pregnancy but I'm still having issues with that right sinus being clogged, clear up into my ear. My hearing has still be affected because of that. Not cool.

Tired today even though we slept in. And not as hungry as normal.

Baby boy is weighing 13oz and has a HB of 151. Growing really well and kicking all the time.

Glad I'll get to see him again in a couple weeks but bummed he didn't cooperate for better photos today. He's nice and snug head down, butt up, and legs tucked.

Until next time...it's graduation weekend for my in-laws so I'll be pretty busy.

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