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laleighpop May 20th, 2014 12:50 PM

thank you card rules?
OK, so they threw me and DH a baby shower at work today which was really awesome.
My coworker took down a list of gifts and names for me but now I am a little stumped.... how do I do Thank You cards without addresses for ANYONE? Is it appropriate to place them in their inboxes in the mail room? Do I send out massive emails requesting the addresses? And in one case, we received a large gift (jogging stroller) from a group collection effort of about 16 employees.

At my last company we would occasionally appeal to an employees Supvr for an address to send a gift or card, but sometimes this was a sticky area as it is personal information.

Should I bake something special and leave it in the kitchen with a Thank You card to everyone?

Sorry, I just have so much anxiety when it comes to etiquette and rules. I have no idea what is considered normal!

Earthy.Mama May 20th, 2014 12:52 PM

Re: thank you card rules?
I like the idea of baking something with a big thank you, especially since there was a group effort with a big present.

Also because I'm not a very formal person :lol:

Erin.EB May 20th, 2014 01:07 PM

Re: thank you card rules?
I do not believe there is any sense in trying to figure out everyone's addresses when you have access to their inboxes. If you want to write everyone who contributed an individual thank you then just file them with their mail. I think a gratitude pastry would be nice, too. But as for addresses, nah.. too big of a hassle.

mstee511 May 20th, 2014 01:12 PM

Re: thank you card rules?
I say inboxes are fine for thank you cards. A long time ago, I was working in an office which was a small one. I had no car and the office was at least a 40 minute drive from where I lived. But I had to take public transportation because the car I had at the time decided to just die. My co-workers drove me to the train station most days if they could. A few of them would pick me up in the mornings.

When I finally got the car fixed, I bought a box of thank you cards and wrote each of them a personal note inside and just handed the cards directly to them or left it on their desks if they were not around. One of those co-workers and I remained friends long after I left the company and til this very day, he still reminds me about that thank you card he received and how he felt it said a lot about the kind of person I am.

laleighpop May 20th, 2014 01:23 PM

Re: thank you card rules?
Now that I look at the group gift, 1-2 of the employees are actually my contacts at UT Dallas, so I would have to inter-office mail them something anyway.
I think I will write TY cards to the individual gifts and put them in their mailboxes then do a fancy cheesecake for the rest of the employees. I heard some mumbles about not having planned the shower very well since all this food was here today and the weigh-in for the end of the weight loss contest is Thursday. I will be considerate and "thank" them after the holiday weekend lol.

KDeats May 20th, 2014 01:29 PM

Re: thank you card rules?
I think that sounds all very appropriate

Dishersgirl May 20th, 2014 02:02 PM

Re: thank you card rules?
I think because of the nature of the thank you A Giant thank you is appropriate you can always get a Cupcake cake that says Thank you. Ive never had anyone do something like this so its kind of lost on me as well. But if i was in this position that to me would be appropriate and no one got "special treatment"

razzledobe May 20th, 2014 02:48 PM

Re: thank you card rules?
inboxes are completely appropriate for an office shower.

ZeeWP May 20th, 2014 05:30 PM

Re: thank you card rules?
Inboxes are appropriate :)

Spottts May 20th, 2014 08:11 PM

Re: thank you card rules?
My shower was last week at work. I sent out the TY cards on Monday, in their boxes. I did individual cards even for group gifts but the largest group of people was seven. I did just write the same thing for each person in that group, though! All the TY cards took as long as having the shower!

CanadianMom2B May 24th, 2014 05:55 PM

Re: thank you card rules?
Many of my own friends following weddings or showers have driven around and thrown their thank you cards in our mailbox. I don't think knowing someone paid for a stamp makes it anymore or less thoughtful. I think writing individual notes and baking a thank you sounds wonderful. If they are dieting you could bring in veggies and dip

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